All you Need to Know About Owning Multiple Facebook Pages



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

It is obvious that in recent years the numerous social media networks that emerged have made their mark in the lives of almost everyone around the globe. There are countless social networks which you can use to communicate with your friends, family, peers or even the strangers. If I talk about Facebook here, that is undeniably one of the best social media channel that you can come through. You can use it for a variety of purposes. This mainly includes for communicating with other people, engaging with them through posts and messages, for marketing of your business or brand and many other things. If I start mentioning those here it will take the whole place.

Facebook is a great social channel to use but on the other hand there are also some limitations that the Facebook authority has set for its users. These limitations are related to the particular terms and services, the community guidelines or can be related to the advertising policies of Facebook. If you are using the Facebook for your daily work or for different purposes, then it is very important for you to follow those set guidelines. There are so many of these guidelines that it cannot be easy for you to remember all of them. In the following context I have compiled some of the limitations that are mostly faced by most of the users.

  What is the difference between a page and a profile?  

Most people including the individual users as well as the marketers are generally not aware of the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. They think that both are the same but they are not. Both the Facebook page and the Facebook profile are very different from each other. If we compare both of them there is a huge difference among both of them which I have explained below:

If we talk about the Facebook profile, the profiles can be described as the personal accounts of the users. Whenever a user creates an account on Facebook that means that they have created their profiles. After making your profile on Facebook you are able to start further steps. That includes communicating with other users, making friends with other users, liking other available pages and posts, sharing your feelings with others in your posts and many different activities.

On the other hand, the Facebook pages are something different than the Facebook profile. Pages comes after the profile. To create a page on Facebook it is necessary that you should first create a profile. All pages need to be managed by a one main account that is known as page administrator.

By creating different pages on Facebook you can have an access to the other available tools. For example, various marketing tools, post targeting, scheduling, management of a tem and many other features. Apart from this there are also certain limitation of a page that you have created on Facebook. The pages cannot be run without a page admin, pages are not able to follow other available pages, pages are not able to gain friends, they cannot join existing groups and many other restricted functions.

The Limitations

While you get started by creating your profile on Facebook it can be done in some simple steps. Facebook allows all its users to have only a single profile. Apart from this, I have also seen many individuals who have created more than one profiles. If at any time Facebook authority notices and finds out you are running multiple profiles than they have the authority to close down all your profiles that are duplicate, fake or if you are having a bot account.

In case of Facebook pages on the other hand, there is no such restriction or limitation. You are allowed to create as many Facebook pages as you like by using a single profile account. You can also use these page for different purpose as you require.

The Situation of Agency

Facebook is well aware of the changing market situation that is taking place nowadays. You can find numerous companies which are running more than one business. For example, if you are running a business of ladies bags then it is very likely that you can further extend your business to providing with the ladies’ accessories too. You can find different companies nowadays which run their businesses on the Facebook. For this purpose, they create different pages to promote their products and services but control all these pages from only a single profile that is under their name tag. In this way it become easier for the admin to have a good control over the activities of the business pages which they run on Facebook.

Agency That Uses Hootsuite 

Apart from this you also have the option to get yourself added as an individual admin or the ad manager to the pages that you have created. These tactics are also followed by different marketing agencies that are working nowadays. All these have only one admin. The result of both processes will be the same. So it is up to your choice that which way is better for you.

Personal Restrictions 

When it comes to the pages that you create on Facebook, although you can create as many pages as you require but on the other hand, these pages are generally hard to maintain. You will need to give your efforts as well as your time in order to manage and maintain them effectively. For this purpose, I have some suggestions for you. You can do this easily by posting some good and interesting contents on your pages, knowing the requirements of your audiences, run the Facebook ads, posting different contents on a timely basis, marketing your products or brands, following new and effective marketing techniques and in many other ways. To build and manage your Facebook pages you will also need to invest to time towards it to get some great results. As your number of pages will increase you will be required to invest more of your efforts in the management of your business pages.

If any situation like this arises then you will need to be more cognizant. If you are running some multiple pages then it will become essential for you to give your equal efforts to each one of them. Now in my opinion you will be left with three options from which you can only choose one. The very first option is that you drop down one of your page from the other existing business pages. In this way all the resources that you have invested in making up of that particular page which includes your time, energy, money and efforts will all go wasted.

The second option is that you cut back on the page management activities. This means that you should spend less of your efforts, energy and resources in building up your page and leave it simple. Well it is not a bad idea you can choose this one too but in this way you will not be able to run your page effectively. It is also possible that you will not be able to attract many users towards your page in this way.

Now if you are still unable to manage your Facebook pages effectively then you are left with only one final option and that is to hire other people so that they can help you in managing your business pages. You have the choice to hire different people who are experts in their relevant fields. For example, hire someone who has great writing skills as an editor of your page. They will be helpful in writing some interesting and good contents for your page. You can hire a marketer who can manage the marketing related stuff for your page. They can work on advertising your business or products, your business or brand promotions and much other similar work related to marketing. You can also hire a moderator who can manage the administrative responsibilities as well as your audiences. The page moderator can work on building more and more audiences and followers. Apart from the above I will recommend that if you need you can hire anyone for any responsibility but you must manage the admin role yourself. It is very important. In this way you can easily be aware of all the activities that are being performed by your employees. Most importantly you will have the control of your account and your business pages in your hand. So in order to avoid the arising issues in future like stealing the control of your page by someone or accessing your page without permission and many such issues you must keep the control of your Facebook account in your own hands.

Procedural Restrictions

When you plan to make your business pages on Facebook you can also face some of the technical issues and restrictions related to it. Every day you can see an advance feature that is introduced on Facebook. Using that advance feature is not easy for many users so in this case I recommend that you hire any technical assistant in order to manage the smooth working of your Facebook pages. You can also use a Facebook Manager to manage your pages. In this way you can have an access to all available feature by using a single account. Most of the management applications have limitations when it comes to linking the number of pages on their services.

Page Manager of Facebook

For example, Hootsuite is known as one of the one of the leading page manger tool. If you are using the Hootsuite in order to manage your pages then there are different program levels from which you can choose. If you are running a small business, then you can go for the Professional-level manager. By using this you are allowed to run a number of 10 social profiles on the social media network. On the other hand, if you have some large businesses to manage that I suggest that you choose the Business Plan. By using this you can manage a total of 50 pages at a time and it will cost you around $500 per month.

Apart from this, many other options of the page managers are also available. The most famous ones include the Sendible, Buffer, Sprout Social and the Agora Pulse. All these page managers are available for use on different monthly packages providing different versions that you can purchase according to your requirements.

Duplicate pages

While making Facebook pages you can make as many as you like. There is no restriction on that by the Facebook authority but Facebook has set some of their rules and regulations on what sort of pages you are making and what type of contents you are using in them.

The most important thing while you make your Facebook page is that you should try to avoid using all those things that are not allowed to use according to the Facebook policies and guidelines. You should never use contents that promote violence, nudity, hateful speeches or abusive language and many such things. If you are making a business page on which you want to promote the items like alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. Then in this case it is very important for you to first set the age restrictions on your page by going on the settings option. You will also be required to take prior approval in written form from Facebook if you are creating a page on the topics like dating and health supplements etc. In all the other situations Facebook has the authority to block your page or put a life time ban on it.

How to Merge Pages

While you create your business pages on Facebook, you may also see some of those pages which are just similar to the ones that you have created. Or the pages which you find interfering in your business. You can always report these type of pages to Facebook so that they are permanently closed by Facebook.  I have written article regarding how to merge two Facebook pages, please refer to that for further information on this topic.


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Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.