8 Ways Marketers Are Being Heard In 2015

One of the core challenges of marketing is what key information to present and how to do so effectively. Consumers literally have the entire world at their fingertips and as a result, there’s a considerable amount of marketing noise.

Millennials: political activism does not involve Facebook alone

The 2016 Presidential election has sparked a millennial cyberwar like none other. We are a generation of smart phone wielding warriors. Hiding behind the anonymity of a digital screen we take to the Facebook battlefield. Armed with only a keyboard, we craft posts that leave wounds deeper than those made by any sword.

Are YOU guilty of these Facebook faux pas?

Though they are not officially listed in Facebook’s rules, there do seem to be a few unspoken principles that most people should abide by on social media – namely, don’t bombard your friends with pictures of your kids, personal snapshots, and long, negative updates on what’s going wrong in your life or in the country.