What ‘NOT TO’ Post While Tweeting


Social media is growing and it is continuing as more and more get access of its various platforms. The more people use it the more they become connected. Due to this fast pace development nothing is hidden on social media especially when posted on their profiles. Businesses even go through potential employees profiles before hiring them. They also check their current employees’ profile on regular basis.

One of the most used and popular social media platform is Twitter. It is also responsible for revealing reputations. There are many types of tweets that are not to posted if you want to keep the reputation of your Twitter profile.


Negative Posts Show Poor Attitude

There is a lot of negativity around us these days, people bashing each other on Social Media and sadness depicted in images. People have enough hard time coping with hard working environment and annoying colleagues. The last thing they want to see on Twitter is another bunch of tweets about negativity around them.

When I open social media I don’t give a second glance to tweet about a personal problem and employee’s employer digital fight.

All I am and all of the people out here are looking for something fun or informative to read. There is nothing that cheers us up than a good tasteful joke along with a funny engaging video. So stick to the routine of posting entertaining and thoughtful tweets not what you experienced on the subway (We all know how it’s like).


Even James Bond isn’t Racist/ Sexist on Twitter

You can call this type of a tweet a no-brainer, because a person having no brains can post these kinds of tweets. Even James Bond cannot get away with these kinds of tweets. Never post any offensive statement about a race or gender, we all have to move on and treat everyone equal. Majority of Your followers will rapidly unfollow you if you post something against feminism or a race. It really isn’t necessary if they belong to that race or are feminists, their beliefs might be in that direction. Your friends might belong to that race and if you retweet that you will get in trouble with them and nobody wants that kind of dispute over a tweet.


Calling out Your Employer on Twitter isn’t a Good Idea

There are so many instances where an employer is checking his employee’s profile and finding something written against the company. Do you have any idea what might have happened next? guess again, they got fired or faced a lawsuit, unless you want this to happen. You should always post positive things about your workplace and coworkers. If a coworker saw that you are bad mouthing them on twitter you will go in bad terms with them. That results in the uncomfortable working environment. There is nothing that ruins your reputation quicker than a complaining tweet, you should complain to the right people not the ones who are just spectators and not shy to spread the word. There are many people who would want to convey your bitter message to the concerned authorities and you can get in hot water over it.


Be Nice, Be Modest–Don’t Swear

Nobody likes a swear-full Twitter even if the message is funny or informative. You have to always watch your mouth while saying and another thing, never write in Full Caps. IT WILL SEEM AS IF YOU’RE SCREAMING. Nobody likes being screamed at, not me not you and definitely not the people on Twitter. Twitter is a great place where you can put your creativity to good use. You can help others in making Twitter a better place and not reply to any profanity, simply evade these kind of situations in the first place. This is undoubtedly the best way to keep your reputation.

You should also work to expand your vocabulary and choose the words you want use without offending anyone, but don’t patronize other by using boring long words.



When you Tweet a person without mentioning their name in the tweet you’re guilty of Sub-tweeting.People often do this to convey their thoughts in a mild manner to someone without embarrassing them in front of followers.They are just evading the situation where they can get a negative remark if they mentioned the person they are tweeting about.

There are so many issues with it and they can hinder your profile.Sometimes people address the other person in their sub-tweet in some hidden manner and accidentally mention something particular about them and the person notices and backfires with another sub-tweet. It is even worse if you’re doing it on purpose.So if the person catches up to it and it will sound like a vile conversation to the spectators.


Don’t Bring Your Personal Issues on Twitter


This is a o-brainer, it is painfully obvious that people who bring their love life and family life in Twitter their profile becomes really awkward. For [example, a teen complaining that their girlfriend or boyfriend didn’t text for whole 5 minutes and that her mascara has dried up and she’s sad. These are really the issues you want the entire world to see. You have to be a bit mature than that. There are relationship issues that also come in the same category, badmouthing your ex isn’t a wise man’s choice. You should go and find a friend one on one and talk about these issues, here on Twitter we look for something funny and well let’s say something to gossip about. Most of people will be satisfied seeing you go through trouble let it be financial, emotional or related to family.

There is no doubt that Twitter has become really enjoyable for most of the people if used properly. Posting the right kind of Tweets can help maintaining its enjoyable status. You also can gain a lot of followers by being fun and informative at the same time. I can say for sure that if you play safe and don’t post these types of tweets, Twitter will become and stay more enjoyable for everyone else too.