What Not to do While Running Your Facebook Marketing Campaign


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed

When talking about marketing, you can find a number of experts as well as specialists in this particular field. There are some of the big names and famous marketers like Jon Loomer and Heidi Cohen and many others who are known for their expertise in the marketing field.

Nowadays due to the massive advancement in the social media field the typical concepts of years old marketing have been changed. There are various new concepts which have taken place today. You can use these new concepts in order to get some great results.

Here, I must also tell you that when you think of marketing on any of your social media network that can include the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or any other channel you should be aware of some basic as well as some new marketing concepts. In this way you can use these concepts effectively.

I have compiled some of the basic list of marketing concepts which you can use when you want to market your business or brand on the social media channels. Some of the basic points are discussed below:


  1. Giving up too Early after not getting Quick Results

Be patient. It is the basic but one of the most important part of marketing. Lack of patience can lead you to a disaster. I have seen many users as well as the marketers who fail in this field due to the lack of persistence. As a first step, it is possible that you may face a certain delay while getting the responses of your audiences. When you post something on Facebook like any information, image or context it might take a while for the audiences to view it. They may take some time to give their feedbacks on it in the form of likes, comments or shares. This whole process can take some time too. To get the responses of your audience you may have to wait for some time. It is not that easy as you think. This might take a day long or it can take a few days to start getting the responses of your audiences.

Many people find it hard to wait that long and they get dishearten when they do not get the expected responses. So I suggest that after you post your stuff you should wait for a while to get the results.

Here I cannot mention any predicted time of how long it will take to get the required responses to your posts. It is because all the social media networks including the Facebook are unpredictable. It can happen as soon as you post or it can take a few days or even months to get the desired feedbacks from your audiences. It all depends on your posts that how and what actually are you posting on your Facebook profile.

Marketing on Facebook is not that easy. If once you get the grip on it then you can find Facebook as a long term investment by which you can make your place among the audiences as well as the marketers. So try focusing on marketing on Facebook with patience.


2. Not Using Enough Images

Images hold a vital place when we talk about Facebook marketing. Posting high quality images can lead you to some great responses from your audiences. I recommend that you should try posting a lot of images. Although an interesting context hold its own place to attract the audience. You can always include a beautiful image with the text. It makes the post look more attractive. Try using pictures of some beautiful landscapes to give a fresh look to your posts. If you are running a business you can also post the images of your brand or products too.

In my point of view, an imageless post is a boring one. Although the posts having no images hold their own place but I highly recommend that images should be attached with your posts. In this way even if people scroll down their news feed quickly they will surely stop and view the attractive image. This will surely increase the responses of your audiences.

  1. Using Hashtags on Facebook Posts

Facebook is not the place to use the Hash tags. Although I have seen many people using different hash tags in their posts but I suggest that you should not use them. If you are a professional marketer, you must be aware of the fact that hash tags are a part of Twitter and not the Facebook. Most people think that by using some unique hash tags on their Facebook posts can be useful in attracting the audiences. It is not true. According to the studies made by experts, hashtags are a useless part if you use them in your posts. These hash tags also minimize the total number of reach and also the engagement rate of a particular post. It is because when users see different hash tags in your post many of them does not like to see these hash tags, most people just scroll the post and tend to ignore these hash tags while there are many users who use them just to give some context to the post. So it is better that you should try to avoid using these hash tags in your Facebook posts.

  1. Not Responding to Comments

One of the most effective ways of marketing is to get engaged with your audiences. You can easily do it by responding to them. This can be easily done by responding to the comments or feedbacks of your audiences which they post in the comments section of your posted content. It is very important for a business point of view. There are many users who want to get engaged with your business through your posts. This can be in the form of likes or giving the feedbacks to your posts.

Always be responsive. You must try to give answers to the comments, queries or any feedbacks that are asked by the users. Even if you are on a busy schedule do not ignore this particular point. You can even respond with a simple message of “Thank you” to your audiences. This can really be helpful to give a boost to your Facebook marketing. And it will also lead more and more users to get engaged with your posts.

  1. Posting to Facebook Like RSS

Try posting different content on a regular basis. You can think of posting different interesting stories or events that take place around you. You can post anything you like but just try to make your posts interesting in order to build the interest of your audiences. Otherwise users will get bored and soon will start to unlike your posts or page.

I have compiled the lists some topics that you can posts on your Facebook profile.

  • Images that contain thoughtful content like inspirational quotes with beautiful backgrounds
  • The details of any upcoming events like an exhibition or discounts
  • Guest Posts; Blog posts that are made by some famous celebrities or personalities
  • Interesting contexts or everyday stories containing the local issues of people or community like rising or falling literacy rate and health insurance
  • Exciting stories of events taking place around the world. Organized and authentic information like a popular sporting event
  1. Not sticking to a Consistent Schedule

Try to post regularly. It is the most important part of marketing. For scheduling up your posts you can get benefit from the Edge rank tool. With the help of Edge rank you are able to manage a proper schedule of posts on a timely basis. As a result, your posts are displayed more after a scheduled time to a large number of audiences or your page followers. To build up your audience, I recommend that you must follow a particular schedule. It is also important because Facebook has its specific algorithm due to which your post can be displayed in a timely manner. Otherwise it will hide from your newsfeed and the users will not be able to see it. 

  1. Posting Overly Self-Promotional Content

While posting on Facebook try using the organic posts. It is great way of interaction with your audiences. Promoting your brand through organic posts is not a good option. For this purpose, Facebook has given you the option to use the platform of Facebook ads where you can market your business or brands through ads.

  1. Not Complying with Facebook’s Contest Guidelines

Contests are another way of getting people engaged on Facebook. It is a great way to promote your brand. You can run different contests for advertisements in which you can ask you audience to participate by getting engaged with your posts and then you can reward the winner. For this purpose, you can also create the contest apps. For example, you can use WooBox for this purpose

    9.Writing too Much

Avoid writing lengthy details. Nowadays due to the busy schedules, many people do not have time and stamina to read lengthy descriptions. So I recommend that you should try to be as brief and to the point as possible and convey your message in the around a 100 words. This is the ideal calculation that can attract the user to read what you have written. I have seen a lot of people who avoid lengthy posts and just scroll down by viewing the attached image with it. Although Facebook allows you to write as much as you like but I think that is useless. If you can convey your though in limited words than why go for lengthy details

  1. Not Posting Like a Fan/Follower

Post like a real lover. Feel it, express it and show your attraction in what you are posting. It can be your business or a product. Marketing is not just related to posting the images or context for the viewers to see but rather to build affection in a certain product that you are advertising to the audiences. In this way people will automatically get attracted to it.

  1. Worrying about Reach all the time

Facebook Reach holds a vital place. Reach is the calculation of users who have the views of everything you post in their newsfeed according to a schedule. It is useful in monitoring the number of users who view your posts. In my point of view having a calculated reach is not enough when you market on Facebook. You must try to engage the users as well.

  1. Not Monitoring your Audience closely

I recommend that you must keep a close eye on your audiences. Know what their likes and dislikes are and what they expect from you. Try sharing your posts accordingly. To can also make distinctions among your audience by their age, gender, geographical location culture etc. and post accordingly.

  1. Linking to Your YouTube Videos

In recent times many of you might have noticed that the trend of creating a video and then sharing it on Facebook as increased. It is because Facebook itself wants to become a video host as compared to the famous video site like the YouTube. So instead of posting your videos on You Tube try using Facebook as it is less complex when it comes to creating and posting of a video

  1. Not Engaging your Audience

Always try to make your posts interesting. Believe me it is one of the great ways to attract your audiences. Many users use Facebook like an entertainment channel and they read different posts for fun. So try to come up with some good stuff like pictures, videos etc. in order to keep them engaged.

  1. Ignoring the Possibility of using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads play a vital role if you want to promote your business through Facebook ads. You can create some unique and interesting ads to draw the attention of the audiences. Unlike other social media channels, Facebook has provided its users with the ads facility so that you are able to market your products in the best possible ways. I recommend that in order to advertise your products or brands effectively use this specific tool to do so. You must also try to search for the users guidelines of how to use the Facebook ads tool in order to get the best results.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.