What to Do and What Not to Do on Social Media?



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Since the dawn of Social Media and its evolution over the years there have been numerous accounts and profiles you might have come across, some too personal and some too robotic. Someone like me who spends the entire day scrolling through the social media has come across numerous example of under-sharing and over-sharing.

These are called Underwhelming Social Media fails as far as I call them (I am trying to come up my own Social Media Fail Terminology Guide Book, Pretty Soon, Probably with a catchy title). Usually these fails tend to over shadow the pages which are doing everything right. You might notice these failed pages are getting all of the attention despite their lame status updates and mundane pictures of a tree. You have to do something extraordinary to stand out in this vast and brutal world of social media.

It doesn’t involve you posting pictures of yourself bungee jumping without a harness or posting obnoxious political tweets. I have written articles in this same blog about what to post on your pages and it goes both your professional as well as personal profile.

This article is about what to share and what we should refrain from sharing on social media and it is applicable to all platforms be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Now you don’t have to follow all these advices choose the ones that work for you.


What to DO!


Consider Your Customers, Always


If you are running a business page it means you are selling a set of products and services that you want to sell more. Keep this pointer handy that you have to connect with your customers instead of doing one-way advertising. You page shouldn’t seem like a billboard it has to become a friendly person who is trying to help. How many times I have closed a page just because their timeline is filled with reviews and pictures of their product. It is just annoying as a user I am telling you.

Always base your page on the interests of your customers not yourself. Let me give an example, if you are a Manchester United fan and keep on posting updates about them despite the fact that you also sell children’s clothing. There will many annoyed mothers who will unfollow your page because they are not interested in your posts.

What you can share are posts about your discount deals and upcoming products. You can post pictures of your employees enjoying a birthday party of a colleague.

This is something people will be interested in. I always say follow the 75:25 ratios while sharing, 75% of the stuff about your business and 25% of what you customers might like. If a page is followed by a huge number of teenagers it would be ridiculous to try to sell night cream on this page. You can share fun activities that are going on in your area or hip designs and cute tops, I would also share college scholarships. This is the thing that will boost interest of you followers and they will engage in your posts. Posting recent memes and vines will also steer engagement your way but never share memes from months back it had just gotten stales and teenagers don’t really care about stale posts.


Be Active as is also a major factor affecting your engagement level and increase in number of followers. Always keep it in moderation, being too active means your posts will be lost in their newsfeed and they might lose track of what boosts their interests. Posting too less means Facebook’s Algorithm EdgeRank will show less and less people your page and your updates. This will cause major harm to your fan following.

Whenever I see more than 2 updates from a page I unfollow it immediately and most people do that as well. So make a schedule and update your page at that time. Usually 2 in a day is more than enough. There are always several ways you can queue and automate your updates. I have written articles about that as well, feel free to read those articles as well.

Usually posts that appear more than twice in a user’s newsfeed might lead to them unfollowing your page. This is not what you would want. They will miss your discount deals and it will affect your business. Your aim is to try to keep as many followers as you want.


Schedule Your Posts time play a vital role in response rate of your posts. You can use Facebook Analytics to see from where you got maximum followers and post to their busiest hours or the time maximum people are online and using Social Media.

You can download many desktop applications that can facilitate you into scheduling your posts so even if you are not there in person (which I don’t recommend and I’ll explain in the next few sentences). You can use these application to make posts if you are travelling or simply because it is 3 am in the morning and you cannot stay up. Let me explain why is it important for you to be there in person while you are making a post. This way you will be able to respond to comments and queries while the post is still fresh. If someone is asking your store location, you will be there to post a quick reply and you have a potential sale. There are numerous examples like you can sole a Customer Service issue there and then. Businesses have hired people to make posts and reply to queries, you can do too.


Keep one Voice Social Media is a place where you might have to pay for what you said or shared. Share a misogynist post and you have most of your followers unfollowing your page and you will be forced to face a severe backlash. Post something against any race and there goes your reputation down the drains.

Always make sure you have a clear message and choose your words wisely. Don’t respond to provocative messages and reply politely to angry and unsatisfied customers. You have to be consistent with all your posts but there is no harm in posting a variety of stuff. Like a beautiful poem or a landscape.


Make sure your message is clear and polite. You can hire a skilled content writer to write your posts, if you are too busy to manage these platforms by yourself. If you are offering a 20% on all products it should be 20% on your website, your posts and in media as well.


Sharing is Caring


We have always been taught to share throughout our lives. Always share useful information on your business page and the kind of information your followers might want to read.

There is no harm in sharing something interesting after time to time, a whimsical image or a poem is something everybody might enjoy. Just don’t offend anyone or try not to.


Make a Checklist and Follow it


Checklists always give a sense of accomplishment and I always feel proud when I check the little tick mark. Same goes for your page on Facebook. You have to make sure your posts are free from any typos or any message that might offend someone. Always type your post on MS Word and correct all the mistakes or grammar police will get a chance to roast you.

You can include these categories like Grammar, meaning of the words you are posting (don’t use the words you don’t know the meaning of or the words which are too difficult to understand for other people it will make you sound too pretentious) time of posting, the link to your landing page and website. Always check them before posting, it will cause you damage if you post a link that doesn’t work. Also make you’re the words and images you are sharing are not someone’s property. You really don’t want a lawsuit on your hands when all you are trying to do is expand your business.

Always pay attention to detail as it will take your business a long way especially on social media. It will save you a ton of headache, time and trouble.


Be Creative


Creativity and originality is key of a successful social media profile. It helps your customers understand you better and like you more. Help people see what is so unique about your brand and why is it superior than other brands in the market. Being original and unique will help people remember you for a long time. This will also bring a lot of customers and social media hype.

Good customer service is also vital for the progress of your brand and also your social media pages. If someone files a complaint against one of your representative or product, it’s time for you to concentrate on improving the quality of both your product and services.

Being a good service provider will also help you to create more and more loyal customers who will stick to your brand no matter what. I ordered some food from a home based kitchenette and the food didn’t fresh I complained and they replaced my order in 45 minutes. It made me their loyal customer and their food was very good the second time. So my complaint gave them a chance to improve their service and made me their loyal customer.

Word-of-mouth will also bring in good customers to your brand as well, so be kind and be polite.

Have a Character

Posting something really dull and mundane will not get you anywhere. You have to sound excited and enthusiastic about your company and its products. If you are not excited how can you expect your customers to look forward to the launch of your product.

Choose Platform Wisely

 For some businesses Facebook might work and for some Instagram might work. You have to experiment and see what is the best platform for your business.

What Not to Do on Social Media

I am going to state the Don’ts right here to help you understand them better.


  1. Never Click Like on your Posts: Of course you like your own posts, you wrote them with so much love and attention. Clicking like isn’t going to leave a good impression on your followers. You can ask your employees or friends to like the post for you. These are the people who can become your most loyal brand ambassadors.
  2. Never Ignore Your Profile: once you have established a profile it’s never going to do grow on its own. You have to nurture it and take care of it, some days might prune it a little bit to remove the unpleasant parts, like a silly old photo and spelling mistake you made a year back.
  3. Don’t Over-Share: avoid sharing too much, for example posting too early about a product launch or pictures that give the surprise away.
  4. Not everyone is worth connecting: just because someone is following you it’s not mandatory for you to follow them as well. You have to watch the circle you connect you. Always see who is best for your business and who leaves a good impression on your other followers.
  5. Network, Network, Network: networking is something that is extremely fruitful when it comes to building your profile. You have to make connections with the captains of your industry and other influential people to build your rapport.
  6. Privacy Setting should be your Mantra: keep your privacy settings updated, always see what you’re posting before clicking You can delete the post but whatever you have posted will stay forever in the world of internet. Always have your passwords protected, you don’t want your pages to fall into wrong hand. Just share your passwords with the admins and the people who you trust.
  7. Don’t post spammy stuff: people really are not huge fans of spammy posts, so just avoid making one.
  8. Never Ignore Comments made by users: always leave a polite reply, don’t remove negative comments and help them solve the issue.
  9. Humanize your brand: talk to your followers as if you are a person not a robot. Its best to stay a bit casual and friendly.
  10. Ignore Rude Comments: if there are any rude comments, it’s always better to ignore them and don’t engage in useless battles over the internet.



About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.