Obtaining Facebook Verification if you want to Run a Band Page


What to know? 

Should I tell you a secret through which you can get huge advantage on Facebook as a band page?

It is just simple. Try to get the official Facebook verification for your band page. Trust me, it is very useful. Getting an official Facebook verification can be a lot more advantageous than you may think. Apart from the other available business or band pages your band page on Facebook will stand distinct among others. And this is true.

Everyone wants an official verification tag next to their existing business or band page on Facebook. It is getting a coveted blue check mark next to your business name. Now if you want to get an official Facebook verification for your band page. I should tell you that is not an easy thing to do. I have seen many people who are running their successful business pages as well as their band pages on Facebook. They also have a large number of followers on their pages too. Despite this fact, they are still un able to get an official verification tag on Facebook.

Get Official Verification

On the other hand, if you are running your Facebook band page. Then I think there are some easier ways in which you can get an official verification for your band page. This is because a band page is slightly different than a business page. I have seen a lot of people including some solo artists who are running their band pages on Facebook. On these band pages they have only around 1000 followers. Some of the band pages even have a lower fan count than this too. Now you may believe it or not, these pages still got the verification.

Moreover, there are many such companies which have millions of followers on their Facebook pages but are still un able to get verification tag. I do not know the exact reason behind this but this is a fact.

Get the Official Facebook Verification Tag 

If you want to get the official Facebook verification tag along your name. The very first thing that you need to do is to request for it. To start the process initially you need to fill out the verification request form. You can find this form on your existing page. Now try to fill up all the required information that is asked on the form. This includes all the related documentation which includes information about you as well as your band page which you want to get verified. If any other person is running your page, then in this case you can include the information about them also. Just make sure that the person who is running your band page is officially sanctioned to do so.

Now if still you are still unable to do it. Then you can always use the option of sending a message directly to Facebook. Facebook has a 24/7 customer support system. In which you can ask all your queries or the solution for the problem where you are stuck.

I have seen many users who hire some experts for this work too. You can also use this option and pay someone on order to get your work done.

Connect with Bands and Record Labels

Every Facebook page has a box which shows the pages that you have liked. I suggest you connect with more and more people as you can, like more and more band pages and labels as possible. This is great way to get engaged with the other existing bands.

Now if you really want to get noticed on the social network then you can do it in many ways. For example, you can share a post about another band which will be performing with you in a show. For this purpose, you can share posts from your record label. The other band can share some important announcements from your end too. This is a great way to build up a large musical community on the social network.

What do they want to see your Facebook page for?

Always know what your audiences want from you and post accordingly. I have mentioned some suggestions for you.

Posting from Backstage

Always encourage backstage treatment. Believe me in this way your audiences can feel a more personal connection with your band. To give a more personal feel to your Facebook band page you can post different pictures of your daily life, behind the scenes acts that take place, updates of your upcoming tours, your performances in an event and many such things.

Coupons to Gigs

Giving away the event or contest coupons to your audiences is another great way to attract them. You can do this directly from your Facebook page. This can be easily done. You can search for the “contest apps” from where you can find a variety of ways in which you can do it. You can offer some free stuff to your audiences too. This can include stuff like event tickets, T-shirts, mugs, caps etc. To make these more attractive you can brand these things with your band logo.

Free Concert Tickets

You can have some outstanding results by engaging more and more audiences to your Facebook band page. It is an important thing to do because on Facebook, the algorithm is continuously calculating a ranking between you and every individual follower who gets engaged with your band page. In this way there is a possibility that you may have a high EdgeRank with one individual. This is probably because the individual user likes your music more and comments on every post that you make on your page. Whereas, you probably may have a low EdgeRank rate due to an individual user who liked your band page a while ago just for the purpose of entering in a contest on your page and nothing else.


The EdgeRank is particularly considered as a calculation which is related to the type of post you make on your Facebook page. It also includes the aspects related to the total time since you made the post, as well as the frequency of engagement rate made by the other user. If you are posting any type of images or videos on your band page. Then these will have a higher weight as compared to the posts which contains the text. These posts are much more visible than the links also. Another important aspect is the time. A recent post will have more value than any post which you have posted six months back.

Engagement takes place between you and other users whenever you like any page. Post a like on any page share any post, comment on any particular post, give your feedback on any post. Last but least whenever you visit any Facebook page and do not perform any activity it is a form of engagement too.

The more people get engage with your posts the higher EdgeRank rate you will have. Similarly, the more users see your posts on their news feed, the more they will get engaged with you. And as the other users will promote your brand and share your posts with their friends and followers. You will definitely get some more benefits. Which is very useful in boosting up your Facebook band page as well as increasing your EdgeRank rate.

Engage a large number of Audience

That is why I always talk about engaging a large number of followers as much as possible. Using some high quality and attractive images, having some great contests, posting your contents on a regular basis are some of the useful ways of increasing your audience’s engagements on your Facebook band page.

It is because all of these aspects which I have mentioned above are useful if you want to make your posts more visible on the social networks.

I have seen many bands who do not prefer to post their stuff on a regular basis. So they surely face some negative results. This lowers their connection to their fans on Facebook. Further this will also result in making your posts less visible among the users.

How to Create an Official Band Promoter Group?

You can promote your band page on Facebook by creating an official band promoter group. Now this is a great way of promoting your page. For this purpose, I recommend you to mobilize a street team. I have seen many band who have managed to build up their team for the purpose of their band promotion. It has really worked out well for them. I am sure that it will also work out well for you too. You can create a Facebook group for this purpose. Further you can assign different tasks to them. You can distribute some high-resolution promotional materials of your band like your brochures, flyers etc. to all the group members. And then ask them to print them out and circulate among other people.


 This can give you some great benefits. First of all, it gives you a common platform for your most engaged and most important users. These include the people who will surely go out of their way just to promote your band. It is not necessary that you just select people or friends from your hometown. To make it more diverse. You can request different fans or followers around the world too. Many people will surely be interested in doing this work for you. I am sure that it has become an easier thing to do nowadays with the help of internet and different social networks like Facebook.

 Advertising & Marketing

Secondly, in this way you are able to do a lot of advertising and marketing of your band for free. As these people distribute different promotional flyers to other people, or every ticket they sell, is a great way to promote you and your band among others. You do not have to go through the hassle of doing all this yourself. Apart from this, I must tell you that these people are your fans. I have witnessed many fans who do different works just for your love. These people simple do not have any desire or they do not want anything in return from you for their work. These people just need your support and recognition. Once you provide them with this, they will remain loyal with you forever.

The second option by which you can promote your Facebook band page is by creating a Facebook group. It is just simple to create. You can do it yourself very easily in just some seconds. Creating Facebook group required less effort that creating a Facebook page. In this way you can promote your band page by posting on the group page. Every member of the group will be able to see your post. Which is a great way of promoting your stuff with less effort.

Promote Existing Events and Create Touring Events

For your Facebook band page promotion, you can also create an event page. Now it is not necessary that you create a lot of them. A single event page is enough for this purpose. In general, whenever you decide to perform in a show, the venue where you will perform will have a Facebook page. Due to this, an event page will be created where you show will take place. I recommend that you should avoid creating a new page every time an event takes place. Rather you should compete with theirs and check for the RSVP numbers, and then just promote their event. You can simply do it by sharing it on your Facebook band page. Additionally, you can also include a link to your tour page.


If on the other hand, you are performing in a house party or any venue which does not have a Facebook page. Or on any of the venue on which the management does not want to manage an event page then you can look for some other ways. Event pages are considered as a midway between different groups and other Facebook pages in terms of complexity to create. These type of pages can be set up very easily and quickly. These pages are also useful because by these you can also get some idea of how many of your fans will be attending your show.