Should You Have More Than One Facebook Page For Your Brand?


Facebook is becoming popular with each day, and the craze of using this website for social, as well as commercial purposes, is also going higher with the same velocity. Now there are hardly very few of the online brands and businesses that are not using Facebook for promotional purposes of their brand. Facebook is a common medium for online brands to get in touch with their customers and to communicate with them in effective ways. This social media website with billions of people around the world is no doubt an amazing place to advertize your business or services. You cannot overlook the importance of using Facebook for your online marketing purposes. If you are not yet using Facebook for talking to your customers and to advertize your products, you are no doubt missing something very huge.

Well, to promote your brand and services on this social media website, you need to make a new profile that can be the first step towards your Facebook fan page. Your Facebook page is the platform where you can invite your customers, talk to your followers and try to make them happy. Just like other social media websites, Facebook also has a number of features that make it unique and different from the others. The Facebook page is stronger than Twitter or Instagram profile as it allows the page owners to use many options for sharing content with the followers. First of all, there is no word limit for Facebook page posts like Twitter so you can say whatever you want to say without any restriction. Other than that, you can post videos, images, links, and shares to your blog posts and enjoy with your audience. Facebook is potentially very strong network as it offers multiple options for advertising, if you want to pay for your promotions, Facebook ads are there to help you out. Hence, all in all, Facebook is an effective platform for marketing of your online business and products.

Many people say that you must own more than one Facebook pages for your diverse audience out there. Well, having more one page is not a bad idea but there are few things that should be considered before you make such an important decision for your online brand marketing. Have a glance at the reasons that why you must not own more than one Facebook pages for your brand.

Risks of a dilute search

Well, this is important thing as if you have more than one Facebook pages, let’s say around 3 to 4 Facebook pages, and then your search will be diluted. Those brands that have more than one online presences and platforms tend to get dilute results for searches. This means that when users will search for your brand, the search engines will show more than one results and eventually some users will land on right platforms because other ones click on others. So your total traffic will become lesser regarding your online presences. However, if you have just one particular Facebook page, you are all traffic and users who are searching for your brand will land on your one page. This means a higher number of people will click your page, and as this number will increase, the search engines will definitely trust your reputation, and they will rank you higher.

Dangers of spam profiles

Many people are crazy about making spam profiles for famous brands or celebrities. Well, if you have more than one page, you can be at the risk of having such issues. What if any of your fans create another brand page with the name of your brand? Yes, that’s right that people will not distinguish it from the other pages that you have because they will think it is one of yours even if you will tell them! So having one and only Facebook page for your brand promotion is enough, and you should be looking forward to making it better, rather than making more than one pages and lose your identity on Facebook.

Difficult to manage multiple pages

Another thing that must be considered before making more than one Facebook fan page for your Facebook audience is that you will need to manage all of your pages carefully. That can cost you a little bit higher as you will need to hire any Facebook advertiser or admin of the page. He will cost you a fee and use his skills to communicate with your audience. So this way you will have issues related to management of the pages. Even if you have hired someone to look after your page, you cannot guarantee that he will take care of your audience like you did! He will not care for the business like you do because it is your business, and nobody else cannot run it from any owner!

Apart from that, you cannot make sure that the quality of posts and content shared by your page admin is carefully managed by you as you will have to check multiple pages. In addition, if you have a presence on other social media websites, then it will become almost impossible to guarantee the quality. So your online brand image will have to suffer the quality issues, and your rating will go down.

New policies of Facebook ban multiple profiles

According to new changes in the Facebook policies, many online brands and celebrities that had multiple profiles were banned on this website. The main reason for this decision of Facebook is to lower the risks of spam profiles and accounts. So if you have more than one Facebook pages, no matter if you own them or not, these multiple profiles will be banned, and this will have a negative impact on your online reputation.

You must consider making one page and excel at running it as being banned from Facebook is an embarrassing thing in front of your online customers. They will thing of your genuine Facebook page as spam and possibly they will start to, unlike your page.

So now you can visualize the risks associated with having more than one Facebook pages! Having multiple online platforms is not a bad idea but going multiple on Facebook is a bad one. You can just make a page and build it with your hands as nobody can take care of your reputation, and nobody knows your intentions more than you. A small mistake is enough to lose it all you have built for so many years when you are working online as people will not remember your good deeds but will not forget your mistakes.