Online Contests: Let the Games Begin


Among all of the other tactics that are used on social media websites to gather more audience, the contests are listed on the top. For many online businesses, running contests is addressed as an important step towards better engagement and participation. Well, this is perfectly right that online users run for contests and anything that can make them win. It can be a contest for getting discounts on products or just a photo contest that means photo sharing; it just can be anything as contests never fail to entertain your audience. You must never underestimate the power of the word; contest!

Many online marketers focus on contests for making their brand marketing successful and more entertaining for all of the internet users. These contests spread like epidemics, and any page or brand that is running them becomes popular in real terms. Well, if you are striving hard to make an online presence and you are wondering how to surprise your followers, running an interesting contest is a great idea. Using any of the popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+, you can easily target your audience with your contest running strategy.

When you start any contest on your social media channel, your followers spread the word and bring more organic traffic to your profile. This is not only beneficial for your visibility but also for getting more traffic which will help you in getting a higher ranking in search engines. The search engines like Google work in a way that the websites and social media profiles which have higher clicks and user engagement tend to rank higher in relevant results. So contests can be extremely beneficial for growth of your online brand and business.

If you want to know more about the benefits of contests for better engagement among your followers, have a look at these points which can convince you that you must be running a contest right now!

Contests encourage discussion

If you want your users to engage in healthy discussions on your social media profile, you should consider posting a contest. People like to win and participate so they will discuss the details and ways to win through your posts with other people. They will bring in more followers by encouraging them, and you can get more and more followers for your profile. Your audience will discuss the contest, and you can also join them by replying to their comments and queries by directly answering them on public posts using their name. People like this and you can get a chance to make your followers happy too!

More comments on your posts mean more engagement and that is what you need to grow your business. Tell your followers about your contest details and discuss on the posts using comments. Don’t go for personal messaging as it cannot be shown to other users. When your followers will see that you are responding back, they will become even more active in commenting and trying to get your attention. So all in all, running contests is beneficial for your profile.

Improved EdgeRank

If you are using Facebook for promotion of your online brand and products, you can be sure that contests can help you improve your EdgeRank. It is an intelligent system used by Facebook to determine the engagement of users on any profile or post. It does not matter if the quality of comments is good or not as EdgeRank will rank them as comments and as your comments will increase, your EdgeRank will also improve. This is highly beneficial for your Facebook profile as the pages with higher EdgeRank are considered trustworthy and they are shown on higher search results.

Better advertising in the form of an engaged audience

If you are running a contest on your social media platform, you can expect people to talk about you in public. They will discuss the contest and about your brand. The winners will advertise your profile online as they will share their winning and celebrate it with others using their other social media channels. You will get more exposure as the friends and connections of winners will also follow you. The winners will spread the word about their winning like viral posts, and the best thing about all this scenario is that your brand will be getting same publicity like your winners.

Bring back loyal customers

Contests are viral for bringing back your old customers who rarely use your profile to engage with others now. So a contest can be a great way to invite your customers. Every time a user shares your contest details to his network, people will start liking it and sharing it on their social media networks. The reason is that people want to win and for this, you can ask them to share your posts and images to their profiles so that they can spread the word. This can bring back your loyal customers as they will try to win the contest too!

Networking with other social media profiles

If you are managing a photo contest on Instagram, you can share the details on your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Google+ channel and your official blog. So in this way, you can encourage users to enter into the contest that is taking place on Instagram. Your Facebook followers and Instagram users will follow you back on your Facebook page. This can benefit you in many ways. For example, you will not have to force your followers to like your other social media profiles as asking directly might leave a bad feeling on your behalf. Running a contest is a simple invitation to your followers from all of your social media channels to focus your one channel where the contest is being held. Hence, more followers will like your specific profile just for the contest, and you can divert organic traffic to your particular social media profile using that contest.

So in this way, you can get benefits from contests as nothing is better than an active social media profile. Contests related to photo sharing, video sharing or anything that is relevant to your brand never fails. People want to win and spread their winning in order to become popular. You must have contests from time to time so that more and more of your followers can win and help you advertize your brand.