Why Should You Opt for Twitter Ads

Facebook and Twitter are two renowned social media networking sites. Both these sites provide a great platform for running your ads. I believe that Twitter has an edge over Facebook when it comes to running your ads. I have discussed some of the major advantages of Twitter ads over Facebook ads.

  1. Reaching Maximum Number of people

Among both the famous social networking sites that are Twitter and Facebook Twitter has one major advantage over Facebook. That advantage is their audience. You might be surprised to know that Twitter surpasses Facebook by its audience. There is no doubt that Facebook has the highest number of active users as compared to all the other available social networks. This number has exceeded up to a total of over 2 billion users and is still growing.

Despite of this the fact on which I am stressing on here is that generally not everyone who uses Twitter is on Facebook. It is because there are so many people who created their social accounts on Facebook and use it just for occasional posting of contents or sometimes just use it for playing games. If you focus more closely you will notice that there are so many Facebook users who do not even care about the ads which people post on a regular basis. In addition to this these users also do not interact with different actively advertising brands on this particular social media platform. On the other hand if we take a look at Twitter the case is totally different. Surprisingly on Twitter the users are much more active than they are on Facebook.

Now Let’s Go Through Ads on Both Platforms

Off course Facebook wins for sure in terms of user base as compared to all the other social media networks which are available these days. There is no doubt about that. According to a recent study the total number of monthly active users on Facebook has exceeded to over 2 billion. And this is just not the end. This number is still rising continuously. Twitter on the other hand has nearly up to 328 million monthly active users. Certainly there is quite a lot of difference among the number of users of both social media networks.

  • In terms of cost per click or per metric both Facebook and Twitter share almost the same status. Apart from this the Facebook bids are comparatively lower as compared to that of Twitter. Despite of this fact if we compare both these social sites Facebook still needs some more volume to succeed than Twitter.
  • Among both the social media channels Facebook has somewhat better Reach than Twitter. This is generally because Facebook masters in targeting a large number of audiences through the curated feed. Whereas Twitter does not have this kind of ability because the case is totally different. On Twitter if in any case you miss the reach this means that you miss them once and for all.
  • Twitter surpasses Facebook in terms of mobile ads too. It is because Twitter was originally designed as a mobile platform. You can easily run your ads and view them on your mobile phones as well as other mobile devices. Despite of this Facebook provides an advantage of app downloads to its mobile users which Twitter does not. It is because Facebook is specifically an app-centric platform.
  1. Cost Reduction

The Payment scheme is another major advantage which Twitter has over Facebook. This is an important advantage due to which most users prefer using Twitter among Facebok as well as all the other social networks. Now let’s compare both in terms of payment.

On Facebook, you generally pay either of getting more clicks or you pay for the impressions. If you ask about me I do not think that paying for impressions is a good strategy. It is rather a foolish one. I would certainly not recommend you to pay out for impressions on Facebook. I am saying this because if you can get a click through rate of a tenth of one percent then you should avoid paying people to ignore your ads after viewing them. In addition to this you must also avoid paying for any other ignored background elements that appear as a sideline on other people’s newsfeed.

In the mean time paying for clicks assures nothing. Here you only pay when any user click your link and nothing else. IN this scenario when any user clicks on your link but at the same time do not like your site and leave the page. Then as a result you lose the money which you paid to get the users on your site because you do not get any benefit out of it. Meanwhile

Now on the other hand if we talk about Twitter the case is somewhat different. On Twitter first of all you set a budget. After that you simply place a bid according to your set budget amount and then run your ads on it. An important thing to note here is that on Twitter you are only required to pay when your objective is actually gets completed. Moreover you can run your ads on Twitter with the objective of getting leads. You only need to pay at the time when a lead is generated through the ad.

  1. Several Other Option Available

Surprisingly Twitter has some unique forms of marketing which you can use. Among them TV targeting is undoubtedly one of the most unique and preferred feature which I am going to talk about.

The main initiative behind the feature of TV Targeting lead by Twitter is that Twitter distinguish that their platform is the place on which you can discuss TV shows as well.  This happens every time when a high profile show airs on TV. After any such show you might have noticed that Twitter gets packed with hundreds of people reacting on current episode. Twitter gets exploded with hundreds and thousands of tweets instantly just between the episodes and it gets even more after the episode ends.