Optimizing for Clicks or Conversions on Facebook or Nay


Have you ever tried to run Facebook ads? If yes, then you might be aware of the different tricks. If you are one of those Facebook users who have never tried to use them. I will tell you the tips and tricks here for running your ads on Facebook very effectively.

There are a lot of simple ways of doing it.

Now whenever you plan to run your ad on Facebook, or if you want to run them now then the very first thing that you come thorough is the choice list. This choice list displays a vast list of different existing categories or objectives in it.  From this particular list you can select any of the category or objective which goes in accordance to what actually you desire to do. You can view a total of thirteean different objects in this particular list.

I have mentioned those thirteen objectives as below from which you can select the most relevant one

  • Clicks to Website, this sends all those users who click on the given link directly to your website but expects nothing out of them.
  • Website Conversions, this sends different users directly to your website. From here only those users who perform a chosen conversion action on the website are counted as a success.
  • Post Engagement, this particular option encourages different users to like and share the stuff you have posted on your Facebook wall.
  • Page Likes, these are a great way to encourage random users to follow you on your Facebook page by clicking the “like” button.
  • App Installs, through this many users are encouraged to install your mobile app on their mobile phones or mobile devices.
  • App Engagement, this specific feature is useful in encouraging many different users to do something within your app. This includes activities like rating your app or performing different tasks by using your app.

Offer Claims

  • Offer Claims, this specific feature permits you to build a time sensitive or numbered offer of various types. This particularly includes features like a discount code, discounted deals or free items.
  • Local Awareness, this feature is specifically designed for the purpose of building brand awareness among the users. This is done by remaining in a geographic location that is around you.
  • Event Responses, this is useful whenever to are holding an event or occasion and manages to invite many people to your event.
  • Product Catalog Promotion, this feature is used to display a selection from your catalog on the screens of your users which further leads to getting the attraction of those users.
  • Brand Awareness, this feature is particularly used for building the awareness of your brand among the users. Through this feature you can attract a large number of audiences to check out your brand or products. This includes some more information about your particular brand than just a simple page view.
  • Lead Generation, this particular feature incise the landing page and the requirements of conversion in order to gather the data directly.
  • Video Views, as known by the name, this particular feature is useful if you want to watch the videos.

Now here you must make up your mind first that what actually you want to do. Either you want to run your Facebook ads for the website clicks, or you are planning to run these ads for the purpose of website conversions?

What to Know About Website Clicks?

First of all I will talk about the website clicks. The main objective of the website clicks is not as complicated as you may think. You may be aware of this fact if you have run your ad campaign on Facebook previously. If you are a newbie then you don’t have to worry about it because it is as effortless as can be. Let me explain it to you further.

How to Start?

To start off with your ad campaign on Facebook, firstly you will get an ad displayed on your target site. So here your target site is definitely the Facebook. You ad will now display till the audiences view it. Now at this point whenever any user clicks on your displayed ad you will have to pay Facebook for every click. Whereas, if no one clicks on your displayed ad then don’t worry Facebook will not charge you. One negative aspect of all this is that you will not be able to get more traffic on your site if no one clicks on your ads. So I recommend that you create some attractive ads to increase the number of users.

One of the positive aspects of the website click ads is that they are not as costly as many of you might think they are. If you want to know about one of the cheaper ad types then it is the pay per view ad. This is one of the simplest types of ad too. You just need to post the ad on your Facebook newsfeed and then make sure that a maximum number of people view your ad. This is one simple trick which you can use to build up your audiences.

Pay Per Click Ads

Many times the pay per click ads does not tend to be more productive although they are cheap. It is because when you post a pay per click ad on your Facebook wall. One thing that you focus on is getting more and more clicks. Most of the times you may not give attention to the quality of the ad because your main focus is on getting a maximum number of clicks and nothing else.

Apart from the above, pay per click ads has a great advantage too. Regardless of any limitation these ads can be viewed as many times as you want them to see. Not only can you but all the existing Facebook users can see them as many times as they want. It is because these ads have infinite visibility. Another great aspect is that you can click to view these ads without paying any money. You will only have to pay whenever any viewer clicks on your ad otherwise you don’t need to. It is great way to increase the number of audiences as well as for the purpose of brand activation.

What to Know About Website Conversions?

Now if I talk about the Website Conversions, you may find it a bit more multifaceted. One of the major reasons behind this fact is that you may need to create and insert code into your website if you want to use it. This code is also known as the Tracking Pixel of Facebook. You can easily generate the Tracking Pixel on Facebook by yourself.

Many of you might have a question in mind that what actually is a conversion pixel and what work it performs?

So, basically the conversion pixel is a piece of code which conflagrate whenever any visitor or user clicks on your Facebook page on which the code is active. The most important work which a conversion pixel performs is to ensure if any of the visitors who are visiting your Facebook page has a tracking cookie or not. If any user has the tracking cookies you will get to know that they are visiting your Facebook page through the Facebook ad. If in case the user did not come through Facebook ad then nothing happens and no action is taken against it. On the other hand, if a user comes through your Facebook ad then in this case you will see that the set code reports back to Facebook and you get notified that the user clicked the ad, browsed the site, or converted.

Website Conversions on Facebook Ads

On Facebook, whenever a conversion is made, you will have to pay for it. Similarly, whenever a user click but do not convert then in this case you are not required to pay. This has both positive as well as negative effect. The positive aspect is that you do not need to pay for those particular results which you get beyond your set objectives. Whereas, the bas aspect is that the conversions are apparently the goal here which you have set to achieve. Any dearth in the set conversions means that probably you are not able to make money and moreover you failed to achieve your goals as well. Now this is something alarming which I know you wouldn’t want in any case.

An ideal location for setting the tracking pixel is on a “thanks for your purchase” or purchase confirmation category. Basically the main purpose here is to set it in a location on a website that will only be visited by those users who actually converted.

Major Advantage

The major advantage of website conversion feature is that it will only charge you whenever you get a conversion otherwise it won’t.  Now this is ideal if you are a regular user. It will also benefit you if you are a newbie too. That value might not be immediately fiscal, like a mailing list, but it will still be worthy if you want to track and assign anything.

Apart from this, the objective of conversions is considerably more costly than the website clicks. It is just because these are more potential.  It simply means that if you do something wrong using the Facebook ads then probably you can lose your money.


At this point, if you are still thinking which objective is better for your ads among the two which I mentioned? Then you will need to make up your mind first.  It all depends on you that what target you actually want to achieve with your ad campaign.

Here I will give you an example, say if you want to get a lot of people to land on a landing page, on that landing page, they click on a given offer. From here you would desire to use website clicks. At this point the Conversions will not work. It is because you have nowhere to place the tracking pixel with an affiliate offer.

How to Get the Most Out of Website Conversions?

Believe me that you can actually get much more than you think out of the Website conversions. There are many different ways in which you can do it. Here I have compiled some of those aspects which can really help you. it will also help to get great benefits out of your Facebook ads. Don’t worry you can do this just by following your set objectives.

Optimize the ad copy. Always try attracting more and more audiences. Now I am talking about this because I know this will boost up your website conversions. I know that it will also have an effect on you cost which you have to pay on every click to Facebook.  After all, the more people who go through, all else being equal, the more you make.

Optimize your ad targeting. Try optimizing your ad targeting. This means that you should never be afraid of targeting the small sections of audiences or the sub-segments of your main audiences. You can target them more exclusively in your ad copy if you are more creative with your ads and your custom landing pages. Believe me even two small ads can be more successful than one big ad.

Optimizing Your Landing Page

Optimize your landing page. You can even optimize your landing pages. You can do this by giving adequate and accurate information in the right way. It will enable people to convert. Avoid giving any irrelevant or unwanted information to your audiences. Moreover avoid being too precise as well.

Add incentives to get more people to convert. Try adding incentives as well. You can offers new deals, discounts, bonuses and many such rewards that are available for a limited time period. It will surely bring more value to your business or brands.

You can use all these mentioned tips and tricks in order to get more value out of your website conversion. You will see some great results in a short time.



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