YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms and it has more than billions of users worldwide. More than millions of videos are being watched every time on YouTube, and the monthly active users are even more than any other video sharing website. Gone are the days when it was just used for video sharing and to watch videos of songs and celebrities. Now a lot of online marketers and brands are using YouTube as an effective social media marketing strategy. Creating high-quality videos and sharing them with the customers and targeted audience is now possible using the best features of this wonderful website. YouTube is not behind other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where followers are converted into potential buyers by marketing strategies. Video marketing is now among the most frequent types of online marketing methods that are becoming popular day by day.

Well, if you want to use YouTube for promoting your online brand and attract more and more targeted traffic, you should consider optimizing your videos. The concept of search engine optimization; which is also known as simply SEO includes optimizing videos for more traffic and better ranking in the search engine results. So if you want to optimize your videos on YouTube, there are many ways of doing that. Always try to post the best quality videos with the best content in them. Focus on your audience and their expectations and don’t forget to apply the following tips for better optimization.

Optimize the title of your videos

While you write the title of your YouTube video, keep in mind that people will search you using these keywords and title. If your target keyword is not present in the title, the chances that your video will appear in similar keyword searches become less. Always try to make a title with a long keyword including the possible keywords making a long tail. It might feel odd if you are a newbie in using YouTube as a marketing strategy, but it is crucial for optimizing your videos. Your keywords are your strength, and if you will not use them correctly, you should not expect people to find you on YouTube on top searches. Another thing that you should remember is to keep the title and the keywords as simple as possible as people search for the keywords that are easier to type in the search bar. You can improve your chances to come in the top searches if you choose your keywords correctly.

Always add your targeted keywords to the video original file name

Well, a lot of YouTube marketers overlook the importance of this step and eventually they are ignored in the search engine results. You must add your targeted keywords to your video file name. For example, if your video title is about how to get clear skin using lemon, your video file must be named as how to get clear skin using lemon. This will improve the optimization of your video, and you will score better in online searches.

Keep the title of your video simple and easy

If you think it is cool to write weird and confusing titles of your YouTube videos if you want to promote your online brand, you are not right! This decision can be a disaster to your YouTube marketing strategy. People search using the words and keywords that are easy to read and type and if your title is not easy, it will definitely not come in the search results and people will not get to know your videos. Many titles are also banned by the YouTube due to the privacy and customer policies of the website. If you write an extra-long title, YouTube will cut it in most of the cases. So to avoid such issues, always write simple and understandable title that is easily readable even by children.

Optimize your videos by selecting right video categories

While uploading videos for your YouTube channel, don’t forget to choose the category of your uploaded videos after careful thinking. The selection of your video type might look unimportant to you but in reality, it can be the biggest factor of, not getting enough fans and enough views. A lot of YouTube users watch videos according to the video categories. So if your video is related to cosmetics and beauty products, make sure to add the relevant categories so that your video can appear in the search results.

Give your best content using videos of shorter length

Many people on YouTube do not bother watching full videos, and they just switch between videos to get better options. If you want to get real customers, make sure you are engaging them in the first few minutes of your video as if your first minutes are worth watching, the viewers will look at the rest of the video. However, if the video is boring from the start, people will stop watching it even if you have something rewarding in the end. Well, you can skip this strategy for optimization if you are a super star or a celebrity but if you are a businessman and an online marketer who is trying to get customers using his YouTube videos, you must consider video length for optimizing your YouTube channel.

Create best quality videos with best quality audio and features

If you are not providing quality content to your viewers on YouTube via your videos, nobody will watch your videos. Blurry videos with fading voice is not what people want to watch on YouTube so always try to create videos with best visuals, as well as the best quality audio features. Your voice should be readily understandable by the viewers, and the clearness should be perfect. Don’t give your viewers a reason to click on any other video of your rival just because of the quality.

Using relevant tags for your YouTube videos

Well, focusing down to the tags, these are the most important part of your videos especially when you are talking about YouTube. If you want to optimize your videos up to 100% results, don’t forget to make relevant tags before you upload any video on YouTube. Just blend the tags and add as many relevant tags as possible so that people can find you in maximum searches.

Optimize your videos by featuring on YouTube

If you want any of your videos to become popular and featured on your YouTube channel, you can highlight it easily. Typically the video with maximum likes and comments can be the best fit for your featured videos so that you can showcase your success using your channel in terms of likes and comments to your viewers.