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Outrank your competitors on Facebook

Facebook pages are a distant relative of Google. you must have searched for a solution to the problem on one of their pages and it might lead to one of Facebook’s community discussion pages, even though it might not contain the information you are looking for. It is the same case if you look for a solution on Facebook, it will direct you to Google. The Google help community is a bit disorganised and doesn’t always provide the answers you are looking for still it is considered far better than Facebook help centre.

Google directing towards Facebook has other quirks. A lot of information is to be considered while figuring out how a web page is related or might answer a query. Title of the page is just one feature. Another thing to be considered is URL, it isn’t important that the URL matches the name of the page.

SEO works on freshness, the fresher the content the more traditional SEO signals will work. They don’t care about the older content and content expires very quickly. Another reason for these signals not working properly is that older content isn’t indexed.

Facebook and blogging are considered to be separate entities. The length of the content isn’t emphasized because the followers and Likers can be purchased easily and Google cannot detect or remove them.

Sometimes you will come across a page that is relatively newer to yours and also share some similarities in page title and content but it has out ranked your page on Google search results despite the resemblances. On the other hand, you are the Newbie and it is very hard for you to boost your page. So all you can do is enhance your page in a way that surpasses all the old pages.



More likes!

It is stated above that a lot of number of likes doesn’t affect SEO, but it is related especially if it the likes are in huge numbers.If you have a small number of like there is a lower chance of anyone auditing them. It is not necessary that those hundreds of likes are bought. But when you have a few thousand likes, Google included, might question you whether you have bought those likes or not. On the other hand, if you have thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions even, one might think that you haven’t bought them. Once the likes reach this humongous size, you are just taking off to become a pro in this specific niche.

I wouldn’t be able to establish a Facebook page for Movies and then wait it to surpass all the existing gigantic pages in this specific genre. Pages which are based of movies have been there for ages and their followers are numerous. It is utterly useless to buy likes at this point, you wouldn’t want a person to just click like, you would want them to interact and comment. This is also an indication that the likes are inorganic (no comment from them). Which is not beneficial for your page.


You should post more- frequently

A lot of attention isn’t paid by Google to the content of your posts, very little attention is. No amount of attention from them should be ignored. There are some pointers you can adopt to make these posts boost your page.

  1. Posting and Posting A lot means you have a working page and your audience will get more notifications on their newsfeed, it might result in them visiting your page more often than the pages who do not post as often.
  2. Posting about something that is of majority of your viewer’s interest, the more people you engage the better it is for the boost of your page.
  3. Inclusion of keywords in your posts can also boost SEO value of you posts and as a result your page.
  4. The more you post the more there is a chance for your posts to go viral, viral posts gets a lot of exposure and are shared a lot. As a result, your page is shared, gone through and viewed a lot.

Posting is an art and to know what to post and when to post requires skill and a lot of research. Content should be authentic and free of mistakes. Checking for spelling is also very important as mistakes tend to ruin the credibility of your post.


Obtain more response

Response rates are very important when it comes to your posts, a lot of response on the posts means the likes are real and not bought. The bought or inorganic likes will not comment or engage in your posts.

The second reason is for Facebook’s own purpose. Posts that contain more interaction of users tend to last longer and stay new for a longer period of time. This is very important and beneficial because if the post is kept fresh it will be around for longer resulting in reaching a lot more people, also keeping the content of your posts around to be viewed. It also indicates to Google that your group is active and responsive.



Use specific Keywords

Sometimes a relatively newer Facebook page might outrank an older one because they use targeted Keywords and do not lack focus in the specialized area. Using narrower and more relevant keywords is the basic thing you have to do if you want to SEO your page.

Using a broad key word won’t get you the attention you require because these are prone to competition and very little focus on what you are intending to do. For example, you won’t get a lot of likes or attention if you have a page named ‘Clothes’ but if you specify your niche it will get you a lot of attention for example ‘formal wear’.


Relevant custom URL

Now what’s beneficial for you is getting a Facebook URL for your page. It is nearly impossible to claim the ones already taken, but if you have a legitimate trademark it is possible. Getting a personalized URL is very potent for boosting you page as it is one in a million and unique.

It is not a good idea to include your keywords in your URL. You might expect it to give you a boost but it might do the opposite. Google doesn’t like the matching domains. They would prefer if you have your brand name as your URL, because it will not only promote your name all around the internet it will also create a unique presence for you.


Optimize Static Information and descrptions

Any information that isn’t a post is considered to be static information. It is changeable and needs to be set when you create your page.

There are three pointers to be looked for while creating your page.

  1. Choose the category of your page wisely. Because it has a huge impact on how well you’re considered both by Facebook and Google. be specific about your category and aim towards boosting your page.
  2. The description should be worded properly and should explain who you are, what you do and a few keywords that are also your primary keywords.
  3. The ‘About’ section should also hold significant information, necessarily your unique Website URL. It shouldn’t have the URL of your brand website or some other blog or any website you want to promote.

Choosing narrow, long-tail and well thought keywords are a good way to promote your page. Avoid mainstream keywords because they are usually claimed by pages that are more famous.



Mirror your brand in information imagery

You cannot outrank everyone just because you are valued on Facebook. Everyone else who is using your brand or keywords outside will also be considered. First of all, get all the outside help you can. Get it from your primary website, you just have to make sure both your website and Facebook page are the same unit on both forums, so that once your website reaches its popularity goal your Facebook page will also become popular and it goes both ways.

Another very effective technique is setting up your logo as your profile picture, it gets a bit monotonous but if you want to be creative you have your Cover photo. Go bonkers!

Also make sure you have same phone number, address and other contact information available on Facebook and matches the one on your website. Any difference can cause you your entire reputation. Even the description in both the platforms should be identical for the credibility of your page.



Inter-Link websites and Social Media accounts

You know what else has gotten a lot more importance in Google is Links. You would want to link your website and your page, between them and any other platform you are using for your business.

You would want to use your legitimate social media accounts to your website and Facebook page for example the ones from Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Not the ones from a microsite that you don’t have your name or any credit attached to it, you might come across different issues of it affecting your legitimate pages. It helps in strengthening and adding value to each other and as a result your core page.


More External Links

If you want to promote your website, you would want to promote your Facebook page as well. Collecting links outside of Facebook is also very important although a bit harder because no one would want to let a random link to a random Facebook page embed in a guest post. You need to re-program your posts or set them in a way where they include a link to your Facebook page in your bio.

This way whoever goes through your bio also views the link to your page and might actually visit and click like. Finding out open communities where important or potentially important links are available and find out people who agree to share and promote your page.


More In-Facebook Links

Facebook unfollows all external links but not internal links this is a trait of Facebook. You will have a hard time if you try to use Facebook to establish links to your website, try to link Facebook to your Facebook page it will be easier and more convenient.

Users usually follow the links on Facebook and can add value to your page. Keeping the links real and noticeable.

Keep all the links in the bio ‘public’, so all the users on Facebook can easily view and notice it. The way to go is using ‘Influencer marketing’.

The links can also be in your profile picture and pages. Users respond to photos quickly. Make the posts visible to Google and everyone off of Facebook, otherwise it is useless and people online will not be able to view them.


Stay Published

One thing that might destroy the worth of a Facebook page is hiding it while you do amendments in your posts and pictures. The days where a web page could be ‘down for maintenance’ are over. These days if a page is down for maintenance it is gone for good. It is almost as if you have non-indexed your page or hidden your website while you make changes. The trick to overcome this problem is to develop your post till becomes fully functional, free of errors and ready to be posted all at once. This way the first impression of your post will be powerful and catch the attention of users.

This cannot be done on Facebook; the balance exists as you cannot make your Facebook page not function. The advice might seem very mainstream as you go through this post, what is advised is solely for the promotion of a Facebook page. Specific SEO tips about running or promoting a Facebook page do not exist.

Facebook doesn’t have any precise SEO tips that cannot be applied to other forms of web marketing, so once you obtain the basic knowledge of keyword usage and building links, it can be applied to almost everything.