Outsourcing your Facebook Marketing

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Becoming popular on Facebook is not easy, especially when you have a tough competition in the form of already present rivals. Facebook marketing is making a place in the social media marketing for around a decade. Now this social media network is not new, and people who are using it for business purposes have either strengthen their brands or failed in making a fan base. Experts say that Facebook is the most rewarding social media channel when it comes to the effort and hard work. This means that if you are trying your best, you will get results soon but now this is not like that. The Facebook policies have changed, and the new changes have limited the Facebook fan pages to take advantage of every type of online traffic. You might have noticed that you are all posts are not as popular as these were a year or few years ago. The reason is that now Facebook allows only a fraction of your fans to see your posts, and that is a major cause of the decline in your likes and comments on posts.

If you want to make your Facebook page a popular one like it used to be, you really need to work very hard. Now businesses are hiring specialists and social media experts to make their marketing strategies successful. A lot of online businesses have their marketing experts who work full time in order to interact with the followers and deal with them. This trend is increasing day by day, and many online brands have their online marketers for every social media channel. There are many reasons that online businesses have decided to outsource to these marketers who exert in their fields. Online marketing is one of the highest paid jobs nowadays.

If you are still jumping between whether you should invest in outsourcing your Facebook advertising or not, you must understand the following benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.

Benefits of outsourcing your Facebook marketing

So, you have decided to outsource your Facebook advertising using help of any consultant who works individually or an agency of professionals! The next thing you must know is the benefits that you can achieve using their help. Experts say that agencies or companies who work for social media marketing of online businesses are preferable as compared to the marketers and individuals as companies cover extensive information related to your Facebook marketing strategies whereas it’s difficult for an individual marketer to take care of everything. However, it depends on your needs that whether you need help of any agency or any consultant. Have a look at following benefits of outsourcing your Facebook marketing to any agency or professional marketer;

  1. The marketing agency will know the latest trends, and they will take care of everything related to your strategy. As the marketing has become complex now, and it is not simple as it used to be few years ago, so you can trust any expert agency to market your business in better ways.
  2. Outsourcing your marketing to any agency will make sure that their professionals will improve your marketing strategies, and they will tell you things that you were not aware of. As they will be experts in their field, they will understand that which strategy will work for you and which will not!
  3. Outsourcing to any marketing agency will help you in using latest technology and software that you might not afford to buy or use. However, the agency could be using it as it is their job to improve the marketing and provide best results to their clients. So you can expect real improvement in your marketing and advertising results.
  4. You can save yourself much time by hiring any online agency to take care of your Facebook channel, and you can utilize that time for doing any other thing that is more necessary.

Drawbacks of outsourcing your Facebook marketing;

As there were few benefits of outsourcing, there are few drawbacks as well! Have a look at these below so that you can decide whether you need an agency or an in-house marketing expert for your Facebook channel.

  1. Hiring any outsourcing agency can help you in marketing your business but their experts will never understand the history of your business and online marketing like you and your employees do. You need to provide them constant information about anything that is relevant to social media marketing strategy for your Facebook channel as they will need to know all of that.
  2. The hired agency cannot share moments of pleasure and sadness with you like you do with your employees so there will be no emotional connection between you and your agency professionals. They will never understand the inside perspective of your online marketing.
  3. You cannot expect any agency to become loyal to you in any case as it is their job to help online business owners in their marketing strategies. Your information will be open to them, and you cannot guarantee that they will keep it safe although they tell you to keep it safe.
  4. Hiring an agency can cost you too much as nowadays internet marketers are earning a lot, and they expect higher rates from everyone.

Consider partial outsourcing for your Facebook marketing channel

If you do not want to lose control over your Facebook marketing but still you want to take help of online marketing experts, it is best to blend both of these options. You can take help of any professional marketer but don’t let him dig deeper and help him while keeping an eye on him. You can do that by following ways;

  • If you are expert in content writing, write the content and blog posts by yourself and don’t hire any writer for this purpose.
  • If you want to have a graphics designer for your Facebook page or your website, you can hire one using any online platform like freelancer, elance or odesk.
  • You can automate your statuses and updates, or if you want to customize your every post, you can hire any individual who can do it for you.
  • If you are not available to your Facebook followers most of the times, hire anyone who can do this for you. Anyone who is an expert in dealing with fans and encouraging them to leave feedback can help you in this matter. If you can think you can do this yourself, don’t hesitate to extract some time for your fans as they are your buyers and taking care of them is your responsibility.

Hence, you can balance everything that is related to your Facebook marketing and find the ways that can help you improve your brand and user engagement. Always do a cost-benefit analysis before deciding anything related to your business. If your business is worth an investment, you must consider it.