People Don’t Like Your Facebook Updates. Here’s Why

The success of your Facebook page and engaging them in your brand relies on what you are posting. Ads can do a lot too but if they have no support it will be harder for Ads to bring in users to Like your page.

You really require an interesting and eye-catching flow of content related to your brand in order to promote your page.

You might think that you post often but don’t get the response you are looking for, what might be the reason behind that?


  1. Your Posts Are Centered Around Selling


You’re most probably selling your products through your Facebook page or your website, which means you have to put that product in front of your audience as much as possible in as obvious way as possible.  The predicament is, most Facebook users don’t want to see advertisements on their Newsfeed.

If you put the advertisements like a salesman knocking from door to door shoving your product in the user’s faces, then you will definitely be ignored.

Being subtle about advertising your product is the key. You are using Facebook as a marketing platform. You cannot be direct and too up-front about advertising your product. You need to form a personal relationship with your possible customers. Don’t say how they might need the product. Show them how you have developed the product and how it might help them solving a certain issue.


  1. Being Political Alienates Your Audience

Provocative language is a great way to start discussion on your page.  The problem is that when you have sparked too much controversy, there is a chance you might alienate one side of the discussion.  It’s one thing to playfully tease fans of one sports teams and get a discussion about players.  It’s flip side of the coin to instigate a political party by talking about a sensitive issue like health care and abortion.  You’ll come across apprehensions high and a long thread of comments out of your control.

The key is subtlety, Avoid the disruptive language and a point of view that might infuriate a part of your audience.

You have to put your acrimonious opinions to just lighthearted opinions like putting maple syrup on pancakes.

The moment people start to get angry, you will lose a lot of people who have liked your page or end up banning many of them due to their abusive comments.


3.The Grammar Police Hates You!

Grammatical mistakes, typing mistakes and linguistic mistakes can really damage your rapport online.

It is a loss of trust, once you type wrong spelling of any word you lose your credibility and it doesn’t leave a good impression on your users.


Use Your instead of You’re and you are asking for a satirical comment of anyone who knows the proper usage of each word.  Leave a typing mistake in your post or status update and you’re giving an impression to your audience that you just don’t care enough to review before you post.

Sometimes users are easy-going and they ignore, it can be short-lived if you leave mistake there and make them over and over again. The moment you realize that you’ve made a typo fix it there and then and don’t wait for time to pass by. If someone points it out, respond politely and correct it instead of starting a useless argument.


  1. You’re Posting Too Frequently

If you are posting too often you will earn a spam label, you don’t want that, take your time to think about how many times in a day or week you should be posting and which is the best time to get maximum traffic.

Take better advantage of Facebook’s analytics, check your history and see how many times you have posted, take an average and post that many times in a day.


  1. Don’t Ignore Pictures

You have to make sure your posts are not just text, you have to include images and videos. People don’t pay much attention to text only, if it’s a poem written by Rumi yes I will pay attention but if there’s a beautiful image attached to it, I will read longer.

Add an attractive image with a catchy caption and you have attention of more than 70% of your users.

These two elements can make your audience stay on your page longer and might tempt them to click the link to your website.

When you post a link Facebook will create a Thumbnail for the link. For other posts you can hire a good graphic designer to tweak your image for better presentation. It is always worth the extra expense.


  1. Are You Giving Your Users Enough Time ?

When was the last time you answered the question a user asked you on Facebook?

Do you have any idea when do ask the question the most?

If the answer to these questions is ‘I don’t know’, Then you have to review your policy about interaction with users. Usually people treat Facebook as an online brochure for their product promotion and log out, they don’t respond to the questions asked by the users.

Facebook is a social network it means you have to communicate and advertise in a way that is two sided. When your customer appreciates your work you have to thank them, when someone has a query you have to reply to it. When someone has an issue you have to refer them to Customer services and get it sorted.


  1. Are You Inviting Engagement?


While posting something you need to think how will you steer internet traffic this way and how can you get your users respond to the post. A question could be asked or you could post a poll to get their opinions.


Post a picture and ask them to enter a caption that will win them some prize or a free coupon for dinner for two. You need to spark up communication in order to keep your page running.


  1. No one is Seeing You

If you think that by posting a few interesting things on your page you will be able to get thousands of likes and shares, well that’s not going to happen. Facebook progress is a slow and steady process and you have to really put your time and effort in order to make it grow. Conduct thorough research, take as much time you need and do everything properly. There is nothing which can stop you from exceeding.