Be More Personal in Your YouTube Videos


YouTube is a great platform to show people what you know or to help market a product. It is very important that you are the person who you are claiming to be. You have to become a personable speaker in each video. It will help your audience to connect with you in a more personal manner.
Why should I care if someone becomes personal? That is probably the first question your audience might ask when they hear you speak.
You might think that you are a good speaker and a sensei, people on YouTube cannot differentiate between you and anyone walking down the aisle of a grocery store. You have to give your viewers a reason to care about your video. You can give personal example of how a product has altered your life or how a certain brand of green tea has boosted your digestion. You have to show your audience that there is practical value to what you are selling.
Don’t come across as a sales person, you can give the impression that you are a storyteller who is just uploading a video to share your experience.

Once you get your viewer’s attention they will start trusting your statements. As time will go by you will be able to get more views and as a result will be able to sell more products. You can actually use the engagement level to promote your brand.

Keep Your Viewers Hooked

No matter where you are whether you are speaking publicly, writing something or are addressing people on YouTube you should keep them hooked by all means. You can become a personable speaker and attract a lot of engagement. People would want to listen to you instead of switching to anther video.
There are many ways you can keep your viewers engaged.
• Use Graphics to give presentation and to explain various abstract terms.
• Use theatrical effect by lower down your voice and sometimes keeping your voice high. By varying the tone of your voice you can steer your drifting audience back to your video.
Nothing matters because if you’re using personal tone that your viewers can understand. Talk about something that is quite normal for everyone around you. Don’t bring out controversial topics in your videos so would stir up unwanted comments.
There are several story ideas you can utilize to connect to your audience on a personal level.
You could talk about a time that you went to the store and couldn’t find your discount card. The story can then turn into how the store responded to your needs and offered great customer service. From there, you can launch into a conversation of how customer service is important for any company and that your merchandise offers exactly what your viewers need to provide the best shopping experience for their customers.
Other topics that you could use include talking about the time that you experience frozen pipes during a really cold winter. You could then talk about what happened to you and what you did to solve the problem. After you talk about how the problem was solved, it may be a good idea to talk about your blunders were and if they cost you a lot of time or money. By learning from your experience, anyone who views your video will realize why it is so important to be positive and the consequences of not acting fast enough.

Viewers are Always Right!

There are certain things in life that people feel as if they should know without having to go online to find the answer. For example, being able to check tire pressure on a car is something that many people know how to and is considered very basic.
However, not everyone knows how to check tire pressure. By talking about the time that you were stranded in the rain on the side of a deserted road with no idea what to do next, you assure your audience that they are not as dumb as they might feel. This empowers the viewer to continue watching and learn more about how to do something like checking tire pressure.
The end result is that the viewer has been well-informed and knows that he or she can turn to you whenever a problem arises in the future. In turn, this helps you build an audience of permanent followers who will start to consider you an expert in your subject.

Build Your Brand

There are a lot more opportunities for every company to build their own personal brand. You can make money by using your expertise in different fields both now and in the future.

You can set yourself apart by adding a personal touch to your videos. Everyone who is performing on YouTube is either selling a product or service. You can become different by personally connecting to them. People should click your videos by just looking at your logo and brand name also an interesting thumbnail will go a long way. Don’t use clickbait to trick people into watching your videos as it is very tacky.

This gives you a great opportunity to be searched by your followers as well as those who may only know of you because they watched your videos in a listing on the site. In addition, you have a god opportunity to increase your brand on platforms beyond YouTube.
Instead of being known as that person who uploaded a few cute videos to the site, you can take your brand elsewhere without losing your viewers. They will travel with you because they remember your name and will know where to find you if you start posting content elsewhere.
The goal of a YouTube video is to say something that will reverberate with your viewers. By adding a personal factor to your videos, you make sure that you connect with your viewers and they being to care about and trust what you are trying to say. As time goes by, you will be viewed as an expert and authority who can influence his or her viewers in many exciting ways.