Which Platform to Choose for Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing is not new to anyone out there, it is a major source of customer engagement. May businesses are utilising social media to get maximum exposure for their brands. The trick is never to rely on one portal, yo have to invest your time and resources into all social media platforms.

In this ambivalent world if you are given a chance to make decision to choose only one of the best website to use among a number of available social media websites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. it would be a difficult task. In real, you would be able to pick out more than one among the many which are easy to use. Besides this, you would not be able to allocate your time or resource to each of them specifically. You might have to limit your choices or start with one before getting onto others. So, it might be a tough decision to choose the best among all.




Facebook would undoubtedly be rated on top of the list by most web users among all social media websites, due to a large number of diversified audience as compared to other websites that are available nowadays. Facebook also own Instagram making it very easy to link your Instagram account to Facebook.On Facebook, you are able to socialize any kind business and various marketing strategies whether it is hyper-professional, emerging or a casual one as the case may be, and still users would be able to attract a large number of followers. It is easy to start up on Facebook and further establish and boost your business very quickly. One of the great advantage of Facebook is its strong, notable and user friendly advertising system. With the help of Facebook, you can further expand your options by retargeting. Furthermore, Facebook is widely trusted and monitored

Apart from many advantages, Facebook has some disadvantages too. The unexpected and uncertain changes in its systems can be harmful and may affect the users or their business. Secondly, the recent announcement made by Facebook authority regarding the audio spying in mobile phone applications is a major drawback which is diverting the mobile phone users away. Another drawback of Facebook is that it can easily be the centre of a disagreement, where different social media managers burst up which can have long lasting consequences.




Google+ is property of Google, and one can expect that they have provided some ingenious advantages for different web users and businesses. Firstly, Google+ combines in a great manner with other Google properties, due to their consistent changing and innovative policies, you would not know what new features they will come up next in future. Secondly, Google+ is a great way to explore new websites just by indication of text. It is also an effective and quick way for listing new websites. Google+ has a number of followers who are mostly young professionals which is an asset for them. On the other hand, they would have struggled in order to draw the attention of a considerable number of worthy audience.

Apart from the above benefits, Google+ also provides some great SEO benefits also including profile links and Authorship. It is a beneficial feature for those who use it because it provides most effective and eye-catching brilliance to the pictures. Followed profile links are probably very strong, but it is up to you to create and build your profile to such an extent that the link authority passed by your profile is worthy of attention.




Some of the web users would rank Twitter as number one on their list because it can be great for certain users. Due to its quick response facility, Twitter allows you to have conversation with your followers as if you are having it in real. It also helps in responding with the issues of customers as they arise. This feature has also lead some of the tech businesses to use it more often. Another great feature of Twitter is that it helps in promoting fresh content. Although due to its strict word limit aspect makes it hard to post distinctive content on its website itself. Twitter is a good website to network and make connections with other businesses but on the other hand, you cannot associate long lastingly with just Twitter only. Appraisingly, Twitter does not require a lot of setup or training to be used, and its different styles used in conversation like conventions, the @ and hashtags can be easily understood.





LinkedIn is a great network to choose for B2B marketing or connecting with different workers such as administrators, entrepreneurs, industry related workers etc. LinkedIn groups can play a vital role in building a large number of connections, although the capacity to promote yourself in those certain groups is very low. you can also get endorsed for excessive promotional activities, to end up in spam on LinkedIn. Apart from other social media websites, LinkedIn differs by the sense of being non-marketing, it is possible in such a way that if you intend to hire new employees, many of them would already be available on LinkedIn searching for jobs. With the help of LinkedIn, you are also able to gather authentic information which are a strong aspect for trust in order to be reputable. You are also able to exhibit your SEO skills on LinkedIn along with your introductory details which helps can help you and your business activities to remain significant.

As compared to other social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn also has a disadvantage because unlike others, it lacks in drawing a large number of followers. To some users this site may seem a bit difficult to startup with when an ongoing conversation and old users’ groups are involved in particular. But none the less, careful observation, learning and attentive involvement will help you to achieve your target.




Instagram is also a great social media website that may not be on the top of most users list but it holds an ideal position for those who have their businesses circling around the features of what this particular network provides. Instagram is an extraordinary platform where users are able to market their own pictures or images. It also provides the facility of image editing software which is simple to use and can be helpful in image marketing of a business.

As compared to other social websites, Instagram doesn’t have a large number of followers but that does not affect its popularity. It is still considered to be a place to demonstrate your presence specifically if you intend to start up in graphic designing or artistry. You can possibly pave your way to prestige by using some distinctive, artistic and beautiful images.




Pinterest as a social media website has small but dedicated number of users who prefer to use it. Over an estimated total of around 70%users on Pinterest use this site as a motivation for future purchases. Pinterest can be a great platform to startup for those users that prefer to sell their product that are mostly once a decade purchases. In addition to this, with the use of Pinterest, you are able to make pin boards that a user can follow. Apart from being simply based on images, Pinterest can provide a number of SEO features for users also.




You Tube is a social media website as thought by some people. On the other hand, most people often use it for Video Hosting. As a matter of fact, a number of users do not bother regarding the comments that people post on You Tube due to its unreliability and spamy nature. Luckily, due to the unification of Google+ with You Tube, it has been further modified. But somehow it is still a good website for putting up videos and with this, you can also build a correspondence around your channel. A number of people make their earnings by running their business on You Tube which tends to be a great platform. YouTube is becoming increasingly popular to promote your products and services and you also can monetise your account to earn a decent amount of money by running ads on your channel. It depends on how many people have clicked your videos and actually watched the ad you have set to play.



As a social media website, Tumblr users comprises mostly of people under the age of thirty who are focused on social justice affairs. Tumblr features a unique culture for its users focusing on provision of new ways of overcoming the common problems by spreading awareness among people through focusing on art and popular cultural aspects. It can be fruitful to join Tumblr if your business is able to accept challenges in this arena. Otherwise, it could result in troublesome situation if you are unable to devote your time and resource to overcome its dangers.

There is no way of knowing which portal is the best, you have to use the plus sides of each and every platform and utilise it to your maximum benefit.