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By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

A long time ago Facebook provided the facility to its followers to use Facebook as a page. This allowed the users to stroll around to perform numerous activities that included liking specific content, sharing, and finally posting it to other pages  as well as the ones similar to a business page. A large number of people used it. Some of them used it in a good manner whereas it was also mistreated by many for numerous reasons. Finally, the Facebook authority made a decision and ended this feature.

Regretfully, as a result different outcomes were observed when this particular feature was taken away including the ability to post on Facebook Group as a page. Many users have the hope that there may be some time that this feature would return and become available for the users but on the other hand, Facebook has given no intimation up till now regarding the restoration of this particular feature for their followers.

The lack of ability to post as a page in a group is the major aspect of disallowing the particular feature. It might be regarded as an offensive approach according to Facebook. Secondly, it also allowed the users to post their advertisement in a group without even making payments for doing it. These factors lead Facebook to permanently block this feature for future use.

Luckily there are two other ways available through which you can use Facebook groups to get the benefit for your business. Some of the ways are mentioned below


Make Your Own Group

  • You are the boss when it comes to creating your own group. It’s all up to your desire how you fashion your page for example, you can add different information regarding your business or similarly include any type of information that you want.
  •  If you want to be successful here, you will need to work hard in bringing up new and exciting information to the members. Here you can run your Facebook group along with your Facebook page simultaneously.
  • A lot of users are interested in creating a group on Facebook. The main purpose of creating it is to expand the business information to a large number of people and make the central point of attraction. Further the followers remain updated regarding any new information of the business.
  • For example, if you have a business of selling fitness products, then you should try to attract the athletes or sportspersons through your posts in which you must give information about sports products only, including sports shoes, sport shirts, sport kits etc. This group is just similar to Twitter on which you will be discussing more about the products only.
  • An important point that you must consider here is that you have the authority to talk about your own brand as much as you want. You can have a minor discussion or provide the information on a large scale to your group members. These groups also have a positive aspect that numerous users consider them as a protected place because these do not include the unwanted advertisements. Here you can get engaged with your followers easily because they get to know the answers to all their questions, this is why the valued followers prefer it over the other groups.
  • A group can be preferred for having numerous advantages. For example, you have more chances to advertise your brand more frequently instead of just promoting your page. You can advertise your website also. In addition to this, you also have the opportunity to publish your business activities from time to time and also you can attract a large number of people to follow your page by updating some interesting information.
  • This would also depend typically on the number of followers you have on your page due to which you can update them on timely basis. If we take the same example of sports products, you can update your followers regarding the new stocks and discount deals.
  • To make a strategic approach, you can further examine the discussion of your followers by keeping an eye on their comments and also ensure to answer their queries and questions actively. To answer their questions appropriately, you should first see that whether the question in relevant to the shared blog or website. Or it is according to the information that you have shared.
  • In case you find the question relevant you should first find the related content and then summarize it to create an answer. Then you should reply accordingly and in addition to this you can also add a link for a more detailed answer. Otherwise if you do not have the relevant content then you should write a quick answer to the question that is asked. This simple process can lead to attract satisfy the current followers and also it would help in attracting the new ones.
  • Moreover, you can also use your Facebook page to guide the users to your group. This would lead the followers who are involved in your brand to further show their interest in your industry and then leading them to participate in the community. They have their own choice to even sit and watch the activities.
  • You can always express your feelings or ideas to your group members. You can express that the group is a good place to be, it has members you are dedicated and influencer in their fields and many similar reviews. It is a good idea to change your group page privacy to public so that when other audience view your ideas they consider it to join. You should make the contest look charming so more and more people feel fascinated to join and participate.
  • Getting random notifications on Facebook is a common thing. You have the choice to stop them but it is highly recommended that you don’t. These notifications are an active indication of the user participation and keep them engaged with one another.
  • The Facebook groups have vast reach than the pages. According to a research, it was assumed that the group performance was 15 times better than the actual page that had equal number of audience. Although this research was done on a small scale even then it can be found worthy.
  • If you are the admin of an active group that has a large number of followers it would also help in approaching different types of audience on the internet. It is great place to market your product where you can find a large number of buyers.
  • Another way of getting more audience is that you can convince the other users to share your post with their group members. This simple step can lead you to get links and audience to your page, your group or your website. On your page you can find different interesting content writers, bloggers, some intellects etc. All these when combined would lead the page to flourish in no time.
  • You will have to follow a simple starting step that is to use the above mention aspects if you want to make a group. One thing you must always keep in mind that you cannot force anyone to join the group. You have the choice to invite them but you cannot force them to become the follower.


 Personal Posting

Posting on a personal profile is the second important method in order to expand a page on Facebook. Here you will post the information directly as a personal profile rather than posting them on your group as your brand page. The whole tactic is similar to the one explained in the above context.

First of all, it is important to find the impending target groups. Then you should consider your brand, available products and then your industry. After that search out for the groups that have major membership numbers that should exceed up to having 500 or more followers. Now you should also look up for the active groups. If in case a group is closed, then you will not be able to view them.

You have the choice to join several groups that you believe you can handle easily. It is mostly recommended that you should manage your group list so that it would become easier for you to handle. Otherwise you will end up in making a great mess out of all. You should maintain a worksheet of the total groups and in that you should also include the group membership activities and also the information regarding the last post you updated.

It is important for you to visit each group daily and check the daily activities going on in that group these can include the user’s comments, their view or reviews regarding a particular post. In can you are a member of a hundreds of groups then in this situation you can check them on weekly basis.

You can manage multiple groups and their activities by reviewing them and finding the ongoing activities. You can remove a group if you note any misleading or mysterious activity going on. Similarly, you can remove all those groups that cause hurdles in proper marketing and also the one which filter all the links. In addition to this you can also remove the inactive groups that have no activity going on. In the end, you can come up with the list of groups that you can manage easily.

 Secondly, an active participation in a group can lead you to engage with more and more followers. You can start it up by simply being a part of the conversation that goes on in a group or the one liking other people’s posts and then making friends. By adopting this approach, most people will find you interesting and rather helpful which would further lead them to discover your business page and follow it.

As you gradually establish yourself in a group, now it’s your time to start posting the stuff you want. You can post images, links, videos etc. in order to get more affiliated with the crowd. It is recommended that you should create some interesting posts to get the best results. People will lose their interest in your posts if they find them boring and worthless.

So, in order to get maximum benefit out of it you must strive to search for innovative ideas to get the attraction of followers. These ideas can relate to the different aspects of the society. You can search for people having different problems. You can listen to them and write about their life and their issues that they face. Here you will also find people who will ask different questions regarding your post. Now you can answer them and in addition to that answer you can also provide them a link so that they can study the topic further. The major aspect here is to provide authentic and valuable information rather than just a link.

As a result, this would lead the followers to get more linked to your website than your page. Further you can also link them to your page if you have any important information on it which cannot be provided on your website.

If you take an example of running a contest with the Gleam application, on this an entry method would be required to follow by Facebook. Here you have the option to post contest in two ways including one in public that comprises of group members also and the other one to rake in the users. If you have set some reward for the users, then in this case the group-only offer would be suitable.

If at any point you start to advertise on a group, there might be possibility that the group members would go against you. Here you can leave that group and choose some other available group options. Further you can also run some particular tests with dark posts and groups and then use those links for a dark post having options to track them. By doing this, you can measure that how good a group link to click and convert. You can also figure out the group’s activity, size, click, conversion and engagement rate. As a result, you can easily find out which group will result beneficial for you.

The more you indulge in this, the more you will figure out the beneficial groups and the useless ones. You have the option to leave the useless ones. By this, you can manage your group list easily.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.