Post Images on Facebook with Accurate Dimensions by Following these Easy Steps



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

To measure the dimensions of Facebook Post Image can be a tough job for you. It is not that easy as you may think. Many people while posting their images on Facebook just don’t bother about the accurate calculation of the dimension of what they are posting. They simple ignore it while posting their required images. In many cases most people just leave this option and let Facebook choose the image itself to make their job easy.

Now if you are a marketer, you may possibly face some challenges over here. While marketing your business or brands, first of all you must remember that you must not leave anything on chance. It is one of the major advice that will be useful for you in getting a lot of benefit out of your work. Try to do the initial testing and then optimization of each and everything that you can. The most important thing here are the images to which you must give attention on a priority basis. It is because the images play a vital role in all the aspects when you are marketing your brands or products. They are useful in attracting a large number of audience very easily due to the fact that they can be easily viewed, they are larger in size, they are eye-catching and attractive to be viewed. That is why you as a marketer should prefer creating some beautiful images and then posting on your social media profiles. It will help you in getting some great results.

One of the common issue that you as a marketer can face while posting different types of images is the sizes of the images that you want to post on your social media profiles that is Facebook. You can find numerous image sizes that are set by Facebook which depend on their different purposes. As a marketer you can also search for a recommended size chart for posting your images given by Facebook. You must focus on choosing the right ratio of your image size so that your image looks appealing. Otherwise you will have an image that will look stretched, skewed and out of proportion. This will really give a bad image to all the audiences who will see your image. So to overcome this issue, it is important that you must select the right size option to display your image that you want.

Some of the major aspects that you must focus while selecting the right size of your images are discussed below. You can study the following points which can be useful for you in getting some great results

Images in Posts as Compared to Other Images

There are different kinds of images that can be posted in different sizes. For example, the profile image, cover photos, news feed images, picture posts, sidebar ads, display images and many others. Here, I am particularly talking about the post images and its sizes. First you must be aware of what the post image actually is. A post image can be defined as the image that is in the preview of a particular post to your news feed. It is also the post that has an ad objective attached to it.


Try Posting Image Template Screenshot

You may find a number of different types image sizes that have multiple ad objectives. It will become hard to work on. So to overcome this issue I recommend that you must first simply make a templet out of it. If you don’t want to do it then you also have the option to simply get it download from an available site on the internet. Now you will have some boarders and different frame sizes that you can use to frame the images that you have created. It will be a great advantage for you if at this point you test your image first before you upload it. It is due to the fact that many marketers have faced the issue that at the time you get the recommendations by Facebook regarding your image size, your image is displayed in somewhat below the actual size. For example, if Facebook tells you to keep the width of your image to a size of 1500 pixels but after this the image only gets displayed at around a width of 450 pixels this will destroy the actual look of your image and you will have to struggle again and again to get it fixed. In this way you will waste a lot of time setting the exact size of your image. An important suggestion that you must follow to make your image look attractive is to maintain the balance among the image size and the find details that you have entered into your image and want to be displayed. You must also focus on testing the context size that you have included in your image that either it is readable in a smaller size or not. It has been randomly seen that many users or marketers spend their energy on creating a great readable image but when they upload it on their Facebook profile and its pixels gets minimized it results in a complete disaster. Which also results in bringing some negative impact by the viewers.

So I highly recommend that you should test your images before you post it on your Facebook profile to get them displayed accurately.


Suggested Dimensions

There is a list of different dimensions or sizes that Facebook has provided to its users. You can study these sizes and get your images created in the given dimensions There are different image objective for which the Facebook management has set up different sizes accordingly. Here you should keep in mind that these image sizes can decrease from the actual ones.

Now you will have an idea that most of these will look like you are looking to a rectangle of a usual type having two time of width as its length. On the other hand, the other ones that includes the event responses are somewhat shorter images in size. Whereas the images of post engagement look like a square image among all the other ones.

If you want to select the type of those ads which contain the multi-image carousel are usually recommended that each image should be 600 x 600. It is just like a square image. To make the carousel image more effective, I recommend that you must try to use the 3+ images for it to accurately displayed on your Facebook profile page. Here, if you want to select the third type image it will display a sliver of the left side to make the people who view your ad to scroll down in order to view the complete image. So keeping in mind the above points it is very important that you must focus on selecting the right image size so that it is displayed correctly on your Facebook profile page.

If you want my point of view, I will recommend that you should use the option of carousel ads. I will also prefer it for myself when I create my images. It is because it contains the scrolling images that are great to use. The audiences will also find it attractive and entertaining when they will see different and unique ads. For example, it will look attractive and entertaining when in a toy shop you will see the teddy bear peeking its head out of the box and then start to speak in its own voice. It is a great way to attract the people regardless of the same old techniques. So to get the best results out of it, you must surely give it a try.

Dimensions Display

Now, the tough situation begins from this particular point. It is because all the things mentioned above are just the recommendations or guidelines that Facebook has provided for its users in order to select the best source of different images. At this particular point you may not find the actual news feed.

In my point of view there are some suggestions that you can follow to have some better results. First of all, you can get delete the chat system that is located on the side of your screen. When you delete it, you will see that you have a lot more space available on your screen that is around 50% of whitespace. Nowadays, many marketers as well as the users do not prefer to use the CRTs because when it comes to a display, they have such a poor resolution that users are not able to view the images perfectly.

Here I will also recommend that you use the techniques that I have mentioned above in the previous part.

On the other hand, if I talk about the mobile display size over here. You will definitely find it different from the desktop version. It is due to the fact that the Facebook has special set of design for the mobiles. In this way due to the Facebook mobile design all the items that are useless or are displayed on the sidebar are eliminated from the display screen. And as a result, the image is displayed in its full width.

How to Dodge the 20% Text Rule?

You want to make changes in your image after you post a link on your page? Go ahead. Make changes as you like. Now you can do whatever you like with your image. For example, you can make it a horse in a box making different sounds, you can have a cat making the sound of a dog or if you don’t want to include anything to it then don’t include it. It is up to you. You can also add some beautiful scenes of your choice like the landscapes showing the sunset, mountains covered in snow or a sky full of stars at night. It can be anything that you like. You are allowed to include all the things that you want.

In addition to this, the only restrictions that you may face here are that you should not include all those contents on your Facebook page that are restricted by Facebook authority. These restricted items include pornography, nude images, speeches that contains abusive language, racism, harmful contexts and many other similar things. Otherwise you can get into a great trouble.

You may also face many of the other restrictions that are set up by Facebook when you intend to change a particular post into an ad. One of the main restriction that is generally faced by many of the marketers or users is the restriction of 20% text rule. Major aspects of this particular restriction are discussed below:

The rule of 20% text is a rule that includes the point that your ad cannot contain more than 20% of its total surface covered in text. It includes all those texts which have promotional items or context, the logos that contains some sort of text and the general sales speech. On the other hand, it does not include the unreadable background lorem ipsum.

In general point of view, you may see that the text percentage that is set up by Facebook is oversimplified. For this purpose, Facebook simply use the grid tools. Further the image is divided into a 5×5 grid, that is stretched to fit in whatever type or size of image you select to use. There are a number of options from which you can easily select the one you find better. For example, you can select from a public version of available tools or if you do not want to use it then you also have the option to choose the version of a third party tools.

At the time you have uploaded your images you will then be required to click every box that contains any type of text. Any things that is above 20% text will be counted which is a violation of Facebook guidelines.

Content Limitation Regarding Images



As a marketer you must not abide by the Facebook rules and regulations. There are a number of restricted items that you are not allowed to post on Facebook in any case. Otherwise it will lead you to a permanent ban by the Facebook authority.

Some of the main restricted items are mentioned below:


What bans You from Posting on Facebook


  1. You are not allowed to display or promote condone, or facilitate illegal products, services, or activities in your ad. There are certain age restrictions set up by Facebook for the minors or teenagers and you are not allowed to market products like drugs or alcohol to mislead them.


  1. The ads you create must be according to the standards of the community. It means that you are not allowed to promote hate speech, abusive languages, any criminal activities like fraud or spam or any kind of nudity or graphic contents.


  1. The ads you create must not infringe anyone rights. For example, the copyrights, trademarks, privacy issues, publicity and other personal rights.


  1. You must not use the explicit or suggestive images. For example, alcohol cannot use as a house hold product.


  1. Your ads must not contain any kind of violence activities. For example, a man pointing a gun to the shopkeeper, severe accident images etc.


  1. Your ads should not include certain racial or demographic information. For example, color difference among the African and American citizen, religion, age, sexual orientation, financial status, criminal record, name, or other affiliations.