How to post a video to your Instagram Account?


With the advancement of technology there are number of great innovations taking place from time to time. People are diverting from the old set of technologies to the new ones. In the year 2012 a major micro video website named “Vine” took an excessive lead among all. After this success, the other channels like the Twitter identified its success capacity and at once acquired its possession before it was launched officially among the users. On the other hand, Instagram came into existence and also offered almost the same video features.

Besides this, although the videos on Instagram does not acquire the same qualities as compared to the features of Vine. Many people prefer it today in order to produce their videos and share it to the world. There may some slight differences between both these social media channels that is Instagram and Vine but both have their positive and negative aspects.

A comparison between the two is discussed as follows


Vine and Instagram

As we compare the Vine and Instagram some of the major differences can be assumed as below:

On Vine, time limit of a specific video is maximized up to 6 seconds long. This is according to the Twitter style microblogging aesthetic. Whereas, on Instagram the video length limit is around 15 seconds in total. Here it should be noted that an average length of a Television commercial is up to 15 seconds on approximately. The viewers feel that is the time limit of the advertisement is longer.

The number of audience on Instagram is much than Vine. As Instagram was launched, the number of audience decreased from Vine and started using the Instagram to make their videos.

A major aspect of Instagram is that it is specifically owned by Facebook. This is an advantage due to which the users enjoy all the benefits that are available on Facebook while using the Instagram. On the other hand, the ownership of Vine is acquired by Twitter which is also considered as a large social network but somehow less than the level of Facebook.

Another advantage of Instagram is that the filters available on it work simultaneously on the images as well as the videos. Its editing tools are also considered somewhat better than the other social networks.

External Video Production

Users basically produce the videos externally and then upload it on the Instagram or Vine rather than using a mobile phone to make a video and then sharing it on the network.

The videos on Vine automatically loop in. This permits the video maker to make uninterrupted loops. Whereas on Instagram you are not able to do the both.

Apart from the above, Instagram offers more benefits to its users than the Vine. It is up to you whether you choose the Instagram or Vine for your video making purpose. Besides this, if you have to choose one it is recommended that you opt for the Instagram in order to make your videos.

How to use Effective Video Marketing

There are a variety of ideas that you can use to make videos and upload them on the Instagram. Besides the procedure of making up of a video. First let’s discuss about the numerous topics that you can choose to make your videos. Some of these types are discussed below:


Many photographers nowadays use the wedding photographs of the bride and groom in order to make a slideshow of them. They further convert the slideshow of the pictures into a video. It is a simple process through which the photographers and make an attractive video. First they capture the photographs of the wedding which includes the happy and emotional moments of the event. Then they select the pictures and one by one convert them into the slide show. Further they add the music. This results in creating a great video. This proves that a good and attractive video can be made without any context or description.


You can make numerous advertisement videos on the Instagram. A unique and exciting advertisement helps in promotion of the product. It gains the attention of the audience of a large scale. For example, you can make an ice cream add depicting sense of coolness in hot weather, or you can show a sea view in order to show the sense of freshness.

Advertisements of Brands

Nowadays, many brands use different advertising tactics. They mainly advertise through a video advertisement. They make different types of videos that include their brand promotion along with some sound effects and music. This leads to attract a large number of audience whether young or old.

Apart from this there are a number of ideas that you can choose and then convert them into a video.

When you decide to produce a video there are some restrictions that you must follow. Some of them are discussed below

Instagram Rules

One of the most important point that you must remember while making a video is that the video should not exceed more than 15 seconds. This is a recommended estimated time of a particular video. The minimum time limit of a video is 3 seconds. It permits the brands to cross-post the particular videos between Vine and Instagram.

The second important restriction that you must remember is that the Instagram only counts a single view of a person who loops in. It does not matter how many times they loop in again. On the other hand, Vine just calculates the number of loops the user has made. Then they display them in real time. An important aspect is to be noted here that all the videos that were posted before November 19,2015 do not contain the view counts. Whereas only the recent videos are shown up on Vine.

An important factor that you must keep in mind while making a video is that you must not abide the moral values and you video must be according to the social guidelines. For example, a video must not contain violence, nudity, racial discrimination, hate speech, foul language etc. Otherwise you video can be banned.

It is important to add the filters, captions and geographical location to a video before you upload them on the Instagram. The video shots that are captured with a cameras or mobile phones can also have stabilization added to them.

Be Creative: Make a Video and Share

On Instagram, you may face complications or it can be an effortless attempt which you can face while making a video and then sharing it. The simple step includes just capturing a clip or set of images with your mobile phone and then uploading it on the Instagram. If you desire you can edit the clip and add the filter and then upload it on the Instagram. This is all you have to do. Besides this, if you are willing to choose the hard way then you will have to capture the specific clip or images using a professional camera. Some professional tools will be required to edit the clips. Then finally you can upload them on Instagram indirectly.

There are a variety of ideas that you can follow to come up with new and unique videos. Some of the ideas that you may find useful are discussed below

  1. You can cut short a lengthy clip into short one. This can include the procedure of making a product or a thing. Nowadays many marketers portray a whole lengthy procedure into some seconds clip. For example, a cook may minimize a lengthy recipe into a quick and short one.
  2. Some unique ideas of managing and making up of a specific event can be visualized into a video. This can result in growing the interest of the users.
  3. You can visualize your everyday routine in home, at work or at leisure time. This can be additionally spiced up a bit with some interesting ideas so that when the audience watch it they do not get bored. This can be related to an everyday routine of some celebrity or a famous personality.
  4. Apart from the above, there are a number of ideas that you can think of and then convert them into a video. It is up to you that how creative and unique you can be in visualizing an idea.

Instagram videos are of good quality. You can follow a variety of tips and advises which can help you in producing a good quality video that you can upload on Instagram. A video having great quality can lead you to be successful among your followers. Some of the important points are below:

One of the most important aspect is to keep in view that the videos you produce are specifically produced for Instagram. It is important because it attracts the Instagram followers easily. A video having a good quality as well as with a right ratio is mostly appreciated by the audience. Whereas, if it not of a good quality it will seem like that you have linked up a clip from the other social media channels like the YouTube. It would result in a drastic decrease in viewership.

Compatibility of Sound

A good video should be as compatible and perfect without sound or the use of music. There are a number of users who usually watch the videos soundless. The videos that you see on Instagram are with no sound whether you use a mobile or a desktop version.

Due to this fact the users do not get disrupted due to the unexpected video sound. Here it is an important point to be considered that if the video is of a good quality and features then it is necessarily not important to add the sound effects in it. If some text is required in the video, then you can add overlays or captions in it.

First impression lasts forever. A good quality can have a great impact on the audience. An ideal video should be too long. The audience will be attracted at once if the video varies up to just 15 seconds. Instagram video consists of shorter time in order to catch the attention of the audience. It is important that your video should be as interesting that it catches the user’s attention in first 2-3 seconds when it is played.

How to Attract more Audience?

In order to attract more and more audience, you can also customize the preview frame of your video. Through this feature you can see the preview image of your video on Instagram easily. An interesting video would let the user to be attracted and at once click on the video to watch it.

It is a good option to make the use of looping. The more the number of loops, the more your brand will be flourished because a large number of audience will watch it.

It is important that you should follow the guidelines and social policy aspects of the Instagram before you wish to make a video. The Instagram is a base where you can relate everyone as a content producer.  Here no one has the right to degrade the other person through their videos. On Instagram, everyone is graded as a great producer and no one is better than the other one.

Captions and Hashtags

When you make a video you can write captions, include the hashtags and tag the relevant people. All of them have the same response. As similar to the images they work exactly the same.

You can post a variety of posts on the Instagram on daily basis as you require. Apart from this, it is recommended that you should post your videos occasionally. This will result in an advantage for you because it would attract the users and if you post it occasionally it would result as a surprise for them besides posting them daily. You must make your video interesting and eye catching so that the users click to see them at once. Otherwise they will not waste their time if the found out your videos to be boring.

An Important Aspect

One of the important aspect to attract your users is through awarding them rewards occasionally. This can be done through organizing weekly or monthly contests. In these contests you can request your followers to submit their presence rather than to just follow your post. This would make them to participate in order to be featured and then win a reward.

You can catch an exciting moment if you observe your surroundings. This can be done by using a camera or a mobile phone. The specific image can be further edited in order to make create it into a video. This would easily result in an exciting and a unique video.

It is important that you always look forward to give your best when making a video. It may be a tough work and require a lot of effort but on the other hand it will result in a great video which can be helpful in attracting a large number of audience.