How to Post a Video Longer than 15 minutes on Youtube?

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If you are in favor of using videos for online marketing, then you would have a YouTube account for sure. YouTube is among the largest social media platforms for content sharing. It is unique in its video sharing features that allow users to share their videos with an online audience of billions. According to recent statistics, more than 100 minutes of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube, and it has a huge number of lively followers who visit this website on a daily basis. So you can visualize the importance of this site for you online video marketing.

The trend of using videos for advertising of your products online is not a new one and businesses have been using this strategy for years. Now it is almost impossible for any online brand to get successful without having a presence on YouTube channel. It is a prodigious way to link with your customers using right strategies and right video content. Watching videos not only save time; but also helps you in illustrating your brand products and your services in a better way. A video values more than a thousand images and words!

Well, gone are the days when YouTube users could only upload videos of 10 minutes or lesser as this was the maximum limit of uploading any video. This was the reason you could not see any long videos, but segments and parts broken down into ten minute’s videos. Now YouTube have changed its policies, and you can upload videos for more than 10 minutes.

Now you can watch full movies and talk shows on YouTube that are of hour’s length. There is no magic that these channel owners use, and you can also make use of tricks and tactics to upload your video of longer duration. Unfortunately, the default length of YouTube videos is still not more than 15 minutes but you can increase the limit using following ways. Check these out if you intend to impress your audience with your YouTube marketing strategies;

Verify your YouTube account

Before you upload any of your videos, have a look at the bottom of your upload page, you will find a link saying increase your limit. You can click it to upload videos more than 15 minutes, but you need to verify your account first. For verification, when you will click this increasing limit option; you will be diverted to a page where you can verify your YouTube account using your cell number. Then the other options include your country, your number and options to send a message to your phone. You can select between call and message to get your verification code. You will get the code in no time and then you could simply enter that code in the allocated dialog box on your screen. After doing all this process, your account will be verified by YouTube and the first step will be completed successfully.

What if you do not find a verification option?

Sometimes, users complain about, not getting any option from where they can increase the limit of their videos upload as there is no link given at the bottom of their uploading page. There are many ins and outs why you must be having such problem. Have a look at following common reasons that why you cannot verify your account and cannot upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

  1. You have verified your account already, but you do not remember that. So in that case, you cannot get a new link for verification. You can check your account to find out if you have verified it before.
  2. Your browser can also limit your YouTube features as old browser versions do not show latest upgrades of social media websites. You can check out for any updates so that you can update your browser for faster and latest internet usage.
  3. If you have ever been accused of copyright violation issues for any of your previously uploaded videos, you might not get a link for verification. A flag of copyright violation can strict your account features, and YouTube will not allow you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes.
  4. If the size and dimensions of your videos are not under rules of video upload, then this might be a cause you are not getting an option to increase the video upload limit more than 15 minutes.
  5. If your video contains violence or anything else that is against the policies of YouTube, you will also face the same problem and couldn’t get the verification option which is necessary for uploading videos of more than 15 minutes of length.

So the above reasons might be creating a hurdle for improving your video upload limit. In such a case, you can only upload videos that are under 15 minutes or less.

How to solve the above issues?

Well, YouTube is strict in its terms and conditions, and it does not allow users to violate any of its policies, but you can try to get past these terms by using right methods. It is important to any online brand to increase the video upload limit more than 15 minutes as people do not like watching videos in segments. Your rivals might be uploading longer videos than you, and this will affect your followers on YouTube as they will start following your rivals who upload full-length videos but you cannot!

You can solve the above-given problems in the following ways;

Learn from your mistakes

If you have been accused of having copyright problems in the past, try not to repeat this and learn from your mistakes. YouTube does not take copyright violation lightly as it can get your account banned for long too!

Make a new YouTube account

If you think there is nothing that you could do to upgrade your video upload more than 15 minutes, you can make a new account and create a new channel. This will be hard as you will need to strive harder to get followers again, but it is possible. It is a best way to deal with a previously flagged account.

Appeal to YouTube

You can contact YouTube via email or by sending them a notice regarding your problem, and this can be a way to solve your problem.