How to Prevent your Facebook Page from Getting Hacked?

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Facebook is all about latest trends and gossips! Well, it is a lot more than that as it has become one of the biggest platforms for showcase of your business and products online. Facebook has changed its policies and not to mention, it is now a best opportunity for online marketers to deal with online customers and to improve sales. Getting a Facebook page is the first step towards your online marketing on Facebook so you must take it seriously.

Well, even on Facebook, nothing is secure and sound as hackers are everywhere on the internet. You do not need to be famous like a celeb to get on their hit list as they can hack anyone’s account for any reason that you will not know! Many people complain about getting their Facebook page hacked and then regret not taking preventive measures. This is no doubt very frustrating as if your Facebook page gets hacked which you might be using for marketing purposes; it could affect your online reputation. Your customers and dealers communicate with you on your Facebook page so if it gets under someone others authority, you can expect many harms. Hackers can send wrong messages to your customers, and they can post inappropriate content that could bring your down as you could not always make people understand what’s going on!

So if this happens to you that your Facebook page is no more under your authority, and you think its hacked, you must turn towards other security measures to get back your account. Unfortunately, Facebook is not too friendly to its users regarding customer support and online help. There is not much that you could do with getting your page hacked. The hackers might ask for a ransom amount of money if you want your page back.

However, prevention is better than cure; so you must make sure you are taking care of your Facebook page properly in terms of security settings so that you could avoid such incidents to happen ever! Check out following ways to prevent your Facebook page from getting hacked;

Don’t share your primary email id with anyone

Your email id is very important which you use to login to your Facebook profile. If it gets hacked, your Facebook will be under threat. So don’t share it with anyone and don’t make it visible even to your friends as who knows when a friend turns into a rival!

Don’t forget to sign out every time

Many online users do not consider the importance of login out of their accounts when they use public computers or public WIFI. This is very crucial as if you ill not log out to your Facebook account, it will be an open opportunity for the hackers to get your account and your Facebook page. It will take them a minute or less to change the password as well as primary email that is the only way to get back your Facebook page.

Don’t overlook the importance of secure browsing

You might have noticed a dialog box of secure browsing that appears on your screen from time to time during your internet session. If you are ignoring this message, you are doing something wrong which could get you in trouble. This message of secure browsing is a feature that can help your Facebook usage safe and secure. It will make hackers difficult to hack your account as secure browsing encrypts your Facebook activity, thus making it problematic for the hackers to access your Facebook page without permission. You must enable secure login on your search settings so that you can prevent hackers whether you are using Facebook or any other social media website.

Login Notifications

If you have not enabled your login notifications, you will not get notified when anyone will login to your account and can get access to your Facebook page. This feature of Facebook is very helpful as it will tell you promptly about your email id or your phone number if anyone tries to login to your account and you can react to this activity as quick as possible.

Use mobile login approvals for your Facebook profile

Facebook has upgraded the security features recently, and the best one among them is the mobile phone login approvals. This means that if you would want to login to your Facebook account, the website will send a code to your phone number, and you need to enter it in order to log in. This is a great feature that can make sure that hackers will not get their hands on your Facebook page unless they have your phone.

Always choose a difficult password

If you think that the feature of making your password a stronger one is just nonsense, you are 100% wrong. Creating a strong password is your first step towards your online security. If your password is not secure and strong, any online hacker software can crack it easily. People use simple passwords like 12355 or QWERTY; that are so easily guessable. This practice must be changed if you own a Facebook page and you do not want anyone to steal it! Other than that, changing youth password from time to time must be included in our online checklists so that you can prevent anyone to guess your password.

Use a reputable antivirus program for your device

Whether you are using your mobile device or your laptop, you must invest in good and reputable software for antivirus as it could keep spyware and hacking out of your device. Many programs are available out there which are free or cost very little amount like Avast, Avira or others. You can pick any one of these for your computer as well as for your smartphone so that you can avoid bad incidents while using internet.

Limit your internet usage to your personal devices

Another way to prevent hackers is to use your Facebook page or other social media profiles via your personal computer and cell phone. This will prevent hackers to hit you using public computers and WIFI. You must use your personal WIFI so that you can use the internet securely.

Well, you cannot secure anything to 100% while you are connected to the internet but you can try to improve your security. By following guidelines, you could be sure that your Facebook page will be secured, and you can prevent hackers to hit you in any way.