Preview Your Ad on Facebook’s Newsfeed and Increase the Chances of Approval



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

The ads created on Facebook are very resilient. They come in a variety of formats and set of procedures. The news feed ads are considered as the best of all. Whereas the sidebar ads are also great for the viewers in order to create awareness in them. In addition to this, the mobile ads are considered as a best way for installing the mobile applications.

You have the option to review your particular posts before you make it. It can be done by following a simple process.

Facebook generates a preview for your post when you paste a specific link into the search option. It searches the metadata for creating a preview. This can be done either taking the standard data from the site or by taking the specified open graph data. This help you to see a preview of what your post will look like when you make it.

On the other hand, if we take an example of the ad set the Facebook does not have a specified procedure to create a preview of ads. However, ads are considered to be more vital than the posts. As compared to the organic posts Facebook does not fetch the metadata of ads to create a preview as it does for the posts. For this purpose, you have to enter every particular detail in order to search for the results. The required details can start from the title ending up to the image.

There are other ways to preview the ads on Facebook. You have to enter some particular information in the search criteria because Facebook does not generate them automatically. Some of them are discussed below:


How to Preview a News Feed Ad in Facebook’s Ad Manager

When you plan to create an ad, it is very important that you must include the required details that you want to give. For example, multiple links, different images, a suitable title, preview of the text and many others as you desire.

To choose a specific placement for the ad that you have created you can do this by selecting the option of “ad preview and placement”. For this purpose, first of all you will have to go to the text and links section. Here you will find a sub-section that is “ad preview and placements”. It includes the options of ad placement like news feed, sidebar search results sidebar and lastly the mobile. You can select the main three items by selecting the default option. Whereas, if in case you want to select only one option then you can remove the other selected options. By this, you will be able to preview your ad in the selected section.

You can further make your desired changes or edit anything you want after you have seen the preview. This can be done by going back to the ad manager and adding them up in the specified places. Now after making the changes you can regenerate the preview and see the ad again.

One important aspect to be noted here is that when you submit any of your ad, it has to be passed from the Facebook bot screening. Then the bot will flag if it detects something. It would then be checked by the Facebook authority and they determine whether to approve the ad or not.

You can follow some specific steps if you want to preview your ad.

First go to the ads manager.

You can see the display of your ads including the ones you have created, the ones which are running or those which are in the draft folder you can click on “all campaigns” and “all ads”.

Here you can preview the particular ad that you want by just clicking on it.

Now you can see the preview of the ad. The preview is displayed automatically on your screens. In case it does not start automatically then you can click on the eye icon in order to view it.

Click on the specific ad placement preview that you want to view your ad in. You can view a list of placement for your ad at the top of the preview window.

Once you are satisfied with the preview and the placement of your ad, you can now submit in order to get it approved by the Facebook authority. It is up to you that either you submit it for approval at once or you save it as a draft and decide to submit it later. In any of these cases, it is highly recommended that you must submit the ad at the time you create it because it will take time in order to get approved by the Facebook authority.


Preview Your Ads with Facebook’s Power Editor

The Power Editor is a Chrome plug-in. It is an important tool by which you can create and manage your ads. This important tool also helps you to preview the ads you have created. In addition to this the Power Editor allows you to access the specifications and functions that are still being tested out in beta. Some of the major features of Power Editor that we mostly ignore are those which initiated as testing feature. Another positive aspect of the Power Editor is that it can be downloaded and used without any charges.

You can create various ads with the help of Power Editor which can also be previewed. This can be done by following a simple procedure.

First go to the Power Editor menu.

Once you open the menu Click on the setting menu icon. It is located over top three lines and looks like a gear.

Click the ad column tab which can be seen on the top of the page. Here, a list of settings will appear. From this list check the option of “preview link”.

Save the changes that you have made and then close the settings menu.

Again Click the on the option of “selected ads” and then in the resulting table scroll to the right side.

Here you will find every ad labeled as “Preview Ad” that is listed on the table. Whenever you will click this specific link you will see a preview of your ads. It is up to you to select the desired number of ads that you want to preview.

Either you select the Ads Manager or the Power Editor method, the ads you will review are displayed differently in both the methods. Although the ads are displayed in an accurate manner but you will notice a great difference in the way they display.

If you want an efficient and effective way of handling numerous ads, then you should opt for the Power Editor tool. Many people find it nerve taking to manage a large number of ads at the same time. This can be managed with the help of the Power Editor due to which all your ads can be managed efficiently. This the main reason that many marketers, brands or businesses prefer using the Power Editor tool as a great and effective tool.

The Power Editor also have a different way by which you can preview the ads. This consists of some different set of procedure which is mentioned below:

First of all, go to the Power Editor.

Then Click the “manage ads” option which you can see on the top of the page.

Now Click on the add button which you can find in the list having a number next to it and looks like a box.

Select the ad that you want to preview and then click on the check box that is provided next to it.

If you want to make any changes in the ad when you preview it, then you will have to Click on the “Edit” button in order to make the changes that you want.

Now search for the “Preview” tab in the edit section from which you will be able to select the different types of placements for your particular ad.

Here you can view your ad in the specific preview option that you selected from the list.

You can preview multiple ads of any type by just following the above procedure. In this way you can also generate the preview of a particular news feed ad by using the Power Editor.


Generate and Preview Instagram Ads to Increase Chances of Approval

Facebook is the ultimate owner of Instagram. In recent years Facebook has also made some more integrations among the two social media networks. One of the major integration that has been made in recent time is the innovation of ads system on Instagram. It has become easy to manage and create the ads on Instagram by using the Power Editor or the ads manager. However, you must create a Facebook page first in order to use this particular procedure.

The simple process to create an ad on the Instagram using the Power Editor is as follows:

First click the manage ads tab that is located on the top of the page. It is just similar to the process of creating an add by using Facebook.

Then Click the ad set button. This has a specific number and looks like four boxes.

Then you have to Click “create ad set” option. By clicking on it you will permitted to make a new ads set as you require.

Now you will require to select the specific campaign that you want to use on the Instagram. Here you will only find the campaigns that are supported by the Instagram providing you with a limited option for your campaign.

Here you will be required to give a unique name to your ads set. Now Click to create.

To create individual ads with in the major ad set you will be required to select it and then click Edit. By doing this, you can set your budget, the number of audiences, your particular schedule that you want to follow and also the ads data.

Now select the option of Instagram that is under the placements list in order to run your ad set on the Instagram.

Finally, you can Click to review the changes and then create an ad by following the above steps.

Apart from the above procedure, you can further make your ads more attractive and interesting for your audience by selecting the placement ideas of your ad set. You can get some good results by following these steps.


What to do to Maximize Success  

There are a number of tips that you can choose in order to make an add successful. Some of the tips that you can easily apply are as follows.

First one is your ad objective. You should have a clear ad objective so that you can make it successful. Otherwise your basic aim of creating an add will not be fulfilled. For example, if you want to exceed the number of clicks on your website then it is suggested that you choose a website click or the conversion option. Similarly, if you require the installation of different applications then it is recommended that your basic objective should be to target the people who use mobile phones ads or the Instagram ads.

Secondly, you should opt for a variety of options and then not fear while applying those options for testing any new variation. By applying different variations to a single ad can help you in improving the ads. For example, you can make changes in the ad placement or its context etc. This would lead in attracting more and more audience.

Once your ad is created, it is important that you should include the conversion pixel of Facebook to the order confirmation page. It is also very important that you must place the pixel properly. You properly place the pixel as you desire.

Finally, you must not forget to test your audiences. You can import a specific mailing list or set up a pixel for remarketing purpose in order to get the audience information who are not your followers. In this way you can target those audiences directly including the custom audiences, bounced audience or the mobile user audiences. The more you target the more people will become your followers.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.