Preview Your Facebook’s Ad on Your Newsfeed

 Facebook is undoubtedly one the liveliest platforms for advertising your businesses or products. You can display numerous ads on your Facebook business profile page in order to promote your products among the audiences. Try to focus on making some vibrant ads to promote your products on your Facebook page. I believe that this will greatly help in attracting a large number of audiences.

Facebook ads are very dynamic. There are different types of ads having various formats and positions too. The various ad types include the Sidebar ads. The Sidebar ads are considered best for generating views and also for spreading awareness. Another type of ads includes the mobile ads. These ads are quite famous these days and used by most people as well as businesses. The mobile ads are considered great if you want to install various apps on your mobile devices like your mobile phones, iPad or tablets etc. Last but not the least are the news feed ads. The newsfeed ads are considered best among all.

In this article I am going to talk about the newsfeed ads in particular. News Feed ads are those ads which incorporate the brand messages like advertisements, promotional contents etc. directly on your social media profile pages or on your website. These considered as a prominent part of social advertising.

You first need to create these newsfeed ads in order to preview them. It is so obvious that they do not generate automatically on your Facebook page. You can preview it in the following ways:

How to Preview a News Feed Ad in Facebook’s Ad Manager?

In order to preview your ads off course you need to create them.

You can create your ads by using an ads manager or a Power Editor. Both these tools are a good option which you can use to create your ads. While you are creating your ad just make sure that you enter all your desired details. This may include the links, images, title text, preview text, and any other details which you want to include in it.

By previewing your ads you can check out their placement and make changes in it if you feel.

If you do not like the placement of your ad then you can change it too. For this purpose you just need to scroll down to the section which includes links and text. You will see a sub section here that says “ad preview and placement”. Now you can change the placement of your ad. This may include the placement like the news feed, the sidebar, the search result sidebar, mobile and so on. Just do it as you like.

You need to follow some of the following important steps if you desire to preview your created ads according to the actual set of procedures.

These steps are mentioned below

In order to start first you have to go to your ads manager.

On your ads manager you now need to click on the options of “all campaigns” and “all ads”.  By clicking on these buttons you can see a display of all the ads which you have created. This particularly includes the ads which you have created and are those which are currently running on your Facebook account. It also includes those draft ads too which you have created but have not completed yet.

Now in order to preview any particular ad you need to select the specific ad which you would like to view. For this purpose you have to click on the name of that ad. By clicking on the name of any particular ad it will start to display on your screens with the settings on which you have already positioned it.

Check out the preview of your ad. It displays automatically on your screens when you click it. In any case if the ads you are clicking do not display. Then you can click on the eye icon which is present just next to it to view your ad.

You can see a long list of various ad placements just on top of the preview window of your page. Choose any of these ad placement options and apply to your ad. You can apply the selected placement option by just clicking on it to see the preview. Try to choose the appropriate one so that it adjusts well with your ad.

 Ad Placement

Make sure that your ad placements are according to your requirements while previewing it. Once you are sure enough that your ad placements are right and displays as you desire. Now you can submit it to Facebook in order to get the approval for running your ad which you have created.

In another case if at this time you do not want to run your ad on your Facebook page. Then you can save it as a draft for running it on any other time. Here I recommend you to get your ads approved as soon as you create them. It is better to get them approved at your earliest to save your time and effort in the coming time. You can get your ads approved early and then run it whenever you want.

How to Preview Ads with Facebook’s Power Editor?

You can also preview your newly created ads by using a Power Editor. It is a useful tool. I know many of you reading this article might not be aware of the Power Editor. So I think first I should tell you about it. Power Editor is basically Chrome Plug-in. It has many great features. It mainly allows you to perform those specific functions and features which are considerably a part of beta version or in the testing process. Nowadays there are many features of Power Editor which were previously in their testing process but now these features add up a great value to the Power Editor as a whole. The best part of Power Editor is that you can download it for free from the internet and use it.

Just download the Power Editor and preview your ads now. You do not need to worry about creating your ads using it. Even if you do not use the Power Editor to create your ads you can still preview them. There are no restrictions. What else can you think of? It will still work for you. Moreover you can also create different ads using a Power Editor and preview them some other time.

You can preview your ads using a Power Editor in the following ways

First of all go to the Power Editor menu.

On this menu you have to click on the settings/menu icon is mentioned. The settings/menu icon appears just like a gear at the top.

Now at the top of the page you can see the ad column tab. Just click it. At the time you click it a list appears on your screens.  In this list you can see different settings option. Here you just need to make sure that you have checked the “preview link”.

Now make the changes as you desire. You can now save the changes which you have made and close the settings menu.

Next you need to click on the option of “selected ads”. Now scroll it to the right side in resulting table.

Every ad that you see the in the resulting table contains a preview link attached to it. It is labeled as “Preview Ad”.   If you want to see the preview of your ad you can click it. It will appear on your screen. You can preview as many ads as you want. There is no restriction.

I believe that Power Editor is a great tool as compared to others because it is resilient and vigorous when it comes to controlling multiple ads. You may find it quite annoying to edit and preview multiple ads one by one when you use the ad manager. Whereas the Power Editor on the other hand makes everything hassle free for you. It manages all your ads very efficiently.  This makes Power Editor one of the effective tools among all the others.

How to Generate and Preview Instagram Ads

Everybody knows that Facebook currently owns Instagram. This has surely increased its credibility.  Today Instagram stands among all the famous social networks. Another important innovation that has been made a while ago is probably the integration of the ads system. Now you can easily create your own Instagram ads by using a couple of useful tools like the ads manager and the Power editor.

Previewing ads on Instagram

If you are thinking of creating an ad on Instagram by using the Power Editor you can do it very easily.  For this purpose you just have to the option of “manage ads section”. You can find this particular option on the top of your Instagram profile page. You can create different ads on Instagram just like you create them using your Facebook account. The process both channels is almost the same.

First of all click on the ad set button. This particular button appears like four boxes. You can also see a number mentioned just next to these boxes.

Now as for the next step you need to start the process of creating your Instagram ads you need to click on the “create ad set” button. When you click on this button it will allow you to build a new set of ads without making changes in the ad campaign which you have chosen.

You now have to select an ad campaign which you want to run on your Instagram profile page. You can select any campaign from the ‘create ad set page’. Just remember that it is a limited selection of your existing campaigns.  It is because you can only find those campaigns which are supported by Instagram.

To preview your Instagram ad you need to do the following

In order to start first you need to give a name to your ad set and then click on it so that you can create it.

Now select your newly created ads set and then click on it so that you are able to create the individual ads in that particular set.

After this you can enter all the required information that is asked. This includes the information regarding your budget, your audience, your schedule, and also the data of the ad which you have created.

In the placement menu select Instagram. This will make your newly created ad to run on your Instagram account.

You can click on it to review the changes if needed. Otherwise you can directly follow the required steps and create an ad.

In addition to this I suggest you to focus more on the quality and contents of your ads rather than just previewing them. Make sure that you use some attractive contents and unique concepts so that you are able to draw the attention of a maximum number of audiences. Lastly it is also important for you to check out the placement of your ads too. Believe me this will give you some great results.

Tips for Success of Ads

There are various tips for creating your ads and running them successfully which I have mentioned in my previous articles. You can read them too.

You must focus on some of the following important points as well.

First of all I strongly suggest you to have the right ad objective. This is important. Let’s say for example you want to get maximum clicks on your website. For this purpose you need to use the website click or conversion objective. On the other hand if you want to get more views on your website or your Facebook page then you need to post engagement or page like objective and so on.

Never be afraid of making variations while creating your ads. These variations are really useful if they have the same parameter as your ad. In this way you can test one change at a time. I strongly believe that by using different set of variations you can surely improve the value of your ads.