How to Promote and Grow Facebook Profile


Facebook doesn’t like people using their personal profiles for advertising. In the past Facebook flagged numerous posters which were put up to make a sale. Then they tried to sign them up for a page instead of a profile.

Facebook knows that not everyone requires a business page for themselves. This can be seen primarily in verification.

Many people in prominent positions have verified profiles. They are from every walk of life for example journalists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, Chief Executive Officers these people are significant enough to permit verification. On the other hand, they don’t require a business page.

A lot of them also run their business page with their profiles, it proves that they are familiar about the system. They also know how the system intends to be as well.

If you have chosen a personal profile over a business profile it doesn’t mean you’re banned from advertising.  Personal brand is term most commonly used for this kind of marketing.

This article is about all of this: techniques you can use to develop a personal profile without getting the flag that will direct you towards making a Facebook Business Page.


1: Profile Follows : Enable them!

There used to be a time where only users with verified profiles could utilize the ‘Follow’ option, now this feature is available to everyone using Facebook. All you have to do is go to your settings and the option you should click is “Public Posts”.

Now you can set who is able to see your posts and who will be able to follow you. By this you can develop a one-way relationship on Facebook with other users. It is similar to Twitter follow or Facebook Page Follow.

The ‘follow’ occurs when someone sends you a friend request. Even if you choose to not add them or ignore/delete the request, they will keep on following you, which is an effective way of building an audience.


2: Tag People on Posts

If you really want to build a personal brand, you are probably in on many events that are going around. Whenever you’re invited to these events, it is always a good idea to take pictures and share them on Facebook. Then tag the people who are in the picture. This will develop a connection between you all and give them something to look forward to at the next event. The key is to always post good quality photos. Make sure all the subjects look presentable. Nobody wants to see a distorted photo of themselves on Facebook.


3: Tag the Locations

Whenever you upload a photo also tag the location.It gives you extra information regarding your location, it connects people around those locations and they can see or post a comment about that place. It really helps in networking with exact places and other businesses if the location shows their tags as well. Never think of networking on this scale insignificant, every bit counts.


4: Finding Groups and Posting in them

Whenever a page posts in a group, people get very skeptical of them and think of the advertisement as a spam as well. People are most trusting towards individuals than pages interested in advertising their business rather than helping people.

You should post really important content from your own profile to help you connect with the other group members. Just make sure your posts are relevant to the topic. This will help you to dodge the red flag.


5: Influencer Engagement: A Must Engage with Influencers

Tracking influencers isn’t a hard job these days, they are the people who are captains of your industry. You have to find out their profiles and communicate with them. It really doesn’t matter if you’re doing it as a person or through your page.You just have to search for guidelines on marketing with influencers and you can take it from there.

The focus of this sort of engagement is Value. You should be well-informed about a topic before starting a conversation. You should know how to start a conversation and take it further. The only way to get noticed there is to be thoughtful and insightful. Nobody wants to engage in a conversation with a person who knows nothing about their field. Not only you’ll get a lot of engagement from the influencer but from their audience as well.


6: Engaging Content: Post It!

The key to attract more audience is by posting really engaging content. The more quality content you post the more you’ll get the attention of your audience. This is how EdgeRank works on Facebook. When people see your posts in the past. Facebook will show more of your posts In the future. They will also get more updates from you if they are regular commenters and sharers.

People always respond more when they see images and videos.

Links also attract a lot of engagement, generally. If you’re planning of posting text make sure it’s short, crisp and to the point

You should keep the pattern of posting twice or thrice a day. Posting less will take you out of the race and posting more will bore your audience.


7: Be responsive

Mainly the key to the growth of a page is its users, if the user of a page comments on an image, link or even posts a question about anything in your field. It’s really beneficial for you to reply to it, even a Thank You goes a long way. This way your page will seem more organic than just a shop selling stuff.

You should also encourage your viewers to post a lot and caption an image. You can ask them to come up with the name of your next collection or select which design is better.

You also can start a poll; this will also steer traffic your way. Just make sure that you adapt a soft tone with a professional touch, don’t use Chat lingo and don’t use difficult words. Have light and productive conversation.


8: Photos Should be Tagged!

I have told you above to tag other people’s photos, it’s important that you should tag yourself in the photos as well. This way you will establish a connection with your peers. By tagging other people in photos you engage their friends as well. You can see what comments have been made on those photos and respond to them. Your audience will be able to see your comments and post comments of their own.


9: Custom Feeds: Create it

You can make a custom friends list for your posts, this way you can select the people who are influencers in your list and share specific posts with them only and not with general public.This way you can segment your audience.

It’s stress-free to do, as well; hover over the “more” under friends on your left sidebar, and click to make a list. You can name the list ‘influencers’ and add people as you like.


10: Marketing Techniques Require Attention

Brands have to monitor general marketing techniques. For instance, you may want to re-think your audience’s demographics and come up with a strategy that suits it. Post something that will be of their liking. You don’t have to be ‘in your face’ about it as well, you can gently add a bias to your posts. Always keep in mind the top traffic hours of your audience to get maximum responses.


11: Post Images and Videos

Media is given priority on social media, have you ever heard some text getting viral overnight?

This is only images and videos that have the capability to engage more and more audience in a very short period of time.

Media post are given greater importance over text ones. What your friends post will be shown to you more than what a business might post. This is the main advantage of having a profile. The only drawback is that businesses can spend money on advertising and profiles can’t.


12: Follow Button: Better Embed It!

A follow button works the same way a like button does but it’s for profiles rather than pages. It is recommended to add them various portals you have for example your webpage, personal blog etc. always link it to your personal profile for ease of access.


13: Don’t Break Rules!

The business only rules are inconsistent and depends on how big your brand has become. If Facebook notices, then you’ll get a red flag. You need to avoid doing anything that Facebook doesn’t allow for example posting a contest from your personal profile.

One of the reasons is that profiles are easy to make than Pages.

Avoid direct marketing as it seems quite tasteless coming from a personal profile. You have to come up with a way where you can market your product and don’t get flagged by Facebook. The trick is to do it here and there some times.


  1. Paid Ads Run are to be Run by Brand Page

You can use your brand page to run the paid ads. You also can run any URL you require. It isn’t as beneficial as straight, on brand ads but they can be effective to boost your personal profile eventually.


15: Instagram Cross Posting

Instagram and Facebook are interlinked it means if you post on either platform, you can post across both of them. Facebook owns Instagram and it’s beneficial if you take a picture and post it to both platforms at the same time, or post it on Instagram and share the link on Facebook.

The idea is to bring Instagram’s audience to Facebook. Facebook users are not a huge fan of Hashtags unlike Instagram users. Instagram virtually requires everyone to post Hashtags, so they have to. Facebook doesn’t require them so don’t make it seem like you’ve posted automatically.

You can also share your Facebook profile link on your Instagram page, so your Instagram followers can also track you on Facebook.


16: Twitter Cross Posting

Twitter may not as easily link with Facebook just like Instagram. Twitter is also a great platform to build audience, share content with them and engage with them. Just keep in mind one thing that you minimize the use of Hashtags, you can also expand the points you want to make. You have to be consistent and post equally on each platform.


17: Your Signature Should Promote Facebook!

You have to come up with an email signature, it can also be signatures on forum boards and comment sections be a bit wider with the term Signature.

You can also add the link to your Personal profile in your signature. Always customize the URL and do it now if you haven’t don’t it already. You should also allow the people to like and follow your page. You also can write your brand’s tagline to your signature.


18: Business Card Should Promote Your Facebook

Business card is a bit similar to your signature. It’s just in person that’s it. You cannot give out your URL in person to someone and expect them to remember it. You can also give your URL on your business card and hand it out to people. Your business card should include all the information for example your phone, fax, physical location, website. It should also indicate what business you’re running and a tagline.


19: Friend Requests: Send them!

You don’t have to wait for people to come to you, here you have to step up and go find people who are related to your business. One of the tools you can use on a profile is sending friend requests.

You can add as many people as you want.

Always go and clear up your all pending requests to they don’t clog up the system. You can make as many friends as you can, there is no limit but there is a limit of pending friend requests you have.


20: Import Your Contact Lists

Import all your contact lists from different sources for example your mailing list, your address book and your business page. They can be used to find friends on Facebook. Even if a small number of them agrees to become your friend and starts following you, still it’s a benefit you should not ignore.