Publish Your Facebook Fan Page in these Easy Steps

1: Your Page is Presently Unpublished

Have you published your Facebook page yet?

If not then you need to do it now. Once you have set it up you need to publish it as soon as possible. Only then the other users will be able to see it. If in any case your Facebook page which you have created is not visible to your audiences then there can be various reasons behind it. One of the major reasons behind it can be that you probably might have forgotten to publish it on Facebook after creating it. This is one of the most common problems that people face these days. It does happen quite on and off.

There are many people who plan to create their Facebook page. After creating their Facebook page and entering all the information on it they simply forget to publish it. There is a possibility that some people might not be aware of this fact. So they leave their page as it is after creating it. They think that it it will be done automatically.

Well this concept is totally wrong. On Facebook it does not happen automatically. Rather anything does not happen automatically on Facebook. You are required to perform all the tasks. Let’s say for example your contents cannot be posted on your Facebook page automatically.

You need to assemble the contents and then click the post button in order to post it on your Facebook profile page. Similarly a post cannot be liked or shared with other people on its own. You need to click the like button to like it or the share button to manually share different posts with others. It all happens manually by clicking on the required option.

Facebook does not publish any page while it is in the creation process. So you don’t need to worry about that. When you create you knew Facebook page it does not get published in front of the audiences instantly. This is mainly because Facebook gives you the time to completely set up your new page which you created. It is up to you that how long you take to set it up completely.

You can set it up in just a few hours, a day, a week or probably a month or so. It is totally up to you that how much time you require to complete it. That can be according to your requirements. Whatever the reason may be Facebook just wants you to get all set before you expose it in front of your audiences. I think that it is a good initiative taken by Facebook. This is because a half-developed Facebook fan page is useless and really gives a bad impression to the audiences just like the half cooked food or a half-finished painting.

Facebook Page Unpublished

I recommend you to make a good use of the time which you get between the process of creating and publishing the page. Actually it is a time in which you can do many things to make your newly created Facebook page look more attractive and interesting. This can mainly include setting up the graphics or images for your profile picture and your cover photo, you can manage to use this time to write the about section of your Facebook page and including the details about yourself if you are an individual user or about your company or business. And most importantly all the other information needed to run your Facebook page according to the legal guidelines in your country.

Apart from this is quite a favorable time which you can use to seed your Facebook page with different type of contents. This can be useful in making your Facebook page to look more established as well as more “lived in”.

Moreover you can also manage to upload your photo albums on your Facebook page if you want to or you can set up different tab apps for several purposes, and you can also create posts which can be used to form a post history as you get started. I know these posts are probably not able to attract audiences or get traffic on your page. Rather these types of posts are quite useful in order to make your newly created Facebook page look more appealing.

Now after doing all the hard work to create your page and manage the contents and other information on it. You are probably all set to make it visible to the other users too. Before publishing it take a look at the preview of the page and preview it.

If in case you still see some weak areas or any information missing on your newly created Facebook page just fix it. Make changes as you desire and preview it again. This is quite a good practice and you need to do it till everything gets ok on your new Facebook page. Here one of the most common things which most users forget to do is to publish the page.

This is surely an essential thing to do so that other users are able to see your page. So keep that in mind that you need to make your page visible to others. This can only be done when you publish it. To make you remember this thing Facebook has set up a big notification that is just across the top of your newly created but unpublished page. This particular notification says “Your page is not visible on Facebook because it has not been published yet. Publish your Page when you are ready for people to see it.”

You can see the “publish page” button here too. It is a big blue colored button. You just need to click that particular button and your page will be published instantly on Facebook.

On the hand there is also an X sign which you can see just at the corner of the message. You can close the message if you are not set to publish your Facebook page at this time. Just remember that you must click the publish page button if you have completely set up your Facebook page. Otherwise if you publish it half developed then it will not bring out some great results for you. In this case you can just click on X to close the publish page message and forget about it. And start working to set up your Facebook page. It is simple isn’t it?

Moreover you have the all the rights to publish and unpublish your Facebook page whenever you want. If a particular Facebook page does not have an admin, editor, moderator, or other role they will not be able to view your Facebook page while it is still unpublished. Well generally this thing does not really matter. The reason behind this is that since you have just created a new Facebook page which is unpublished or still in the creation phase. So possibly no one really knows about it at all because there is no such link to follow it or like it. So it does not have any effect on your new page or other users.

Despite of the fact if you have already published you page on Facebook and then you tend to hide it or shut it down due to some reason you can do that too. Since you already published your page and people already know about it temporarily shutting it down can cause a panic. It will make people wonder what actually happened with your page that you shut it down.

2: Age or Country Restrictions

This is the most common reason.

Age or country restrictions considered as another major cause which leads to invisibility of your Facebook page. Although you have published your page on Facebook but you notice that it is not visible. Then in this case some age or country restrictions might probably be affecting its visibility. Most of the times it happens that Facebook makes some certain pages invisible to many users. This can be either due to the age restrictions. Due to this people having a certain age group are not able to view your Facebook page.

Let’s say for example that your Facebook page includes contents that has are not suitable for minors. It has an age restriction set to 18 years. So in this case all those children who are in this age group are not able to view your Facebook page. In addition to this there are some certain countries in which you cannot run the ads of banned products. For example all the products which mainly include alcohol are banned in some Middle Eastern countries. So due to this restriction you cannot run your Facebook page in any of these countries if it contains the contents or ads related to alcohol.

There are mainly three kinds of limitations which causes your page to become invisible so you need to know them. These three restrictions include country restrictions, age restrictions, and alcohol age restrictions.

3: Blocking of Page, Suspended, or Banned

Apart from the above there is another possibility due to which your page remains invisible on Facebook. This can be due to a ban or due to the suspension of your Facebook page. If in any case you face a ban on your Facebook page due to some reasons then your page will get disabled. In this case every time when you log in to your Facebook page it displays a message that your page has been disabled.

Feature Blocked

Well despite of the fact there are hundreds of reasons due to which you can face a ban. For example you can face a ban for displaying illegal or banned products, if someone reported your Facebook page or due to some criminal activities and so on. Whatever the case may be you need to try different options in order to get it recovered.

4: The Person Reporting is Blocked

Just imagine that you have published your Facebook page and it is going quite well. It remains perfectly fine and also visible to all the users. After some time informs you that your Facebook page is not visible and he cannot see it. This can possibly happen because you have blocked that particular user from your page. Sometimes you do not even remember the reason behind blocking that person.

If you want to check out that a user is in the banned list or not you simply need to go to the settings option. Now click on the option of “people and other pages” which is located on the left side of your Facebook page. Here on another window you can see a list of different options including administrative roles, what other pages you’re linked to, and who your page has banned. You need to click on the drop-down of “banned people and pages”. Here you can see a list of all those users whom you have banned from seeing or accessing your Facebook page. You can now find the user name and simply remove it from this list.

5: Your Page Isn’t Appearing in Search

Finally another reason of your page invisibility can be due to the fact that it does not appear in search. You cannot relate it to a serious issue as compared to the ones which I have mentioned above but it can be a great cause of your Page invisibility. Basically Facebook
Search contains a small handful of all the top pages. These pages are displayed on top as the most preferred ones. This mainly happens if the name of your brand or business is very common or generic. Due to this fact your page does not quite show on the top pages in the search engine. You can easily resolve this issue by focusing on your marketing plan a bit.

Facebook No Match

One of the best ways by which you can increase your page visibility is by having more fans and followers on your Facebook page. In this way you can surely be able to make a good place in the search rank among all the others.
Another possible way to increase your search visibility is simply by getting a verification badge. This can really make you stand out of the crowd. Although it is quite a difficult process to get a verification badge but you can still strive to get it