Put the Jazz in the Razzmatazz with YouTube videos


Being one of the biggest social media networks, YouTube is often left behind by online marketers while creating their social media marketing strategies. It is the second largest search engine worldwide with more than a billion active viewers. Well, if you have not considered using YouTube for promoting your online brand, you are missing something big!

YouTube is easy to use but difficult to understand especially if you are a novice internet marketer or a brand owner. Well, no doubt it is not easy to get a foothold while using YouTube, but with right ways, you can become one of the largest YouTube channels and grow your fan base into millions. Just like other marketing ways are used by businesses to get followers and online traffic, video marketing is equally important but its significance is overlooked most of the times. Just by creating a few seconds of video, you can share your message with your audience and convey your opinion with right techniques. Your gestures and words can encourage more people than your written content. Maybe that is why it is been said that a picture is worth a thousand words! Well, in that case, a carefully created YouTube video will worth million words!

Many social media marketers emphasis on having a strong content marketing strategy and they keep on repeating that content is king. However, they forget to mention that videos are equally important, and they need to be utilized for a balanced and successful social media marketing  strategy. If you own a blog that is very active and has a huge fan base, you can use videos to boost the power of your written blog posts via YouTube. YouTube channel can be linked to your blog or other social media networks so that your followers who love watching videos can get better options to connect to you.

In this current age, many brands are using YouTube videos for promoting their content marketing strategies. Many “resume writing” and “academic writing” services are using videos to show people that how they work and which benefits you can get from hiring them. So content marketing can be upgraded using these creative YouTube videos.

Have a look at the following reasons why you must consider making YouTube videos for maximizing the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Video marketing is a rising trend

Nowadays, many new video sharing websites are hitting the market and influencing intent users. You can take an example of Vine; a video sharing network that became one of the most popular networks of no time. Now Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are using video marketing strategies, and they are offering video sharing platforms to their already present users. There must be a reason for this change, right?

So you must think about it that why these biggest social media networks are turning towards videos while they already have a lot of other ways to market themselves! That is when you will get your answer that content marketing, optimization, visual marketing and other marketing strategies are just not enough in this competitive online world! Now you need to take help of videos for effective advertising of your business or your online blog. YouTube videos are viewed by millions of people every day. So if you have a YouTube presence, you can improve the chances of getting found and recognized on the internet.

Using YouTube videos for effective marketing campaign

If you are producing quality content videos, you can be sure that your content marketing strategy will be getting long term benefits from this step. You can even repurpose the content using your videos and present your content in a more creative way to your YouTube followers. Leaving out your YouTube audience is not a good idea as you have more chances to grow and spread the name of your brand on YouTube.

Sharing YouTube videos to your blog and other networks

If you have a piece of content in the form of a blog post, you can share it with your social media networks and your official website and expect people to like it. However, if you have a video that represents the same content, you can share it with other channels and other video sharing networks too! This can prove more helpful for spreading your message as now people watch videos on popular video sharing websites most of the times. You can understand this difference in this way; if any internet user is given an opportunity to select from a 6 second video and a 1000 words blog post, he will definitely choose to watch that video as it will just take 6 seconds! So decide yourself and upgrade your content marketing strategies using YouTube videos.

YouTube allows its users to share videos using tags and thumbnails. You can take advantage of these features and improve your online presence so that more people can recognize your brand.

Videos weigh more than content on search engines

Well, many search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing show video results that are more relevant to any keyword search a bit higher than the content of blogs or social websites. So that means if you own a video that has the same message that any of your blog post contains, your video will be shown higher on search result than your blog. If you do not have any creative video on YouTube, you cannot appear higher in search results as Google gives YouTube videos preference. More than half of the internet users trust Google for its search results so you cannot miss out a golden opportunity like this.

Optimize your YouTube videos according to your content marketing

As search engine optimization is important for your other social media marketing strategies, it is equally important for your video marketing. You can optimize the description of your YouTube channel, your video tags, and titles according to exact keywords used for your blog posts and social networks. This way all of your online content whether it is in the form of blog posts, videos or images can be optimized and searched easily by your fans.

Now you can visualize that having YouTube videos for your online brand can pump up your content marketing strategies in the above-described ways. If you want to make your online presence stronger and more noticeable, you must be investing efforts in having a strong video marketing plan too which can go synchronically with your other marketing plans.