Raise Your Search Engine Optimization Ranking via Facebook Likes


Different theories are prepared and studied in the mystic world of SEO. Many so-called “experts” claim to know the track to get popular, but often the only revelation to confirm their theories is their own self reflected evidence. Initially, when people started believing that social statistics affects search ranking, the theory seemed credible, but was unproven. The extended study on the subject during the past few years, proposed that social signals definitely and directly affect search ranking.

Anyways, some parts of this theory appear logical. Even without the tangible verification of the belief that search engines look at social websites in particular, we can judge that a tweet with a link is a cold, hard backlinks – and it is a renowned fact that links are important for SEO. What about Facebook? Can “likes” really translate into SEO power? Although this presumption has taken a lot longer to prove, but evidence now suggests that search engines like Google and Bing look exclusively at this data to find out a page’s rank in their search data.

In fact, one study even suggested that Facebook shares are now more noteworthy than regular backlinks. Another segment of this theory is that keywords can have a negative impact on SEO ranking, probably due to their correlation with spam.

This data is revolutionary in nature. Primarily, keywords were considered to be the key element but their significance was deteriorated when spammers figured out how to game the system, Significance and links emerged as the vital determining factor in page rank. Now, in the age of social networking, search engines have realized they actually have access to data that clearly shows the preferred and most visited websites. Similar to keywords and links, social clout can be purchased or built artificially, to some extent. Search engines use this Social data to their benefit as it is the most relevant, people centric data.


Utilize this info.

As a web publisher, you can also utilize this information to your advantage. Data shows that conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ can all affect the ranking of your search engine. Fortunately, each social media platform offers free of cost creation of accounts. Facebook is a great place to promote your websites or product. Although you can’t directly force likes, you can essentially buy them.

Money spent on advertising is directly correlated with likes. As more people like your page, their like is broadcast to their friends. It increases the possibility of them liking your page. In this way, each like actually exposes your Facebook page to hundreds more users. This will increase your chances of being liked again, and thus building more SEO power.

So we’ve determined that social signals definitely correlate with your ranking in Internet search results. Many SEO companies offer easy and relatively inexpensive ways to purchase social network power through likes, shares, and tweets. You improve your page’s rank and jump ahead of your competitors today exponentially. You can use this new social networking data to your website or company’s gain.