Rantic Marketing Launches Twitter Followers Discount For Politicians

WASHINGTON — With the 2016 US Presidential campaigns under way, Rantic Marketing has decided to launch a ‘special discount’ feature for any US politician wanting to increase their Twitter campaign.

According to our panel, an order of ‘1000 Real Twitter followers’ costs around $10 — without the politician discount. With the discount in place, in addition to verifying credentials, the price for Twitter followers drops to $7.99 per 1,000.

Of course, we will verify the authenticity of those who are purchasing Twitter followers as politicians before the order is made. If you are affiliated with a politician or party and want to purchase followers, please contact us for the discount code.

Our strong privacy policy has made Rantic one of the most trusted social media marketing brands on the internet. We will NEVER disclose any purchases or orders acted upon by any politician.

As of now, we will NOT be lowering the prices for our other social services.