Reaching the Ultimate landmark : A Million Facebook Likes



Everybody desires to become the Like-King on Facebook, out of numerous Facebook pages very few achieve this target. Facebook has more than a billion users, one might think that it is easy to get the attention of masses by getting one in a thousand likes. These likes may appear very catchy for example if a page has 2 million like it will be considered successful, which is a misconception. The success of a page is not measured by the number of likes it gets but the authenticity of these likes i.e. how many are real and how many are fake.


To pile up likes on their page people use various ways. Some are good and some are well — not so good. I am not a promoter of bad idea but listing them so you would steer clear of them.


Social Media Exchanges

Social Media Exchange is just a new version of a rather conventional strategy, Google has tried hard to get rid of this when used for traffic and links. To be more obvious this is NOT one of them good ideas.


This is how it works. There is an exchange network which has site owners from all over the world. These owners add Facebook pages and posts, turn by turn their pages receive views, likes and shares.

Now you might wonder what’s in it for the network? To make bucks they have established a credit system. A credit account is set up for the page owners to get likes and views. Now what they do is hire people on a minimal fee to like and browse your Facebook page. This is not beneficial for your page or business to get bogus and fake likes. This is done just to reach credit limit of the Page owner. They usually hire dozens of people to make their own clickfarm where they pay minimal fee and carry out in-house liking and browsing.


This is called artificial growth. Likes obtained from these exchange networks are close to no likes as these people who have clicked ‘Like’ have absolutely no interest whatsoever, not in you or your Facebook page. They are just doing to reach credit limit.


These exchanges are called by different names for example AddMeFAst and Like4Like. The latter is just as worthless as the others; no content or details are displayed, just a profile picture and a like button, with connected credit value. A huge wall of these is displayed, you just like to get credits and spend credits to appear on other peoples’ pages. It is like a give and take of useless likes which in no way will be beneficial for your post or blog. I would never associate my page to these kinds of sites the one who is looking to waste his time and energy might want to.



Buying Cheap Fiverr Likes

Fiver sells will gladly sell likes for your Facebook Page, they can do it mainly in five ways.

  1. A network of bot account can do this for you they will just command them to like a page after getting paid and voila!
  2. A clickfarm may be hired to do this job.
  3. Your site in thrown into the autoliker or social media exchange mince maker.
  4. Some will hijack the real account for the likes because they have control of virus-created botnets.
  5. A fraction of Fiverrs will use real methods to promote your Facebook Page, they will use their own networks to get you organic likes, of course by charging you premium.


There is no guarantee of success by using this method as you are paying very little.


In this cost Facebook advertising will give you only around 12 likes, but at least you’d be confident that you are getting likes that are beneficial for the promotion of your page and your business. When paying just $5 for 100 likes you might be getting just 2-3 real likes and a lot of useless likes on the way.




One of the most manipulative methods to be used to get likes is this. It is just a website that requires you to verify their app in order to promote your page or blog.


This verification helps them like content and post comments on your page as they will access of everything. When you verify their application everyone who has given them permission will like your page automatically and you will like theirs no matter what. Even if you are not remotely interested in what they are selling or promoting you will like their page. This meaningless relationship of give and take isn’t mutual as they want to give Likes and you might not want it.


For example, there are 20 people who have hired autoliker and you have too, you will get 20 likes and you will have to like each of these 20 people /pages. There is absolutely no interaction, no concern and you will wonder who is this irrelevant person who has liked your page.


Well wait, Autoliker is not alone, He has a twin called Clickjacker – The Invisible. Both are the spawn of exploitation. These register any click as a Like on your Facebook page. They have made this in the form of a cursor and hovers until you have clicked it.


Facebook has strict terms and services and these brothers violate all of them. Not too sharp as well as they can be easily detected. They are also called page murderers as they will get your page killed.


Buying Legitimate Likes

Some sites sell likes in a more authentic way. They don’t use tricks and fraud, hence no Clickfarms involved. They are just ad networks or managed Facebook advertisers, what they do is they purchase ads and target users according to how much you have paid them. If you paid less you will get useless likes, if you pay premium you will get more specific and useful likes. The good thing about this is you probably have paid more for the fake ones mentioned above.


Purchasing likes should not be the only strategy you are adopting for the promotion of your page. It should be used as a supportive pillar for like builder but not the only strategy to grow your page.


Social Lockers

There is another effective strategy that most of the people don’t prefer using. It is seen on lower quality sites that use it to artificially boost their sites.


Some of the content is hidden behind their façade so the user has to go through them in order to view the full content. These can be seen as “pay with a like or Tweet” plugins are the more commonly used social lockers.


There are two problems with social locker. They are bad for Search Engine Optimization as your content is hidden from users and from Google. The full benefit cannot be obtained because once you make your content visible for SEO the social locker will not work properly. They go against the essence of Facebook whose mantra is to connect people this is the major reason Facebook removed like gates.


Tagging Friends and Influencers

One of relatively genuine and effective way of getting organic likes is by using influencer marketing. Just acquire a lot of friends who haven’t liked your Facebook Page, Tag them in posts. The trick of this trade is not to tag just anyone. Find people who are really interested in your page and your posts. This might be a little difficult but highly effective.


This is how it works, hire someone to write professional post for your page. Link the content to your influencer and state it as a valuable source.


By posting the link on your Facebook page and linking the page of the site a blog post the possibility of them sharing and promoting your page can be increased. They might embed content in the website framework. You just have to keep a track of your recent posts, it can easily be done by putting it on your sidebar.


Reviving Messages with Engagement

Facebook has a certain way of working, you can gain a lot from this procedure. Usually the posts that involve Media are given priority over the posts that are referred to as ‘non-media’ posts. you can also make your posts entertaining enough to engage a relatively higher number of audience, this way your post will be given preference. Repetition is also the key, keep on updating the date of your post as newer posts are given priority over older posts.


You can revive an old post by sharing it and commenting on it to keep it fresh. Avoid posting one blog more than once or over and over again. Try focusing your attention on the one you posted before and steer the traffic its way. Although the attention paid to your post might be brief but it will be organic and effective. It might also guide the audience who have commented before back to the post and giving them a fresh perspective.


The major problem with this method is its influence is short-lived and might not provide 100% results. It might pull back the users who have commented before, which can be considered valuable in terms of engaging audience and might give them time to digest what your post is all about.



Embed Facebook Boxes

When you are looking for likes from forums other than Facebook, one thing to do is to embed posts in your posts. scrolling comments on your posts might also help finding inspiration for future posts. Blog post can be embedded into your Facebook post, this way newer and fresher audience can be reached for your old post.


Link in Offline Advertising

Linking yourself to offline advertising is also very effective. You just have to obtain a fancy URL from Facebook. Now your job should be making that URL visible everywhere. You can convert it into a little email signature, print it on your visiting card, use it in an advertisement in newspaper or magazine. You can be very creative in doing so and be subtle about it for example if you own a store and displaying it in an artistic and eye-catching way will attract a lot of people. You also can get help of electronic media like TV or radio. It can be read aloud on radio. The aim should be putting it everywhere for everyone.

If you own a store or shop by getting more people to like your page you can not only promote your business but also can offer free giveaways i.e. a discount or prize. Word of mouth is also very effective in promoting your business the more people you reach the better it is for your business. You can also develop gift cards and print your URL on these cards in an attractive manner.


Buy Facebook Ads

If you really want to pay for likes and followers the best thing you can focus on is Facebook Ads. This is reliable and will give you results. Likes acquired from any other source is not as effective and genuine. Strong targeting is very important also knowing the demography of your audience, just put a lot of thought in what you want the users to see.


A lot of money can be lost in this process if you don’t know your way around Facebook Ads. By doing it right and planning prior to executing can make it more effective and lower the risk of losing money.


You have to conduct a lot of research in order to find out what your target audience might be interested in and program your ad in a way that is appealing. A well augmented Facebook ad will get your page/ blog not only likes or followers but it will also acquire post engagement more effectively than any of the other methods. Facebook Ads are considered the advertising professionals. They can help in boosting your page and if Facebook Ads fail to do so it is time to reconsider compatibility strategy of your business.