Real Estate Agents Underinvesting in Facebook & Search Engine, Says Survey

Social media and Google have become one of the biggest marketing tools available today. It’s power can drive huge business and revenue to almost any type of industry. It is particularly effective in the Real Estate business.

According to an Inman survey, most real estate agents are not utilizing the potential of Facebook and search engines. Those who are, have seen a huge spike in revenue.

“Search engine and Facebook ads provide the best return on investment among online lead sources included in the survey, with leads generated by the two sources ranking as the only types to earn more ratings of “great,” “good” and “mediocre” collectively than ratings of “poor,” the survey found.


While Google or Facebook ads may be a great way to increase revenue, it’s nothing compared to SEO.

SEO or (Search Engine Optimization) is perhaps the most important factor when using the internet as your marketing tool. While it’s not an easy task, there are numerous sites that devote their time to increase your SEO rankings. As a result of higher real estate SEO rankings, your realtor business will become more visible to hungry clients.

One site,, provides powerful SEO to realtors who are looking for a strong online presence. This is just one of many online sites that can increase your search engine visibility.

Besides Facebook ads, promoting your realtor business through shares, can also improve visibility. Facebook is considered the most visited website on the web. It is also the transmission for almost every viral marketing phenomena.

Now that you know how effective Facebook and search engine are to the real estate business, it’s time for you to reevaluate your online marketing plan. And when I mean reevaluate your plan, I mean upgrade.

h/t: FoxWeekly