Reason Behind the Ad Target Audience Feature Not Working Properly on Facebook

Facebook with its unlimited features is quite famous among the users all around the world. It has all those features which other social media channels do not. Due to this fact it is very easy and reliable to use. That is why it ranks the highest among all the other available social media networks these days.

Facebook works best in every aspect. you can use it as a mean of communication, for marketing, for your business promotions or just for fun. Facebook is totally outstanding. Most importantly when I talk about the option of plugging in your audiences. Then you have no better choice than Facebook. If you are thinking of attracting new audiences or about editing the old ones. You can use Facebook for this purpose. You can even set your target audience goals because Facebook lets you to target different groups of audiences.

In some cases you might face some issues in targeting your audiences and getting the best results out of it. This may be due to some issues that arise when you start using different features for targeting. The most common issue that arises is due to an unsupportive web browser. Due to this there are many different features which do not work properly. In this article I have discussed some of the main reasons behind these issues.

Issues with Your Web Browser, Your Browser Not Working Properly

If not, then I recommend you to try to use a compatible one. It has generally been observed that most of the times some new features do not work properly just because you are not using a web browser that is compatible enough to run those features. It might cause some issues when you run any of the latest or new features on it.

Facebook on the other hand is quite browser friendly social networking site. So I think you do not have to worry about getting any special browser to run it. It is compatible enough with almost all the available web browsers. These mainly include the browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. You might possibly face some issues if you are using an old version of these web browsers. Otherwise I don’t think that any problem will occur.

 Problems Regarding Browser Extensions

Apart from this you might probably face some problems due to the Browser extensions. This is also a major cause of problem. Some of the browsers extensions do not support particular Facebook features. These can include some newly launched apps and scripts which are not supported by the browser extensions. So you can probably face the loading issues if you want to start an app or scripts because these browser extensions contain the filtering blocks which resists some specific apps from loading.

Sometimes you might notice the discontinuity of some particular updates while using your browser. A breakage might occur in most of the cases but you do not have to worry because this usually does not happen too often. This issue occurs very rarely so I will not go into long details. If in any case you encounter this type of problem while you have updated you web browser then you can do a temporary roll back. Just check that if its works or not. I think that it is probably the best solution for this problem.

If you are facing any issues regarding to your web browser, then you can troubleshoot it. You can easily do it yourself too. I have mentioned the general procedure of trouble shooting below:

To start off with troubleshooting of your web browser. First of all, you need to check your browser. It is important that you must check out that the web browser which you are using is up to date. In addition to this you must also make sure that your browser extensions as well as the plugins are up to date. I suggest that you must update your browser on a regular basis. I am saying this because I think that it is a good practice to do so. And not just this the browser updates are very useful in fixing up the bugs and is also helpful in closing the security holes if they exist.

Next you need to clear the cookies and cache from your browser. You can do that according to the set-up of your browser which ever you are using. The process of clearing up the cookies and cache differ from browser to browser. I do not know which web browser you are using so I am not saying anything about it here. If you are not sure of how to do it then you can search up for the Facebook’s instructions on the internet and follow the procedure.

An important thing which you must note here is that by clearing the cache and cookies from your web browser you might probably require to get logged in again to any available website to start the clearing process. This is also applicable on Facebook as well. While you start this process you might have to wait for some time for its completion. This is because you use these sites for downloading your cached files due to which these type of sites takes quite a while to load. And you are done.

If in any case the problem does not get resolved and still exists, then I think you need to check the extensions of your browser. The problem can persist due to some issue with your extensions. In this case first you need to go to the extensions menu. If you are using Firefox, then you can find it under the Tools option. Now go through the list which appears on your screens. From this list you can remove any thing which you do not need and save those which you require. I think you should often perform this type of practice because it is a good one to do. Now you can disable your web extensions from the list one after the other. And after you are done you can set an audience.

On this existing list you can find search out for the specific extension which is creating the problem in your web browser. Go through the full list. From this list when you are successful in finding out the problematic extension which is affecting the usability of different features. Now the next thing which you need to do is to think of searching for another option or an alternate extension which does not disconnect the targeting option of your Facebook audiences. Apart from this the Adblock Pro is also a major cause of this issue. So you must check out that too.

Using an Alternative Browser Option

The last but not the least there is only one final option which you are left with. If you have already tried every other option for troubleshooting your web browser or those options which I have mentioned above. Then in this case I suggest you to use your final option and that is using an alternate browser option. When everything else fails then this is the only left out option. Believe me you must try it out because it is a useful one. Let me tell you about how can you use an alternate option. Let’s say for example currently you are using the most famous and most used browser that is Chrome. You can skip that and instead of it you can try using Firefox as an alternate for Chrome.

Chrome is undoubtedly one of the best options which you can load on your computers or mobile phones and it works best for Facebook. It displays all the features of Facebook very effectively. If in any case it stops working or you might not have the updated feature of Chrome installed. Then it will not display some of the features of Facebook or any other site. In this case if you can try out some of the above options you can do that. Despite of using all the above options if still the problem persists then I suggest you to install an alternate browser in this situation and use it. You can use the Firefox browser or the Safari instead. I believe that this might solve your problem.

Regardless of all this I will recommend you to use Chrome as your web browser. Use its latest version. I am saying this because Chrome is the only available web browser which supports the Power Editor tool as well. Whereas all the other web browsers like Firefox, Safari, IE etc. are not that supportive when it comes to displaying the features of Power Editor.

You always have an open option to contact the Facebook support center in case you are facing any problem using the multiple browser option that I have mentioned. It is surely a good option because the Facebook customer support center is available 24/7. And I am sure Facebook will resolve your query and tell you the solution in the most effective way.

Making Good Use of Power Editor

Power Editor is a great as well as a useful tool and I think there is no doubt about it.

In my previous articles I have already mentioned a lot about the Power Editor. You can read that as well. If you are a newbie here, then it is important for you to know about it before I tell you it’s uses.

What is Power Editor? How it works?

As I have mentioned above Power Editor is a very useful and effective tool these days which you can use. It is a type of Chrome Plug-in which has quite a lot of great features. You can perform various functions once you start using it. Nowadays there are several features of Power Editor which have been introduces to the users. These features were mostly in their testing process before. As these features have been introduced you can now use them for many different purposes. One of the best part of the Power Editor is that it is available for free on different websites. You can download it without paying any charges and start using it. It is as simple as that.

The Facebook Power Editor on the other hand is undoubtedly quite powerful and robust tool as well. It is just like a form of Chrome extension. This means that you can use the Facebook’s Power editor by using Chrome specifically. You can use it for many different purposes. Off course you need to download it first on your computers or on any other device and then install it in order to start using it. That is a must. In case you are already using it as your web browser then you can start using it directly. You can skip the first step. There is no need to download it and install it again and again.

In the next step you need to go to the Power Editor page so that you can download and install the plugin for Chrome. This is an easy step which will not take much time. After you have installed it now be ready to access it. You can use a bundle of features which are waiting for you to be used. In addition to this you can also have an access to the standard ad manager features as well.

Power Editor works somewhat the same as the other ad managers do. Rather it stands above all because it has some latest features which other ad managers do not. By using the Power Editor, you can create your ads in the same way as you create them using any other normal ad manager. Despite of this fact you have several increased number of options which you can use for your ad creation. You can freely use them and adjust them according to your requirements.

Problems with Boosted Posts

You might also face some issues with the Boosted posts. You can see a Boost button on a Facebook post. When you click this button it turns that particular post into a news feed ad. These also include the targeting options. The boosted posts generally makes it difficult for you to use the targeting option with your ad.