The Reason Behind Failure of Most Social Media Strategies


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

There is no doubt that social media is the most important platform to run your advertising campaign. It is the 21st century and everyone has an account be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. A survey has declared that almost 75% of all adults have a social media account. It doesn’t matter how many platforms exist you have to cover all of them while considering running your social media advertising campaign.

Aa a result if you get several thousand likes and followers it doesn’t mean that the strategy is working.

If your page doesn’t have engagement and new likes and YouTube Channel subscribers it is of no use. If your Page isn’t bringing in any capital as well it is of no use.

The Social media strategy doesn’t mean that every now and then you post an update regarding the launch of your new product or a new sale you have been considering. It is way much more than just that.

You can consider your social media strategy a success when you are able to engage a large number of audience and their attention into your posts.

There are a few mistakes you might have been making and don’t worry they are not difficult to correct. Your main objective should be to correct and fix in time to reduce the damage that has been done to your social media campaign.

Conflict Between Values

Whenever someone is establishing or setting up their business they set a certain number of values and mottos for their business. This enables you to set your goals and explain your business to others and its sole purpose.

Your mission statement, deadlines, goals and brand logo should be the first things to be established. This will guide your social media strategy into its full fruition.

There might be a lot of targets for you to achieve. The business that you are setting up should be based on the values that you have set. This helps you to guide your content that needed to be posted and your business objectives. Your values are the core reason your business might create some stir in the pond. This can create a lot of buzz around the market because you have already set up your target audience and their needs.

Let me explain it this way if you have opened up a cosmetic shop that has only organic and cruelty free products explain to your audience the reasons that motivated you to start this business. You cannot say that it is in fashion or is very trendy. You can say that these days several chemicals are being used that are not good for human consumption. There are too many animals that are being abused while production of cosmetics. Your products do not contain any harmful chemicals and they are not tested on animal.

See what a difference one statement can make. It will give your potential customers to give a chance to your products and also a large number of people who are against animal cruelty (Shouldn’t we all be).

This way you are covering a large number of your audience. There are people who actually go online and look for products that are environment friendly and are organic not to mention if they see that this certain brand is not testing on animal this will increase your audience two fold.

Lacking Consistency

The one thing that really is important when it comes to social media marketing is consistency.

What is the purpose of creating something once and not following up to it?

This is question you must ask yourself while setting up a social media marketing campaign. This campaign demands consistency and persistence. You cannot post awesome content one day and stay underground for a week and then post awesome content next week.

This key to gain a large number of audience to keep on posting awesome content or keep on posting relatively good content every day or twice a day. You can also schedule your posts using really effective desktop apps that are set up for your convenience.

The quality and quantity should both be consistent. There should be no compromise or either of them. You can hire someone to write and manage your content. This will give you a chance to go through the content they have scheduled for you and see whether it’s appropriate or not.

Now the question arises that how much content should you share and how frequently?

Well I am very sorry to announce that it is not possible. The term is variable and it really depends on the type of business you are running, the age of your customers, their interests and their occupation. This is the point where a little bit of research doesn’t go futile. I always suggest that whenever you start something do a little research on what to do and what not to. It could be a sentence in your Google Search bar but it will save you a lot of trouble later. You can search for important and significant people on your social network. You can use SocialBro to find out information about your audience. You can also search for the trending topics that you can use to schedule your posts around.

You also need to know the timings of your audience getting online and using social media. Let me give you a simple example, if you plan to send 12 tweets around the day let’s say from midnight to 10 am you cannot send them all at once. You have to spread them throughout this period of time so that your followers’ newsfeed isn’t flooded and after getting super annoyed they decide to unfollow you. Another thing you have to consider is the time difference. For your audience around the world you should send your tweets around 2 a.m.

The key is to stay consistent. You can use many tools to schedule and host your posts like Hootsuite or Buffer.

The reason for liking Buffer is that you can create an editorial calendar. This can be programmed like MS Excel. This calendar will help you stay on schedule and will help to organize your posts. It contains a deadline so your posts are directed. Your posts have a target, keywords and format of the content, CTA. It has the potential of doubling up your Return On Investment.

Lack of Knowledge Regarding The algorithm of Social Media

This a relatively common mistake that has been made by most social media campaigners. You might know that most widely used social media platform is Facebook and it is most trustworthy as well as most frequently used. You might think its fit for your business but there is a possibility that you might be wrong.

What I think that social media marketing is a very efficient tool to market your business to a larger number of audience. The ones who think otherwise are not doing it right. People lose focus of their market and its potential benefits.

You have to come up with a strategy before starting anything online.  This should be targeted towards your audience.

You should invest your time into identifying your target audience. You can craft and effective strategy and a strong message around your target audience. This will help you save a lot of time, energy and frustration. There are a lot of people facing failure towards proper execution of social media strategy, the main reason being not spending enough time on strategizing their campaign.

Now let’s go back to our Cruelty Free Cosmetics example, if you are planning to run this type of business it should focus on more image-based platform like Instagram and Pinterest. It is the place where people share their images and use these platforms to engage into posts made by different accounts. Now let’s take the example of running a firm that handles Finances the audience on Pinterest doesn’t want to see the images of an office or a bunch of people sitting around having a meeting on a shiny round table in grey suits.

The people on this platform need information on how to get help. These people do not look for boring posts and boring CTA. They look for something interesting and more related to images rather than text.

This is where the point I made earlier comes to life. You should always spend your time and resources in discovering your audience and their age groups along with their interests. It is not like it’s going to take a lot of time; it requires a lot less time than you might think.

You can start up by checking out stats and breakdown the demographics of each social network.

You can also ask your current existing customers. You have to spend this extra time in checking out which platform works for you best.

No Shock Effect

You might hear that content is the most important factor while setting up a social media campaign. There is no doubt that content is the key to success. It is undoubtedly the major part of your campaign. If you see that other people are sharing and creating content, you might ask that why should the audience go and read your content and engage in the posts made by you.

When setting up campaign always come up with ideas that are unique and different. Your ideas should be tailored according to the liking of your audience. You have to come out of your shell and do not post what everyone else is posting on their pages. Your audience’s newsfeed shouldn’t be spammed with the same kinds of posts made by various pages. Unless of course when a major event or holiday is coming up. You can come up with catch phrases while posting your content like

“Cruelty Free Cosmetics, Humane Beauty”

for sure you could’ve easily written

“15 reasons of using Cruelty free cosmetics”

It works but it’s kind of boring. It will serve the purpose but it is not something that should be your motto.

You can hire someone to write all these catch phrases for you. I just wrote this to make a point.

Do not go for content that has been written and circled around the web thousands of time. Always keep the shock factor like but do not Clickjack.

Listen to Your Customers

Usually advertising on social media is like one-way communication. The advertiser shouts and screams

“Buy My Products, It’s The Best” “Look, Look We’ve got a Sale”

It seems ok, but once people start unfollowing you or blocking your page from their newsfeed you might think otherwise. Social media is a place where you have to interact with your customers and potential customers.

It is never about just giving off sale pitches very time they log in. they need to see that a person is trying to communicate to them in a friendlier manner. You can as for their feedback about your products, your customer services and your store location.

You just have to not make your page all about just making a sale. It should be about communicating and interacting with your customers. You have to listen to their complaints and queries in order to make yourself seem more a person than a machine.

This way you can know about the liking and disliking of your audience and you have the margin to improve your products. Once you get to know your audience you can create content that is more of their liking and they actually like and share it on their page.

It is way better than wasting time coming up with content that they are just going to ignore.

Observe and Gauge

This is the jest of what I have been saying throughout the article, you are most welcome to skip to this part if you have little or no time. You have to monitor and check what your audience is inclined towards. The one way of knowing is by doing research on your audience and checking if your content is up to the mark and is it serving the purpose of steering engagement your way.

If there is content that isn’t getting a response from your audience than its just a waste of your time and money.