Reasons Behind Non-Eligibility of Participating in Twitter Ads Program 

Can I participate in the Twitter Ads Program?

While using Twitter Ads you might face quite a lot of restrictions. This is because the Twitter management has set them so. And there are various reasons behind these restrictions. Participating in the Twitter Ads program is not so easy.

Most of the times you might end up seeing a message from Twitter that, “Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program”.

Well this can be due to many reasons. If you are facing any such issues then this article is just meant for you.

I know that getting these types of messages is really frustrating some times. This frustration gets worse if you are not aware of the reason behind it. This is just because Twitter does not have certain process in place by which the users can get to know the actual problem behind the issue. So most of the times you need to figure out the issues by yourself.  I have mentioned some of the most frequent issues which you can probably face and their solutions as well.

What to Know About Twitter’s Official Eligibility Restrictions

The first and the major restriction which you can probably encounter is the restriction of country and language of origin. Twitter is quite determined to become a global platform just like the other social networking channels. And it has somewhat succeeded in it too. Despite of this fact there are some countries which do not have the permission to advertise. There are many reasons behind it. A number of these restrictions are purposely due to the interference of government policies with any particular country in question.  Whereas you might face some other country restrictions due to the fact that Twitter is based in the United States of America.

Let’s take an example here. If you are living in a country like China you can possibly face some restrictions. It is because China has some very stringent limitations on the use of their Internet that how their Internet can be used. This is particularly due to the Great Firewall. So due to this fact China is not eligible. If you take a look at the official page of Twitter you can see a note written there regarding the restrictions. On the official page of Twitter it is written that “Twitter prohibits advertisements targeted to, and advertiser accounts from countries subject to US trade sanctions and other US export control laws. Individuals and entities subject to US trade sanctions are also prohibited from signing up for a Twitter Ads account.”

You can also find the full list of all those countries which are listed as ineligible countries. If you want you can view the list of all the ineligible countries on Twitters official page as well.

List of Ineligible Countries

Some of the ineligible countries mainly include: Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Bouvet Island, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, French Polynesia, Ghana, Iran, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Mauritius, Micronesia, Morocco, Myanmar, North Korea, Oman, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saint Martin, Saint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, and Vietnam.

If you are a resident of one of these ineligible countries then this means that you are not permitted to use the Twitter ads. In either case there is a possibility that you might be able to overcome the set restrictions by using a proxy setting in an eligible country. Working out on Twitter through the proxy settings might probably work out for you in some certain cases but additionally you will be required to make other efforts as well. This means that using Twitter through proxy you will also be required to filter all your payment methods as well as your contact information. Despite of this fact if in any case you get noticed on any stage doing so you might end up being caught up and might also be unable to use it in future forever.

Apart from this Twitter allows you to advertise using some certain approved languages. These are officially approved by Twitter management. This means that you cannot advertise your stuff or promote your ads on Twitter if you wish to use any other language then the officially approved ones.


I believe that Twitter has generally taken this initiative for effortlessness of control and examination of various ad contents. This might be because they probably get hundreds of ad approvals every day and probably might not have some capable staff which can translate hundreds of languages. That is why I believe that they have allowed only some of the languages in which you can advertise.

Some of the officially approved Twitter languages include Afrikaans, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Bahasa, and Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to the location and languages restrictions you might have to face some other eligibility requirements as well. These restrictions are somewhat more flexible than others.

The first restriction is related to the Account Status. Basically there are three account status restrictions which can stop you from using the Twitter Ads. Firstly you are not permitted to use Twitter ads if you have a deactivated or disabled account. This is quite obvious. Twitter had restricted the use of deactivated accounts due to the fact that these types of accounts probably do not exist.

Similarly you are also not permitted to use any suspended accounts to run your ads on Twitter. This is because Twitter might have suspended these types of accounts due to some reason.

If you are the one who has a deactivated account but want to run your ads on Twitter then you can use it simply just by activating your account. On the other hand if you have a suspended account then you might have to resolve the issue first on which Twitter suspended your account. There is a possibility that Twitter might activate your account again if you prove them that you have overcome the restriction which got your account suspended.

Protected Tweets

Secondly you might face a restriction by Twitter if your account has protected tweets. In this situation you are not permitted to use the Twitter ads system as well.

Protecting your tweets generally means that you are displaying your Tweets only to the users who are your followers and hiding them from general public.

I believe that protected tweets are a good thing for privacy. Whereas advertisement means more socializing that is why they are considered as an opposite to privacy. Off course you cannot promote any of your tweet or ads if no one other than your followers are able to see it.  You need to publish and promote your tweets as well as your ads more often to everyone. The more people see it the more it will get promoted. That is why it is important for you to make your Twitter account public so that more and more people are able to view it than just your followers. In order to make your Twitter account public you just need to go your account settings option and change it to “public”.

Thirdly the Twitter`s eligibility requirements also include the “account activity”. You can possibly face some restrictions if Twitter finds out some suspicious or apprehensive activities on your account.  Sometimes these restrictions might be frustratingly and non-specific. This is particularly because Twitter has designed to use as discretionary grounds for blocking you from Twitter Ads. You cannot generally assume that what types of activities are permitted by Twitter and what not. Certainly I want to give you some few guidelines regarding that.

  • Your account has to be at least 15 days old

In order to run your ads on Twitter you must have an account that is at least up to 15 days old or more. If you do not have one then you are not eligible to run your ads on it. In this case you will probably have to wait for 15 days so that you get eligible to run them. I believe that Twitter has generally set this restriction in order to avert mass spam. Additionally this is also set in order to stop abuse of the system by some fake users. Here an important thing which you need to remember is that during the initial 15 days of your Twitter account you must generate some activities on it. This means that you must make it active. You can tweet on it, retweet, reply, like, and most importantly getting engaged with random users on the site.

  • Your account shouldn’t Participate in Malicious Activities

In order to become eligible to run your ads on your Twitter account you should make sure that you do not get involved in any inappropriate or malicious activities. As like other social media channels Twitter has also restricted the use of some malevolent activities. You might face a lifetime ban or suspension on your Twitter account. This ban applies if the Twitter authority finds you participating in any of them. Some of these malicious activities involve the use of abusive languages in your tweets, follower churn, spam, DM abuse, illegal activities and hate speech and so on. Despite of these there are a whole lot of other activities which are included in the malicious activities. You can find them in detail on Twitter`s policies and guidelines page.

  • Your account payment information and contact information

In order to be eligible to run your ads on your Twitter account. It is essential for you to include the right information. Twitter does not allow using fake information. All the information which you provide must be in good standing. Let’s say for example if you have entered an address and Twitter finds something wrong in that address or possibly if that address does not exists geographically or you forgot to mention the PO box in that address. Then Twitter has all the rights to disallow you to run your ads. This will certainly make you ineligible to run your ads as well. Similarly if you use some payment methods which are suspicious or disputed. Then in this case also you will fall under the ineligible category.

Ways to Fix the Problems

I have compiled some of the solutions for you. You can apply them in case you are facing some issues running your ads on your Twitter account.

If you ask about me I probably think that using a new Twitter account is one of the major aspect. This is the aspect on which you can get ineligible to run your ads. This happens quite often. Most of the times I have seen some brands who create their new accounts on Twitter and start running their ads on it from the moment they create it. They do this without following the 15 days maturity guidelines of Twitter. As a result of this Twitter does not allow them to run their ads making them ineligible. I believe that these brands are mostly unaware of the Twitter guidelines. So they end up contacting the support centers or their ad managers looking for help. So it is very essential for you to wait for some time and then try running your ads.

You also need to see that you are not using the protected tweets. I am saying this because it is also a major cause of the problem. You need to fix it before you decide to run your ads.

Twitter will also suspend your account from running your ads. It will only be done if you are promoting some malicious or banned activities on your account. So you need to avoid any such activities too. I have already mentioned some of the banned activities above.

Sometimes you might end up being ineligible other that the above reasons. In this case I would recommend you to directly contact Twitter`s support center. You can do this by sending a message to [email protected] You can even call them on their helpline in order to resolve your issue in most convenient way