Reasons Why Reach is Falling on Your Page On Facebook


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 


Maintaining a balanced Reach on Facebook is an important thing that you must look out for. It is very important for you that you must try hard to keep the number of your reach high. Reach holds a vital place on Facebook. If you do not maintain it then will decrease in no time. There are several ways in which you can maintain and improve your reach. One of the most effective ways of doing it is through posting some of the good contents on your Facebook profile page. When you will post some exciting contents or images on your profile then people will be attracted towards it and like them. Most of them will also share them with their friends and followers. This will surely give a boost to your Facebook page when more and more people will get engaged. And finally as a result of this then your Facebook Reach will increase in a very short time.

What is Reach?  

In this context I have compiled answers to some of the questions that most of the users ask about Reach. In order to understand it in better way you can go through the following information.

If you are using the Facebook, then you must know about the basic information regarding the Reach. Basically Reach has three types. These mainly include the Organic Reach, Paid Reach and the Viral reach.

The first type of reach is the Organic Reach. It is considered as the most default type of Reach on Facebook. It can be explained in a simple way. Whenever you post anything on your Facebook profile or your Facebook page all those people who follow you as well as those who are in your friends list are able to view each and everything that you post. This is known as the Organic Reach.

The main examples of the Organic Reach include EdgeRank and Falling Reach Chart Paid reach. These include both the promoted posts as well as the boosted posts.

If you want your posts to be turned into ads by paying some amount of money, then in this case it will be known as paid reach. Every time when you pay money in order to promote your posts then these will come under the category of paid reach. In this way you can get you post promoted and advertised to the audiences and it will remain as a featured post in the newsfeed of your audiences.

The third type of reach is the viral reach. It is somewhat different from the other two types of reach. A viral reach is something when your audience’s view your post through a second degree connection of a post. It can vary to a third, fourth or more degree connections too. The second connection degree is related to promoting of a particular post through shares, likes or comments.

If you are a marketer who is promoting the businesses or brands on Facebook, then it is very important for you to know about these three kinds of reach so that you are able to make distinctions among them. It is due to the fact that the organic reach is mostly caped by Facebook.

The paid reach comprises of the amount of money that you are willing to invest in the promotion of your posts or ads on the Facebook This can increase or decrease according to the number of the audiences that you want to target. And lastly the viral reach is a reach that is an unlimited one. The more your audience share your post the higher reach you will get.

If you see that the number of reach is falling continuously then there might be numerous reasons behind this particular fact. I have compiled some of the major factors that lead to decrease the number of your reach on Facebook that are discussed below

Promoted Posts Expiration

While using the Facebook for the promotion of your posts you may come to a point where you find out that there is a certain decrease in the number of reach. There can be many reasons behind this fact. You will just have to put in a little effort in order to create some unique posts and then promote them among the audiences. In this way you will see that you have a better number of reach.

If you are not able to give some in the posts promotion, then I recommend that you should invest some money and go for the paid reach. This is a great way to get your posts featured on Facebook.

Tough Competition

Every Time a new competitor appears on Facebook it is usual fact that many of the users start following them too. This can also affect your reach on Facebook. So I recommend that you give some effort in creating some great and attractive posts so that you are able draw the attention of your audiences. This is the only way to give a tough time to your competitor.

Your Post Quality is dropping at Alarming Rate

Poor quality of posts is a major factor behind the dropdown in the amount of reach.  When you post some poor quality of posts they are often not liked by people and users avoid wasting their time on giving their feedbacks on that particular post. In this way people mostly do not comment on these posts and do not share them if they find the posts to be useless. As a result of this the engagement of the users will be low which will further result in decreasing the number of your reach on Facebook. So I will recommend that you give some time and energy to search and create some good quality posts. These posts should be unique as well rather than using the monotonous contents go for something different. In a very short time you will see that by just a little effort of yours the number of reach has increased.

Frequency of Posting has dropped

Do not let your posts frequency drop down. This is a major problem that you will face while EdgeRank does its work by pushing your farther away from your users newsfeed. So in order to avoid this issue you should post on a regular basis.

People have stopped commenting or sharing your posts

One of the strongest factor that EdgeRank uses is Engagement. As the engagement increases you will see that your reach will also increase. These two factors are linked to each other. For example, after you have posted something on your Facebook profile, you will see that many users will give their reaction to it by liking your posts, commenting on it or by sharing it with their friends and followers. In this way the likeness of the users with your post or the stuff you are marketing will definitely increase. The users will surely want to see your posts in the coming time. You it is very important for you that you try to post something good so that people are attracted towards it. This will increase the rate of engagement as well as the reach.

Facebook Eliminated Bots, Spam, and Accounts that are dead

Many users think that if Facebook removes the invalid accounts that are Bot, Spam or Dead this will result in increasing the number of reach. This is not as simple as it looks. It is because if for example on your Facebook account you have around 1500 followers and currently you have the total reach of 7%. If Facebook removes the invalid accounts, you will be left with a total of around 1400 followers. This will also affect your reach and as a result of this your reach will also decrease accordingly.

 You’re Depending on Singular Post Types

If you focus on EdgeRank then you can see that different posts have different weight. If you have included quality images, links, special contents in your posts then they will surely have a higher rank. Whereas simple text posts are not liked by many people so these posts have a lower rank. So try out posting some unique things so that the audiences like it too.

Facebook Videos

Marketing your business by using the videos has become very popular on Facebook nowadays. This a new trend which has taken place which the audiences like. Posting a quality video can be useful in giving a boost to the number of reach in a very short time.

You are Not Connecting to Your Fans  

Promoting your business or brand through images and videos is a great thing but there are many users who still like some descriptions too. You can post some context that describe what your business or brand is all about. Include some unique selection of words to make your content look more interesting.

Facebook Updated its Algorithm

Facebook usually makes changes in it working after some time. You may have noticed that previously Facebook change the large-scale removal of many generated stories. It worked whenever a user likes a particular post it used to generate a story about that post in their friends feed. The commenting was also done in the same way. Today these cannot be seen very often because all the users or friends who were involved in it are not able to get engaged with them. It also resulted in a downfall of Facebook reach for many users.

Reach Reporting has been Changed by Facebook

Many times Facebook has also made changes in the reach reporting also. In this way the reporting of a particular data by the user also changed which resulted in decreasing the reach on Facebook.

No Facebook Preview Available on your Posts

Every time when you post any link on your Facebook profile page, the site automatically reaches the meta data. In this way it determines the contents that can be shown in the preview of your page. You have the option to customize it using the open graph tags. You can also remove the preview option if you do not want to see it.

I recommend that you should try customizing some high quality previews on Facebook. In this way the audiences can be easily attracted which will lead to an increase in the reach.

Posting too much Text

The Text posts are also a major aspect in decreasing the reach. A simple text post is unable to attract a large number of audiences. Instead of posting some boring contents try out including some quality images, descriptions, special contents and links to make your post look more attractive.

Change in Privacy Settings

If in a recent time you have made some changes in the privacy settings of your Facebook account, then this can be one of the reason behind the decrease in the reach. Maybe you have customized the option of who can see your posts. In this way many users are unable to view your posts.

Your Posts Were Reported or Flagged

Whenever someone on Facebook reports your post to the Facebook authority. That user discontinues seeing your posts in future. This will also lead to draw away some more users too. This will surely affect your reach and it will decrease.

You Lost an Important Follower

There are many such users who get their reach from the Viral reach. If at any time you see that there is a certain decrease in the number of your reach, then it is a considerable fact. It may be due to the reason that some of your potential users have stopped sharing your posts with the other users. You should try to check the major reason behind this because in this case you cannot do much. It may be due to the reason that your potential followers have stopped using their accounts and sharing your posts or they may have ended up their business. In this case you just have only one solution and that is to post some good contents and attract more and more audiences on your Facebook page.

You’re too impatient in Checking Reach

I have come across many such users who while using their Facebook accounts check out for the increase or decrease in the number of reach very regularly. Checking your reach on a regular basis is a good thing but on the other hand if you check your reach too often then there might be a possibility that you can get disappointed by the total number. It is major issue with many users. The main problem behind checking the reach too often after a short time is that you will get less reach. It is because if you post something on your Facebook profile and then check the number of reach after 10 days on a regular basis. In this way you will have the total reach based on the calculation and engagement rate according to 10 days in total. Now if you again post something on your Facebook profile and then start to check the number of reach after a period of 6 days after the post is made then the number of the total reach will be very low. It is because the context that you have posted on your Facebook profile will have a very short time in order to build the number of reach. In simple words, if you give less time to build up your reach then you have a lower reach. The more time you will give to build your reach will result in having higher number of reach. I recommend that you should give some more time so that the number of reach builds up.


About the Author


Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.