How Reddit Can Increase Your Social Awareness

This day in age, Reddit is known as one of the top internet communities. It has a massive amount of internet traffic that can convert into viral opportunities. A lot of people see Reddit as a way to generate lots of YouTube views and social fans.

For musicians and video makers, Reddit can generally turn their content into viral sensations within a matter of minutes. That’s how powerful the social platform has become. The way Reddit functions makes it difficult for almost anyone to generate content and appear on their front page quickly. You will need some very high quality content in order to get front page of

Its not hard but its definitely possible for almost anyone to get the front page spot on Reddit. For anyone wondering what the front page of Reddit is, its a wall full of trendy topics and links. Its basically the wall of fame for each hour on the internet. It has turned small YouTube videos into worldwide sensations within a matter of just a few seconds.

Reddit is also a place where online journalism shines. On the site, the many stories and posts that are published on the front page, end up becoming tomorrows headline news stories. Its a great way to get news coverage and its also a great way to make revenue. A lot of businesses and brands know the power of Reddit.

In order to get on the front page of the website or even for a category, its hard work and luck. For starters, Reddit posts are user generated and are also voted in to the top. When a user likes the content, they click on the up arrow. When a user dislikes the content, they give it a down arrow. For a post to rank on the top of its category, it needs to grow substantially in a short amount of time.

As soon as the post stops getting up votes and comments, the post dies.

redditIf the post is lucky enough to get the up votes it needs to rank to the top of its category, then it will have a chance to rank on the front page of Reddit. The competition gets even harder and the post will need to continue doing good in order to get a spot on the front page.

If the post has all the luck in the world to get front page, then the traffic and attention it will get would be enormous. If its a YouTube video, depending on its content, it can jump from 15,000 views to  5 million views and counting. Yup, Reddit is that powerful. For companies trying to brand themselves on the internet, Reddit is one of the strongest tools at your disposal.

From Reddit, the viral content starts to flow around the forums, 4Chan, Tumblr, social media and news outlets. This is why Reddit should be utilized by any marketers wanting to increase social awareness. But how can it be done?

The word “luck” has always been seen next to the word “viral”. The reason for this is because people are not well educated about how viral marketing works. Some big companies like Pepsi, Sony & McDonalds hire only the best marketers to do the jobs for them. These marketers have spent years researching and performing viral marketing work.

The more one performs viral marketing, the more the marketer understands it. For those who know a little something about viral marketing knows that Reddit is one of the crucial factors of it. A viral campaign where Reddit wasn’t part of, is simply unheard of. Reddit is one of the top generators of viral content ever.

Let me elaborate even further, Reddit is also one of the main generators of traffic that goes to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. Believe it or not but millions of visitors could be knocking on your Facebook page doorstep in a matter of hours utilizing just Reddit. I know it sounds crazy but let me explain how it can be done.

When you visit Reddit, you are able to login or register for an account. When you register, you are then able to make a post and choose title + category. Choosing the right catchy title and relevant category is just as important as the content itself. Many make this basic mistake and end up not seeing any success.

socialmediaTo increase success on Reddit, you will need the right content that will get a reaction from your audience. The content will need to make a Reddit user angry, cry, laugh or feel interested, in an exaggerated level. When we mean exaggerated, we mean it! A simple giggle won’t cut it, it will need to be the funniest thing the user has ever seen.

If you can pull off reactions like that on your content, then you have a potential viral post. Users will want to desperately show other users or even their close friends to see their loved one’s reactions. Its a bit of psychology mixed in with skill. Another tip is to not try too hard while making your content. Let it all come natural.

If you are one of the blessed users who have their posts on front page, expect a huge social media trend about your post. News coverage is also common, as well as increased social awareness. Its a huge advantage and help for any business or brand. Its also good for musicians who want to promote their music.

Reddit has definitely turned a bunch of music videos into viral singles that have gone on to chart on the Billboard charts. YouTubers have gone from 7,000 subscribers to 1 million subscribers in a short amount of time. It has launched music careers, YouTube careers and has even helped causes. Its the bright side of the internet.