Redirect or Change your Facebook Page URL


Facebook Authority has set a number of rules and regulations when anyone wants to change or redirect a certain URL of their Facebook Page. Now there is a big difference between changing a URL or making changes in the name. Similarly, with these differences there are certain different requirements to do these set of procedures as well as different effects and controls.

In this article I have tried to give an overview of all the steps which you have to follow if you are planning to make changes in your Facebook page or the URL. Moreover, I have discussed all the aspects which you can come through while doing the above procedures.

The Sections

In this particular article I have categorized my discussion into three sections. The first section is related to changing the URL of your Facebook, second section includes the information regarding making changes in the name of your Facebook page. The third and final section is related to the process of redirects. You can read along to find a detailed explanation of all the three sections below.

First Section

The first section includes the information regarding making changes in the Facebook URL. This specifically includes the custom URL that you have. It does not include the name of your Facebook page. There are many aspects which are related to it. As you go along with the procedure you can face some drawbacks while making the changes which you can read in the following discussion.

Second Section

The second section is related to making changes in the name of your Facebook page. Now there is no effect on the URL but on the other hand the business name of your Facebook page changes. It is a simple process which can be done very easily. Moreover, it is less restrictive. You can read further detailed discussion in the section two of this article.

Now lastly the section three is related to redirects. This includes the ways of how you can redirect your Facebook pages form a particular URL to another one or any other related redirects which you want to do.


How to Change URLs

Look for your Facebook ID

Whenever you desire to make certain changes in the URL of your Facebook page you must know that it consists of two forms. The first form includes the initial change that takes place while making changes to a specific URL. This includes the changes from your default profile URL to the customized URL of your name. The second form is related to changing your current URL to another one.

What to do ?

One important thing to note here is that when you use the Username or the User ID just remember that these two are a public information. Whenever you make changes in your Facebook URL to your Facebook Username from the Facebook User ID. In this case you will see that the User ID becomes visible in front of the users. At the time you make changes in it the particular User ID can still be searched whenever you or any of your user searches for the source code of your existing Facebook page. Here you can also use the services of a third party just like the GoToMyFacebookID in order to search for the available ID. These sites are particularly related to the personal profiles but you can use them for your Facebook pages also.


I have seen many people who prefer changing their Facebook User ID to a unique Username. It is just due to the fact that a particular and unique Username is much easier to remember as compared to the User ID. You can see for yourself which of the following is easier to remember either of America or Well I think the Username of America is much easier to remember then the other one.

Moreover, here I would like to suggest two different aspects. First of all, you will be required to make changes in your existing URL as soon as it is required. Preferably, it can be done just after you create your Facebook page and before you launch it on the social network. The second aspect includes that you must change it to the way you want it to be. This aspect is very important because once at first place when you make changes in it according to your requirements then in future you will not have any further desire to make changes very often.


Change from Default Numbers to Customized URL

The first change is, of course, the easiest.

In order to make changes in the URL to will need to visit the Facebook URL: At the place of user name just enter your Username. After you click enter you will be taken to the customize URL page, where you can make changes in it for your personal profile or for your other Facebook page which you want to manage with your personal profile.

Here you will be required to choose the page from the drop-down menu items and the types which you want in the “Facebook Web Address” box. Now click the “check availability” box to see if that desired URL is available for your use or not. If in case it is not present, then in this case you can enter some other choices.

Further if you want to change your custom Username to another one then you will be required to follow the same process. Apart from this there are also some restrictions that you can face. I have mentioned them below

What are the Limitations on Changing URLs?

 Availability of URL

When you plan to change you Username there are certain limitations which are set by Facebook in this regard that should keep in mind. For this purpose, it is important for you to follow the guidelines of Facebook.

I recommend that you always try using some unique Usernames. Believe me this plays a very important part. In this way many different users will find it easy to search your name on Google or any other search engines that are available. Just try to avoid using those Usernames which are already in use by other users or even if you own any of the same accounts.

Username Selection

It is important to select a Username which is a unique and attractive one. It is important to do so because your Username is a public thing. Like “Coca Cola”, “Microsoft”, “Dell”, “Orio” etc. have some unique usernames and people can easily search them on the internet. Avoid using abusive or offensive Usernames which can hurt the feelings of your audiences. For example, any company will not want prefer using the Username which hurts anyone’s feelings. It is really offensive.

Another important thing that I would like to mention here is that you can change your Username only a single time. So it is important that you make changes when it is extremely needed. Just like the rebranding. If you want a particular change the next time, then in this case you can contact the Facebook authority or the help center for providing the available solution.

How to Change Names?

If you want to make changes in the name your Facebook page, then I must tell you that is considered as one of the difficult things as compare to making changes in your Username. There are many restrictions that are related to this particular aspect. Mainly changing your Facebook page name depends on the total size of your Facebook page.

Now you might be thinking that what is the purpose of such strict restriction behind changing your Facebook page name?

The simple answer to it is that in previous time, Facebook faced a lot of system abuse by many of the fake users. That is why they have set certain restrictions in this case.

The Scams

Many users in the past created different Facebook pages and then used some particular software in order to make numerous people to follow their page. This page following was done through the spam tactics. Further these fake users sold their pages which contained thousands of followers to other users or business who purchased these type of running pages without any hesitation.

When the users or businesses purchased these type of Facebook pages they just needed to make changes in the name of their Facebook page and the URL. In this way it was assumed that these businesses were running the Facebook page all along. Even the followers did not notice and they remained attached to that particular page.

After some time, Facebook again made changes in the restrictions of changing your name. This includes that you can change you Facebook page name when you have less than 200 followers. At the time when the number of your followers increases from 200. After that you will be required to through Facebook Request Name Change form, which includes some strict overview.


How to Alter Your Name?

Now there are two different processes which you can follow when you plan to change you Facebook page name.

Alter you Name in these Easy steps

The first process includes
  • Click About which is under your cover photo and then from here go to the Page Info section.
  • Then go to the Name section and then click on the Edit button which appears in front of your screen.
  • Here you will be required to enter a new name that you want and then click to save these changes.
  • Now it is done. This is just a simple process which you can perform anytime.


The Second Process includes
  • Click on About which is under your cover photo and then from here go to the Page Info section.
  • Then go to the Name section and then click on the Edit button which appears in front of your screen.
  • Now click on the “request change” button and then fill up the form which appears in front of your screen.
  • In this form you will need to enter your current page name that you have. After that  your desired page name, and the main reason behind changing the name of your page.
  • You can select from a number of options that are present or you can choose “other” option. When you select “other” you will be required to explain the main reason behind the name change in detail. It is much better that you choose from the present options.
  • Next you will have to upload all your documents in which your name appears as well as your business name. This can include the documents like your utility bill, a lease, or any other official document. You cannot include the logos, websites and business cards in this option.

When you make these changes you will be required to get the direct approval from Facebook also. In case of any further changes you can always contact the Facebook help center for guidance.

How to Redirect URLs?

  • On the internet you can see many times that HTTP redirects a commonplace event.
  • You can find the redirects very beneficial for you; whenever you decide to make changes in the URL of a Facebook page–merging two different pages or if you want to change your page location. You are required to make a redirect on your old URL which can send all of your visitors to the new URL automatically. It is just as simple.
  • Apart from this, if you are using Facebook then you have very less control when it comes to the overarching code. This means that you are not able to include the themes, change backgrounds, or cannot make any changes to the meta data. The worst thing here is that you are not allowed to add a redirect in it.
  • If you change your Username or URL, and someone visits the old URL, they hit a 404 page. That’s it, end of story, nothing you can do. The old page does not exist, and the new page has no redirects pointing at it.
  • You can make changes in your existing Facebook URL or the Username anytime you desire to do so. It is important that you should try to do it in the first place. So that you do not face the hassle of making changes in it very often.