Reduce your Facebook Ads Expenditure by using these 10 Easy Methods


Are you spending more on your Facebook ads?

Well you don’t need to do that now. In this article I have mentioned some useful tricks which you can use to cut down your Facebook ads spending very significantly.

  1. Understanding the working of Cost Structures

Do you know how Facebook ads really work?

If not, then let me tell you. There are different types of Facebook ads. These ads work in many different ways. The working of the Facebook ads is directly related to various payment options that you are using. This totally depends on your own choice or setup according to which you want to choose your ad preferences. You may have seen some companies spend quite a lot of money on creating their Facebook ads and also on their ad promotions. Companies like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Samsung etc. invest quite a lot of money on their ad promotions.

Nowadays it has become a general concept that by investing more money on your ads can bring you a lot of customers. This concept is true to some extent because many people do get attracted by these type ads. On the other hand, I do not think that this concept is totally true. I believe that these various payment options for creating or running your ads are some fancy ways of promoting your business or brands. Otherwise the main objective behind creating these ads is more or the same.

While creating your Facebook ads there is one major thing which you must remember and that is the cost per customer acquisition. I know many of you might not be aware of this concept but it really plays a vital role. First of all you need to understand this major concept if you are not aware of it. You must know the meaning of acquiring a customer. It might probably depend on the factors related to the conversion of any site, a mailing list opt-in or a Facebook like and most importantly the total amount of money which you need to invest in order to gain the major objective.

  1. Don’t Use Boost, Promote

Promotion of your posts is always a good option. Focus on promoting your posts more rather than boosting them up. It is a very important and useful advice that I am giving you right now. It is certainly beneficial for you and your business as well. You can use different ways to promote your business, products or brands to your audiences. Let’s say for example you can use some attractive and colorful images in your posts to attract your audiences. You can post regarding different events that will take place in near future.

Similarly, you can also post some interesting and useful information for your audience in order to build up their interest in your posts and so on. It is totally up to you that how many effective ways you can think of promoting your business or products among the audience and also the ways of attracting them. Believe me you can attract quite a lot people towards your Facebook page just by promoting your stuff in an effective way.

On the other hand, boosting your products is not that essential. As far as I think you can relate the Facebook boost post button as “Promoting your post to dummies.” I am sure you do not want that to happen in any case. So I would rather prefer your Facebook post promotion more over boosting up you posts. The reason I am saying this because post promotion can give you a great recognition on Facebook as compared to boosting of your posts.  

  1. Use Call to Action

On Facebook you can find several CTA button options. These are really useful for your ad promotions. The best part is that you can customize any CTA button that you want and then you can use it for promoting your stuff. It can be anything including your major objective which you want to promote, your Facebook ads, your posts, your business, your brands, your services or any other thing. For example, if you want your audiences to download an app on their computers or any other devices which they are using then you possibly might think of using the app objective yourself as well.

Here an important thing which you need to remember is that you must try testing everything yourself first. Just feel free to test anything yourself of which are not sure. I would recommend you to always test any advice which you get from your audience, any user or from any other sources before implying it. Even if it is a grain of salt. Testing is very essential.

If in case, you are still in doubt after testing all the possibilities then I recommend you to use the option of “lean more” button. It is available on your Facebook page. You can even search out the required information from the internet if you need to. Otherwise the “learn more” is a good option to get all the relevant information which you need. In addition to this you can also use the learn more button option if you want to convert anything like a file or an ad etc. Even if that file does not include a convert button at all. Believe me it is one of the best possible options which you can use because it works best for everything.

  1. Narrow Your Ad Targeting

Try to narrow down your ad targeting. This means that you must focus on targeting those audiences who are already your followers. Or those users who are interested in viewing your ads more. I think that it is great way by which you can give a boost to your posts as well as your Facebook ads. This can surely increase the ROI of your Facebook ad.


5.Use Geolocation

Are you running a global brand?

If yes, then one of the major aspects which you need to focus on is your geo location.

The more you focus on your geo location, the more focused you can remain in conveying your message to your audiences. I strongly recommend you to always consider your geo location. In this way you can easily convey you messages to your audiences just by dividing them into different segments. You can also test out different variations for every individual location which you want to target. I am saying this because you must be aware of the fact that all your audiences are not the same. And it is not that easy to target them. Every country has its own culture, attitudes and living habits. If you are running a global brand, then you need to focus on the all the relevant aspects which you can.

On the other hand, the same thing goes for you too if you are running a small business and targeting a particular country or a single city. It is essential to test out every possible variation in order to target your audiences effectively.

  1. Quality and Passion

Never comprise on quality. You need to understand that you are advertising your stuff to people all over the world. They will only show their interest if they find it interesting. Otherwise there is a greater chance that your audience might ignore your posts or advertisements. So I strongly recommend you to target your audience with passion.

  1. Target the Lookalikes

Have you ever thought of targeting the lookalikes?

If not, then you can do it now.

You already have an audience right? And every one of them uses Facebook and have their account on it. While creating an account on Facebook it is essential to enter the required information. I know everyone is aware of this fact.

So what do think Facebook do with all the information they get?

Let me tell you about it. All the information which Facebook collects from the users can be used to create a lookalike archetype. And Facebook does that too. The main idea behind all this is that everyone who follows you on your Facebook account does not have the same information as the other person. So there might be some users who are probably interested in following you on your Facebook page. Facebook creates a lookalike audience as a result of all those users whose information matches with yours and displays your ad to them as well.

    8. Keep on Testing

Always test, test, test, test and keep testing as much as you can. This is one thing which I strongly recommend you to do every now and then. You must keep testing every possibility. Test again. And just don’t stop.

Sometimes you just need to try out many different things and search out for the best. Most of the times while testing a slight change in color, change in alignment of the picture, body copy or preview image can bring out some great results.

Testing is a way to make great improvements in your work. And trust me it is the only possible way by which you get to know what is right. Do not get down if you are not getting some desired result. Just try testing any other option. I know it can make a huge difference.

  1. Make Good Use of Opportunities

Always focus more on capitalizing your opportunities. Grab every possible opportunity that you get and get the best out of it. You might have noticed that your advertisement decays over time. It does not stay the same. No matter how expensive ad you create or how much successful you become in attracting the audience by displaying your advertisements. With the passage of time it gets old. People lose their interest in that particular advertisement. So you need to think about it.

Today variation is one of the major aspects of getting success. You must focus on bringing variation in your work as much as possible. You cannot use the same old ads or advertising policies to attract people. People will lose their interests. So it is important for you to think of some new and unique concepts in order to attract a maximum number of users towards your Facebook posts or advertisements.

The concept of capitalizing your opportunities can bring out some great results for you and your business. This means that you must capitalize an available opportunity which is bringing out some positive results and has an increased ROI. Just do not be afraid to capitalize it. Let me explain it to you with an example. Just think that you are given two options. The first option is to check out the ROI and then run the same ads at the same spell again and again. Just run that particular ad till the ROI of that ad starts to fall down.

The next option that is the option number 2 in which you have to boost up yours spend and then try to run the ad as much as you can. You need to run that particular ad just before the ROI of that ad drops.

Now the major concept behind this example is to realize that ROI of that particular ad is not going to decrease if you are boosting up the amount of money which you are spending on the frequency of the ad. This happens almost 99% of the time.

So as a result it is important for you search for a good ad having an increased ROI and then capitalize on it before it decays with the passage of time. Off course the ad might probably decay a little faster as you pump up the ad volume. Despite of this fact you make more money in a short time till it decays.

  1. Be Patient

Patience is all you need to be successful. It plays a major role if you want get successful in Facebook marketing. Sometimes the ad which you have created can hit success right away. Whereas sometimes it can take months to draw attraction of your users and get some. So do not get disappointed if you do not get some immediate results. You can make everything better with just a little patience.