Remove a Comment Easily From a Facebook Post


Have you ever tried to remove a post from your Facebook page?

This is not as easy as you think. In various cases you might encounter some stipulations too. This article is all about that. Now take a look at different scenarios in this regard.

How to Remove a Post You Made

How many times it has happened that you have thought of a post and created it. And then finally you posted that on your Facebook page?

It is something that happens quite often right? Almost every time.

There are probably many instances when you posted something on your Facebook page. And after some while you thought of removing it. This might be due to the reason that you thought of something better than the stuff you posted. It might be due to the reason that you did not get any response from your audiences. Or it might be due to fact that you posted some controversial content on your Facebook page and people started bashing you for posting such content and so on.

Whatever the reason may be you removed the posted content from your Facebook page. Deleting a particular post might seem as an easy thing to do but actually it’s not. Any post which you post on your Facebook page is considered as probably too little too late.

This means that whatever content you post once on your Facebook page remains there even if you delete it just the seconds after you have posted it. This is probably because the internet is quite good at taking quick screenshots. These screenshots are of those instances when any particular business or brands put their corporate foot into it.

On the other hand there are over billions of active users present on Facebook today. Due to such a large number of users there might be many users who have been scrolling onto their Facebook page on that time when you posted. If you deleted your post after some time or even after a minute or so. There are quite a lot of people who viewed your post. So I believe that you must think before posting any content because it is not an easy thing to remove it afterwards.

Well I know that no one can be that accurate while posting. Even if you check everything you might face some flaws anyways. Sometimes even I also make changes in many of my posts. And I have also deleted many of them since I started posting on my Facebook page. This do happens with me as well probably due to several reasons though.  In any of the case you can delete any of your post if you want. I have discussed some of the major aspects below:

How to Delete a Facebook Post

Deleting a Facebook post does not really take a lot of effort. If you are an individual Facebook user then you can delete any of your post from your Facebook timeline by just following a simple and easy process. In order to delete a post first of all you need to go to your Facebook timeline.

After that you need to find the specific post which you want to delete. You can also go to the post directly too. Now search for the “V” icon. You can easily find it in the upper right corner of the post box. Its color is faint gray. Here you can view quite a lot of other options as well. By clicking any of these options you can do whatever you want. These options mainly include save the post, edit the post, change the date of the post, embed the post on another site, turn on or off notifications for the post, hide the post from your timeline, turn off translations for the post, or delete the post.

Now to delete a post just click on the “delete” button after which a box will pop up on your screens. This box says “if you delete the post, it will be deleted permanently”. Finally you click ok to permanently delete the post. And that post will be deleted.

In another case if you want to delete a post which you made on any other users timeline then the process is almost the same. For this purpose you first need to go to the timeline of that user and search for the post which you want to delete. You can also go to your own timeline search for the particular post as well. Now search for V icon. It is located in the corner of the page. You can see several options on it. These options are almost the same options which I have already mentioned above.

Now search for the option of “delete and remove the post”.  You can click it to delete the unwanted post.

In another scenario if you are a professional and want to delete any of your post from your Facebook timeline then deleting process of any post is just the same for you as well. In addition to this you just need to follow an extra step in the deletion process as compared to the above. You might have to face some stipulations while following this step.

Despite of this if you are an editor of admin of a Facebook page the process of deleting your post is just slightly different than others. Generally there are up to six possible roles which you can execute while managing your Facebook page. These roles mainly include being a Live Contributor, Analyst, Advertiser, Moderator, Editor, and Admin. One of the important things which you should note here is that only the page Editor or the Admin have the authority to make certain changes on a Facebook page.

Only the Editor or the Admin of a particular Facebook page are allowed to create, edit, or delete the posts from their Facebook page.

Whereas, no other user or audience is authorized to delete a specific post or either make any kind of changes on a Facebook page. So if you do not hold any of these positions then you are also able to delete any post from the Facebook page.

Now let’s start off with the process. If you are holding the position of an editor or admin of a Facebook page and you want to delete a post. You first have to view the Page feed. In order to do it you need to click the downward-pointing triangle which is located in the top navigation bar of your Facebook page. It is blue in color. Just next to the notifications and settings buttons. Now at this point you need to click on the page option which you want to edit. You can also navigate to the Page feed directly too.

Now you need to find the particular post which you want to remove from the Page feed. Here you can see the V icon that I already mentioned above. It is gray in color and located at the upper right corner of the post box. Just click it. As you click it all the available options appear on your screens. These options include save the post, pin the post, edit it, change the date, toggle notifications, hide it, disable translations, or delete it. At this point you can click on the post or on name of user whose post you want to delete. By doing this all comments as well as the posts will be deleted immediately.

How to Remove a Post From Your Timeline

Most of the times you might probably want to remove some certain posts which appear on the timeline of your Facebook page. These can probably be some random posts which you did not made by yourself. You can remove these types of unwanted posts too.

If you are an individual and want to delete or remove a particular post that any other user made on your timeline then you can easily do it by yourself. The process of doing it is somewhat the same as I have discussed above. Try following the same steps. First of all you need to go to the timeline of your Facebook page on which you want to remove the post.

Scroll down to find the post you want to delete. It is not that hard to find. If it is an older post it can probably take some time for you to search it out.

Otherwise if it is a recent one then you can find it quickly. After finding the post you can now click on the V icon and from there you can easily delete the post. The V icon is of grey color and is located in the upper right corner of the post.

In addition to this you must remember that this thing specifically works for those posts which are posted on your feed in actual. On the other hand you cannot remove any post if it appears on your newsfeed while you were tagged in by any user. This is because in reality that particular post is not on your Facebook profile. That is why you cannot remove or delete it. The only thing which you can do here is to simply remove the tag. By doing this the post will not appear on Facebook newsfeed anymore.

Another thing which you must know is that if any individual user leaves a post on your Facebook Page feed. Then that particular post will appear in the “visitor posts” app. There are some Facebook pages where this app is not visible. While this particular app is visible on all the other Facebook pages. Let’s say for example if you go to the Facebook Page of Pepsi. You are able to view a box on it. This particular box is located just at the right side of the Facebook page. This box contains all the “visitor posts” in it.

On the other hand if you go to the Facebook page of Dell. You are no able to view that particular box on that page.

Removing a Comment You Made

If you want to remove any unwanted comment from your Facebook page you can do that too. It does not take too much effort. Despite of the fact that you will have to find the specific comment which you want to delete. Well finding the unwanted comment can be a tricky process though.

You can simply do it by finding the Page or profile on which you posted that comment. After this you need to search for the post and then find the required comment. On the other hand to avoid this long process you can go to your activity feed and find the comment directly.

There are mainly two ways of doing it. First of all if you are coming up from the activity feed then you need to search for the gray pencil icon in order to remove a post. This is grey in color. It appears just in front of you to the right of the particular post which you want to remove. Now click it. It will show the option of delete button. Just click it to permanently delete the post.

In the second option if you directly reach out the post. Then in this case you will not be able to see the pencil icon or the grey colored icon. This is because it will not appear anywhere.

Apart from this while hovering over the unwanted post you will only be able to see an icon that is “…”. It is also grey in color. Just click it. By clicking on it you can see few other options appear on your screens. These options mainly include edit and delete, or sometimes just delete.

Now on your page you simply need search out the post on which you left the comment.

At this point while you are successful in finding the required comment or the sub-comment you just need to select it. Now simply flit around it and look up for the grey dots “…”. Just click it. You can now see the options of edit or delete. Finally click it to delete the comment.

As a reminder you need to be the Admin, Editor, or Moderator for the page in order to delete any unwanted comment from your Facebook page.