How to remove Deleterious and Disrespectful comments on Facebook


Why a user is furious at a business? There are many reasons for this. Probably the customer services didn’t respond in time or they missed a call. Whatever the reason is, it usually results the user in posting bad-bad reviews or comments on your business page.

Some might censor their words and some just don’t want to hold their feelings back. They might also post it on your wall as ‘Post’.

Now I will suggest the means to maintain your standing in the business community without cutting your user.

There are three possibilities

  1. Reply to the comment and clear up the situation.
  2. Just ignore it.
  3. Remove the comment or post Asap.


Make Sure You See the Comment

You can’t answer to a comment or post you haven’t seen, when you let an undesirable or a disrespectful comment posted on your page for days without responding to it, it is obvious that your page administration is neglected. You have to keep an eye out for every comment that appears on your page. You see them by using Twitter’s listen service. Have the application installed on your phone and you can get notifications whenever a comment is posted, you can deal with it there and then!


Step 2: Categorize Comments

Divide the comments into three categories Good, Bad or Neutral.

Now decide what to do with it. Is it ok to ignore? Because if it’s a legitimate query, you should attend to it (and do it quickly).

Keep a few points under consideration when you come across comments or posts made by disgruntled customers. It is really important to mention them here and deal with it. Sometimes customers post criticism regarding your business or brand. Usually it’s posted on a small sub-blog with very few participants, when you see this don’t respond to it. You commenting on it will draw attention to it.

Ignore replying to criticism, that is just a waste of your precious time because usually it is just a public sharing of grievances. Make sure they are not affecting your business, either ignore or remove the posts.


Step 3: Address the Issue

If you have categorized a comment as ‘Ignore’, stick to it, do it and you are done dealing with it.


Any post of comment that you have decided to remove, do it as soon as possible. When someone made a post to your wall just delete the post, if the user is being a spammer or posting irrelevant ads block the user as well.


Click the V in the right corner of the post, you will see an option of removing or hiding it. If it’s a comment move your cursor on it and you will see a delete button, click it and good riddance.


There’s one setup where you can’t delete a comment, the comment is in the dedicated reviews section. There are two methods you can deal with this.

  1. Remove the reviews section totally. This is an only option for dealing with insignificant bad reviews, but if there are spam in your reviews, it’s a good idea to get rid of them.
  2. Report the review to Facebook. It might not be removed immediately but it will be reviewed by Facebook eventually because it is just a spam.


Responding to Comments

Now let’s come to the comments that don’t require removal but they do require a reply.

If someone posted a constructive comment on your page, first of all be generous and thankful. Try starting a conversation about your product and how it has helped the customer. Get a good feedback and ask the user to post a review on your website as well.

On the other hand, if someone posted an undesirable comment, you need to act quick and in a professional manner. It could go something like ‘Hello, my name is Susan, we’re currently looking into your complaint, I’ll get back to you in 2 hours. If you have any additional details regarding your complaints, please feel free to send them to <Email address>


By posting this letter you will give your customers a more tangible source of communication, they will feel they are talking to a human not a machine. If they see a pre-programmed letter they will know that it is generated by the system and doesn’t really value their queries or feedback. On the other hand, a personal yet small message from a customer services representative tends to make a huge difference.

This gives a human voice and human consideration to the problem. Users are familiar with a system generated letter when its posted. They know a system generated letter is not going to provide no real will give your audience a sense of security that they are important and attention is paid to their problems.

It’s significant to communicate from one user to another, and to do this, you need to give your customer service people a bit of freedom in communicating with users. Never outsource your reputation management to an ESL call center.

Next step is to take the initiative to investigate the problem. Find out what the hitch is and see how you can deal with it. You might even want to offer the user a penalty so they can feel better about the whole situation.

If the mistake is on your part, be apologetic and humble. Never argue with your customer. Be the compassionate force behind your brand, listen and try to understand the problem being faced by your customer. It might seem exciting that a huge trail of comments has been started on your page but it is eventually destructive for your business.

You don’t want to be the company that got into this huge brawl with a bunch of users over some cupcakes or whatever the product might be. You can steer the conversation to ‘inbox’, but this not a good thing to do as other people will not be able to see how skillfully you have handled a customer and how efficient you are regarding solving your problems.