How Reposting Affects Your Page Reach



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Reposting means to post a particular post several times. This is a common technique used by many bloggers to post the same content numerous times on different blogs including Buffer, Moz and other social media channels and marketing websites. Some of the main reasons behind this are discussed below:

The first and most important factor to gain attention on your social media channel is to become remarkably productive.

According to a research it is concluded that through a particular post you are unable to reach a large number of audience, it is necessary to repost a content several times so it reaches a large number of audience every time you post.

Most brands also believe in posting the same thing again and again as long as it attracts the users. Here we can also consider the example of HootSuite in which they talked about sending a single tweet 44 times without having any negative response.

Apart from this, there are different situations to do so. Firstly, Twitter is considered to be much different than Facebook. Secondly, HootSuite is a large brand, which can easily get through of things that some smaller brands cannot. Another significant aspect that small brand should consider is that they should not follow the testing advice of large brands.

Some of the factors relating whether you should repost on Facebook or not are discussed below


EdgeRank and its Impact

EdgeRank is the informal name for Facebook Algorithm. It was the name given to the older and complicated version was present in the past. Today we have a newer and easier version of it. Here we can view the ways how it handles the repeated posts

There are three factors that EdgeRank consist from which we can get an idea of how much reach can a post gain


  • Weight of a Post

A post weight can be according to what sort of a post it is. For example, a simple text or a note will be low in weight and similarly have low engagement reach. On the other hand, an image or video will be measured higher in weight and likewise it will have higher engagement rate. As a result, numerous users include images while posting even if they find the image as unnecessary.


  • Time of Posting

As newer the post is; it would result in attracting large number of audience. The followers on Facebook will engage more accordingly by commenting, sharing or liking. This will allow the post to be in focus for a long span of time. On the other hand, Facebook users ignore several posts that they find uninteresting and these posts become to weaken up. Whereas, a post stays in spotlight for a long time if people find it interesting and due to its activeness, it can commence for a long term even several months.


  • Affinity of Your Post

If the followers like your site more, a specific post will remain more visible to them. Affinity can be described as the likeness of something. So, as a result if any user likes your page the likeness of your brand increases accordingly. For example, if a user likes your page they have certain amount of affinity for your page. Similarly, this affinity increases as they like your comment and further share your posts with others.

On the other hand, there are also certain things that reduce the affinity. For example, if some users ignores your posts, they will loosen up their affinity by the passage of time. In a similar situation, if the user unfollows, hide, or reports your post then in this case their affinity will be lost quickly. In order to keep the affinity active, it is very important that you should keep yourself engaged with your followers. It would also lead the affinity to grow among your users.

In EdgeRank the above three aspects are useless when it comes to the content of a post. Whereas, it has some link with the format of post. Here videos are considered as a better option than the pictures or images. Similarly, the images are considered to be better than the links that are provided and those links are considered to work better than the contexts.

It is important to mention that the algorithms do not play any role regarding the content, the image or the videos. You do not have to care whether you post a single video, two videos or more or the same videos multiple times.

There are different rumors regarding the Facebook algorithms as people have the idea that posting something several times does not lessen up your engagement. Moreover, there are a number of different aspects that can have a negative result if something is reposted.


What are the Causes of a Decreased Reach?


You can face several possible issues when you post the identical content or information for example, identical words, identical images, identical links etc.

Some of those issues are mentioned below

The first issue that you may face is that the post will appear as a pile in Facebook news feed when you share the similar post several times. Here, on a Facebook page, the primary post will appear on the top that is followed by every single user also including their comments whenever the post is shared. This will lead to heap up the same posts that the user can see other than the separate posts.

The second issue that you may face the peculiarity of EdgeRank post similarity by posting the same thing multiple times. For example, if you post something and the top 8% of the followers view it similarly there might be a possibility that the same followers would view it again possibly at different time. There are scarce chances that the post would be viewed by new followers.

The engagement of audience becomes limited when they see a single post again and again. Imagine having to read one viral article over and over again or watching the same viral video several times from one page. This might contribute into you unfollowing a page to avoid this annoyance. This is due to the fact that they might have liked, shared or commented on a particular post when it was posted the first time. So if they view the post again they would not likely respond again. As a result, the more you repost the less engagement you will receive.

Another disadvantage that you may face is that after viewing a post again and again, a user may mark it up as a spam. If a same post circulates several times some users may ignore it whereas most of them become conscious and mark it as spam. Further it is up to you that you notice that you have a hidden post and report the issue by following a simple process. This situation would result in a drawback for your page and the information you post. Apart from this, there are numerous aspects of sharing a single content multiple times.


Benefits of Reposting


There are a number of benefits that you can get by reposting.

 First of all, the main advantage is the increase in the number of audience. There may be chance that previously you were not able to target a large number of audiences. Now you have the opportunity to reach those remaining users whom you were not able to reach before. This will help you in increasing the number of followers. Here you must keep in mind that you must not exceed the number of repost from 2-3 times. You have the option to post more on other channel like the Twitter than on Facebook.

The second advantage that you can get is to target users according to their time zones if you are able to repost at a planned time. By following this strategy, you have the ability to reach out more to the audience. It will also help you to lessen up the retreating. Timing is an important factor. As compared to Twitter, Facebook is less time-sensitive. For example, a user following the Australian time zone would not be able to see the posts that are posted in the early afternoon of the UK time zone even if they follow the page on regular basis.

Here you may have an advantage that you can have more followers by sharing older posts in a series. For example, if you shared a post previously and decide to share the same again, the specific followers who joined your page this gap would find the post as a new one. This would lead them to get engaged with it. Similarly, you can get more followers if you share a post that you posted a month ago. This way your audience will conduct a follow-up on your posts and check the replies they received. This will lead to a thread of fresher replies and comments. Friends will see the comments and might engage as well in your posts and a wave of engagement will carry your post in higher ranks.


Ways to Repost Content Flawlessly

In order to drive a large number of audiences you can simply apply some changes to a particular post, without facing the steep drop-off, spam reports or filtering by any hidden part of Facebook algorithm. Some of the changes that you can make are mentioned below


Target your Audience

You can simply select the people who see the stuff you post by making different audience segments. In this way you can repost single information numerous times by selecting the primary audience to whom you want to show the content.

In this way you can have a wider and broader disclosure on the social media channels.


Images and Videos

To upload a different image each time would be interesting for your audience and it would not lead your post to result as a spam even if it has the same link. If on the other hand you post the same thing again and again then it would annoy the users. Posting different videos every time is a difficult task because the videos require more development in order to be suitable for the specific post multiple times. On the other hand, it is still possible for you to repost if you use trailer-like clips on your main page. These days vines are also popular and you can make your own 30 second vines to engage more users. This will also give you a chance to be creative with your posts and promote your brand on the side.



Nowadays, brands prefer to change the text of different posts. You can have more shares of a particular topic with different approach. It is up to you to be creative and find different ways to post the same item numerous times. It may include the changing of headline, key statistic, an emotional plea or a question that is answered by the post. You have to stay witty and whimsical in your posts. also avoid typing and spelling mistake. You can also share thought provoking questions to engage your audience. When in doubt always share inspirational quotes, you can never go wrong with it.


Time of Posting

It is important that you consider proper timings when you post on any of the social media channels in order to engage with the segments of audience. This can be according to the different time zones of the followers. Twitter in more insightful regarding the timing due to the time-focused audience. On the other hand, it is also an important aspect on Facebook.


In conclusion, we can say that reposting the contents multiple times can be advantageous as a marketing point of view. Whereas, it has some disadvantages too that you must keep in mind. By using the advantages to your benefit you can really engage a large number of audience in your posts and get maximum exposure of your posts. you have to keep the disadvantages in mind and never to share boring and worn out posts that have been circling around on the internet for the past few months. Come up with fresher content to share that is interesting as well.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.