Do You Own a Restaurant? Here’s How to Market it on Social Media


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed  

Nowadays, almost every business prefers to market on different social media channels. They find it and easy and effective way to advertise their brands and products so that the people get to know about them. They use different marketing tactics in order to attract the audience. If you follow effective marketing strategies only then you will be able to make your place. Some of the tips for marketing your restaurants on the social media are discussed below:


  1. Use Facebook Check-Ins Feature

One of the famous and most used social media channel is the Facebook. There are a large number of audience who follow you on this particular channel. Another way to attract the audience is by permitting the check-ins and the reviews by different people. In this way you can include the geographical location of your business as well as the feedbacks that were left by the people who tried it. If the users find out that you have a quality restaurant that you are running where they can get all the facilities. Then this results as beneficial for you. In this way you will not have to work hard to attract different audience. In this case, the reviews that people left as a feedback can be helpful for you. You just need to get the know-how of Facebook and then you can start the marketing of your restaurant from this particular platform. Using Check Ins will give a chance to the users on Facebook to read reviews about your page and see how many people visited your restaurant.


  1. Want Immediate Responses; Use Twitter

If you want instant interactions with your audience, then Twitter is the platform where you can respond immediately to your followers. Making quick responses is considered as beneficial for any business. Particularly in a restaurant business where you have dealings with a large number of customers, quick responses play an important part. For example, if a particular customer wants to have lunch in your restaurant and they ask for the restaurant location, in this case a quick response from your side would be required so that they are able to find the location of the restaurant easily. On the other hand, if you are unable to respond them on time they will probably get annoyed and will choose another option. Similarly, with the use of Twitter, you can handle the customer’s issues instantly.


 3.Have Great Images; Use Instagram

Tempting pictures of food items and cooked dishes can help in attracting a large number of audience. For this purpose, you can consider using the Instagram. On Instagram you can upload a variety of pictures related to the food items or the restaurant and then share it with the audience. To make the pictures more attractive, you can use the expertise of a graphic designer who can help you to sharpen the images and their colors. In this way, you can get a professional look for the food items and then post them on the Instagram for the viewers to see.

  1. Want Local Engagement; Use Foursquare

Foursquare is another way of getting engaged with your audience. You can use this platform to publish your business. Although it is not a famous platform as the Facebook, Twitter or other social networks but it can still be used for the marketing purpose of your business.

  1. Have Excellent Videos; Use YouTube

If you want to promote your business through a variety of videos, then YouTube is the place where you can do it. Similarly, the Vines and the Instagram can also be used for uploading different types of videos that can contain the menu items, the time lapsed recipes, highlights of an event that took place in your restaurant, the environment of the restaurant and many other things. In this way a large number of users will be attracted to the videos and this would result in the growth of your business.

  1. Want Search Visibility Use Google+

Google+ can be used for the search visibility of your business links. It is considered to be an important social media network. One of the great advantage you can get from Google+ is that it is interlinked with the Google search engine, due to which it will become easier for your audience to find out about your business.

  1. Have Great Recipes and Pictures Use Pinterest

Pinterest can be effectively used if you want to post the different types of recipe list, the restaurants decor etc. Here you can also make a board that are related to the updates regarding the restaurant, upcoming events etc.

  1. Local Search Optimization

Local search is of the utmost importance for a restaurant, since you’re relying on having people actually come in once they visit your site or your profiles. This means primarily that you need to make your website accessible to mobile users, that you need your menu to be available, and above all, your location, hours, and other crucial information are all both accessible on any social media network and website, and are consistent between them.

One of the major thing that you should keep in mind is to optimize the local search. It plays an important part. In this way you can make the audience to easily get access of the restaurants website and its location.

  1. Make Separate Pages for Franchise

You must set up a social media account if you are running any business like a restaurant or a franchise. In this way you will be able to post the updates that are latest and also are related to your business. You can give this account a name and other relevant information of your restaurant. In this way you can give your business a better exposure.

  1. Mobile Device Optimization

Optimizing your business on mobile plays a vital role for any business. Nowadays a mobile is an easy and handy way through which people correspond to each other and this also helps in searching for some tasks. These may include the searching for a restaurant, its location, its menu etc. So, it is really important that you must update your business information so that the mobile users can get benefit out of it.

  1. Keep Users Updated

Providing the exact business information would be helpful for you in drawing more audience. If you consistently update your business information many people will get benefit out of it and a level of confidence can be built among the user and the business.

  1. Inform About Delivery Services

Due to a busy schedule, many people do not get time to visit a restaurant. They rather prefer to order from the restaurant through any social media channel and want it to be delivered to their place. For this purpose, it is important that you partner with some delivery services provider. In this way you will be able to build a large number of audience.

  1. Advertise Deals

You can offer a variety of discounted deals for your customers. They can find them on your website or your social media channel like the Facebook, Twitter etc. In this way people will get more attracted and will buy what you offer to them.

  1. Post HD Images

High quality images or pictures are a vital source to attract different customers. It is important that you hire any professional photographer or use a professional camera so that high quality images can be captured and displayed.

  1. Reply to Comments and Queries

It is important that you respond to every customer. This will show your interaction with them. If any user posts a comment or query on your social media network, you should immediately respond to it. This will make them to realize that you consider their involvement.

  1. Yelp Profile Optimization

Another effective social media channel is the Yelp. It is a good source for getting the social reviews by your audience. The reviews can be both positive or negative. You must deal with them.

  1. Host Contests

Social Media Contest are an important source of interaction. A large number of audience can be attracted by these contest. You can make them play any contest or make them to answer any question asked. Finally, you can also set up a nice reward for your followers so that they could engage more.

  1. Use Geographic Targeting

You also have the option to run different ads on the social media accounts. You can pay for sponsored stories or ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social networks. You can also buy ads from Google. These must be limited to your geographical location so that the people can easily get connected.

  1. Feature Good Employees

If you have a good workplace atmosphere and culture, you can set up many types of rewards for your employees. These can be related to the concept of ” employee of the month, most effective resource etc.”. In this way you can praise the hard work of your employees. This will motivate them more and they will work hard by which your business can be flourished. This will also be advantageous for your customers because in this way the employees will treat the customers more nicely. On the other hand, if your business is not up to the mark it can result as negative for you and your business.

  1. Hold User Engagement based Contests

It is a unique type of contest that takes place on the social media profiles or pages of the individual users other than the whole circle of audience. Its basic aim is to boost up the level of attracting and engaging the audience on your social networks. You can get connected by posting different images, reviews, feedback and many other things.

  1. Schedule Posts

You can update your time post for your audience. This can be done in the rush hours of a business. You can easily set a time for a particular post or ads so that they can show up automatically before the rush hours. In this way all the people who search for your restaurant information will get to know about all the things that you offer. These may include different types of deals, discounted items etc.

  1. Run a Loyalty Program

On the social media channels you also have the option to set up and run different types of loyalty programs. In this way the users will not have to carry their cards or stamps or to carry other things. For this purpose, you can use available apps. For example, Perka, Levelup or Belly etc.

  1. Send Out Newsletter

One of the option for effective marketing can be done by using the email. You can set up and use email newsletter in order to promote your business. In this way you will least rely on the social media channels. This is considered and effective way and the users can correspond on emails effectively. You can also ask your customers to subscribe to the offered newsletter or link sent through the email.

  1. Share News from Media

Posting positive news and publications have a positive effect in the promotion of your business. You can monitor the news, reviews that are published in different newspapers or magazines. You can further reblog or republish that specific context. It is important to do that because in this way the users will get an idea of your business and its variations. You can post the image of the whole publication on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or other available social media website.

  1. Post from Food Bloggers

There are many people who can be called as the food bloggers. These people are food lovers and they go to many different places in order to try the available variety of food items. After eating the specific and famous dishes from different restaurants, they write about their experiences. In this way the other people get to know about their experience and reviews regarding the food as well as the place. These bloggers then publish their experience on their social media channels.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.