Run Your All Social Media Accounts from One Place


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 


With the advancement of new technology, you have a number of available options of different social media channels. These include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Ello, Triberr, StumbleUpon, VK, and many others. These websites are used by many businesses and also for different marketing purpose.

Managing all these sites from a single platform is considered a difficult task. Nowadays, it has been made easier with the use of social media dashboards. The numerous benefits of these dashboards are discussed below

 Why You Should Manage Your Accounts from Social Media Dashboard?

The Social Media Dashboard have a variety of benefits. You can avail these benefits by using the dashboards which are related to the soft wares that you use while using it. One of the major example is the analytics that are built in the dashboard software. In addition to this the other examples include the time, monitoring, collaboration and enhanced functionality.

Advantage  1: Compatibility with Analytics

There are various social media channels that are available nowadays. Many of these social channels include the features of analytics. Some of the main examples of these analytics are Facebook Insights, Twitter analytics and many others. If you want to search for some kind of information you are taken to another page to see the required information by leaving the main page that you were viewing. In this way you can find out all the information that you require. So as a result we can say that these analytics play a major role in monitoring of your social page.

The major advantages of the social dashboards are that they are useful in proving the aggregated analytics. In addition to this, these also provide the analytics of an individual site.

On Facebook you can view all the data that is related to the performance of your Facebook posts. Similarly, you are also able to see all the demographics on Facebook including the total number of reach and also the total number of engagements. On the other hand, if you are using the social dashboards you will be able to get more advantages including the updates and the activities which are taking place on your Facebook account. These also help you in viewing the average combined demographics which includes the Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In this way it becomes easier for you to find out about all those particular posts that have better reach and on which sites. It helps you to overcome the hassle of searching and navigating to multiple analytics systems. Now with the help of these dashboards it becomes easier for you to select the required data from one place and then generate the report.

Advantage 2: Conservation of Time  

The Social media platform is very carefully designed in order to attract and engage a large number of audiences. You can spend hours while using various social channels or by browsing various websites.

With the help of social media dashboards, you can manage the activities of your social networks. You can accomplish various tasks by managing from one location. For example, if you have a post that is scheduled on your blog that you want to post in 3 hours on different social media channels including the Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. In this case if you will not have a dashboard then it will become difficult for you because you will have to go on different sites to schedule your posts. With the help of a central dashboard, you will be able to manage all these activities from a single location.

Advantage 3: Ease in Monitoring  

With the help of social media dashboard, it becomes easier for you to monitor your social pages. In this way you will not be required to search again and again on individual networks regarding the ongoing activities.

Advantage 4: Collaboration with Various Social Networks

The dashboards are collaborated with different social networks. In this way the user can find it easier manage a team and different activities that take place with a dashboard rather than running it through each network individually.

Advantage 5: Improved Functionality

One of the major function is the scheduling. You can schedule your posts on different social media channels. By using a social media dashboard, it becomes easier for you to schedule posts within the dashboard than the networks.

 Social Media Dashboards

  • EveryPost

EveryPost is one of the famous dashboard. It is particularly a curation and a posting engine. It can turn out to be beneficial for you in many ways. With the use of EveryPost dashboard you are able to aggregate the news feeds on your social media profile page. You can also repost or retweet the required content very easily and in less time. In addition to this the EveryPost dashboard also features the scheduling option of various posts. These posts can be shared on a variety of social media channels that you want. These may include the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

This particular dashboard also helps you in the managing of your social media profile page. For this purpose, you can search for many different features of EveryPost dashboard. These specific features are available in many prices which you can purchase from the relevant website.

EveryPost dashboard also has a free trial version that you can avail for a limited time. If you are planning to use the free trial of the dashboard, you will only be permitted to use only one of your social media profile that you can manage with it. You may also face some restrictions while using the free trial. For example, the free trial keeps you limited to scheduling up to 10 posts only. It also restricts you to have only one team member. You cannot manage your team or get the advance permission of posts. Similarly, you are only allowed to have a total of three incoming feeds that are used for curation.

However, if you want to avail the offers and different features of EveryPost Dashboard then in this case you will have to purchase it. There are several payment plans and deals that you can get. For example, you have the option to purchase the pro plan for a total of $10 per month. This package includes up to 10 social channels, total curation streams up to a total of 15, and also you can schedule limit less posts. With the analytics you will be permitted to use it on two of your social profiles.

Next come the Plus plan which varies up to $50 per month. In this particular package you can use up to 25 channels, 25 curation streams, you can include 5 team members, and analytics on 6 profiles.

The third package is the Advanced which can be purchase in $100 per month. With this package all the available features are doubled.

Finally, the top tier plan can be purchased for $200 per month. It allows you to get access of a total of 120 connected profiles. It can fulfill your requirements easily. You can get a free trial on all these plans. It can last up to two weeks. You can also avail the free trial for two months if you plan to make the payment on annual basis.

  • Social Flow

Social Flow dashboard is famous for its robust and marketer-focused system. This app includes the particular analytics which are useful in focusing on the most suitable time for posting on your profile pages. It makes easier for you to make a schedule of your post according to your requirements without going into the details. Further its useful features that includes the algorithm also manages to schedule a particular post on the best suitable time.

One of the major advantage of Socialflow is having the advertising manager. With the help of the advertising manager you can set up the goal-based objectives and also the cross-site targeting options. The Social Flow dashboard also includes the keyword recommendation engine, suggested audiences, and ideal ad spend recommendations for its users.

  • Cyfe

Another useful dashboard option that you can select is the “Cyfe”. It is basically a dark colored dashboard. This dashboard includes a set of different option that can be used for the customization purpose. These can be related to the views or the reports that are custom generated. The Cyfe dashboard can be useful in numerous ways. For example, when you use the Cyfe dashboard, it allows you to export different type of data that may include the current or the historical data, useful in creating real time reports, useful in importing the custom data through various sources, and helps you in monitoring your actual performance by considering many different social media channels. With the help of Cyfe you can also combine many different apps that may include the apps like Shopify, Moz tools, Google Analytics, Facebook ads, AWeber email integration, and many others.

One of the major drawback of Cyfe is that it is not typically a feed collector. Rather it is more of an analytics engine in order to manage your activities.

Apart from the available free trial, you can purchase its features in only $19 per month that includes the premium plan. Through this you can have access to the publicly visible URLs, historical data, a custom access domain, team collaboration accounts, data exports, white label reports and many other features.

  • HootSuite

Hootsuite ranks on top of the list when it comes to dashboard tools. It is basically a network of tools that consists of widgets, extensions and different features that you can choose to manage your social media profiles.

The Hootsuite dashboard package includes a variety of features that are social media management, advanced analytics, ads campaign management, a publishing engine, mobile integration, and a ton of custom functionality with applets and extensions.

You can also get benefit from the Hootsuite free version that is available on different sites. By using their free version, you can have three social accounts. For example, you can use Facebook, Twitter or the Instagram or any other choice that you want. Further it also includes the basic analytics, basic scheduling, 2 campaigns, and the information regarding the trainings.

You also have the choice to purchase the pro version of Hootsuite. It will cost you around $10 per month. This package includes up to 50 social profiles, advanced analytics, access to different campaigns, extra security, customized URLs, and many other features.

Finally, you can also go for the enterprise plan by which you can have an unlimited access and usage.

  • Sendible

One of the simplest dashboard too that you can use is the Sendible. It is considered as a powerful tool. On the other hand, many users may not find it customizable. One of the main advantage of Sendible is that you can have all of your social activities as well as the feeds on a single dashboard. In this way you can easily manage your profiles. It also helps you in monitor the feeds, manage the audience engagements, monitor growth analytics, and many other things. It is also useful in managing your blog all by itself or make use of it WordPress or Blogger dashboard alternative.

Sendible has a free trial of 30 days. Further you can purchase it packages for $60 per month that can go up to a total of $500 per month.

  • Sprout Social

SproutSocial is also considered as a most useful social dashboard. One of the major distinctive advantage of this particular dashboard which differentiate it from others is that it contains a set of specific customer service tools.

It includes the social customer care engine that connects with many different social media channels. For example, it includes the major CS sources. In addition to this it also has a customized social inbox. In this way the inbox links all the social profiles from customers with the existing networks. It is helpful for you in a way to keep the cross-site communication perform accurately. You can find the Sprout Social as one of the best and useful platform if you want to use the different social media channels for the purpose of customer service. It is one of the unique dashboard that is not totally a specific CS platform. For example, the Sendible, which starts at a total of $60 per month which includes all in one inbox, brand monitoring, reporting, and up to 10 profiles.

  • Buffer

Buffer is famously known as the feed collector.  One of the unique feature of Buffer is the extension which allows the user to curate the required information without going through the hassle of searching for the required content through various available apps while browsing the internet. One of the simple ways of using the Buffer is by clicking on a Buffer icon and then put the content in line which you desire to post. You can also include the particular content in the library items. Which you can schedule for future posting. You can find a variety of Buffer apps that you can select to perform the related tasks. These include the SumAll, Socialoomph, and many other similar options. It is recommended that in order to bring out some good results, you must use the available free trials of these apps. In this way it will become easier for you to select the best among all the available options.


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