How to save your YouTube video from getting removed?

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YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms where you can share videos with your friends and family members. If you are an online businessman, you can deal with your customers, share your products videos and promote your business in a lot of effective ways using the awesome features of YouTube. Video marketing is one of the pillars of internet marketing, and its importance is growing with time. Now many social media websites are using videos to help their users in promotion of their online businesses and services. Vine and Facebook videos are clear examples of this growing trend as now only YouTube is not there to share your videos; you can also use other channels.

Recently YouTube has started removing videos from its database and many users are complaining about this attitude as some of them think that their videos were removed without any reason. That is right that YouTube has always been very strict in matters of video content and quality. You cannot upload unethical videos related to nudity and violence, and people can also report videos so that YouTube could remove them. Many videos are being removed till now for content ID match or violation of rights. YouTube strictly follows its policies and force others to follow them too.

So if you are one of the unlucky internet marketers and your video has been removed, you might be feeling frustrated; it’s natural as you might have spent a lot of time recording the video and then optimizing it and now what! Your video is no more! This is no doubt one of the worst things that can happen to anyone who uses YouTube for marketing of products as recording a video is not a one-minute task. It might have taken you days and hours of hard work. Sometimes the videos are a great way to generate more sales in case these are about tutorials of products and any other thing that is beneficial to your business. So if they are banned, you might lose your customers, and your sales will drop! So this could be frustrating; as well as an unfortunate incident to your online business. Nobody wants to lose customers or sales at any cost especially when it is about marketing online as your followers are watching what’s happening all around. They are fully aware of everything that happens in social media channels every day.

Well, now that your video has gone, you must analyze why did that happen to you? If you understand the grounds for your video removal, there are chances that you can get it back as you cannot fix anything without understanding the root issue. So have a look at following reasons for your video removal.

Have you bought fake YouTube views?

One of the biggest reasons for your YouTube video removal can be fake views. If you have bought thousands of fake views using YouTube views bot, YouTube is most likely to find that out and, as a consequence, your video will be taken down. No doubt, using bots for increasing your views and comments is a great idea, and a lot of internet users are still taking advantage of this method, but there are higher chances that you will get caught. YouTube will notice any suspicious activity like quick increase in views or your followers, and it would be a result of using a views bot; so it will remove your video.

The wisest thing to do in this matter is to buy view or comments for your videos in smaller number. That is a fact that buying views can boost your channels and your YouTube marketing campaign but you must use this method with a common sense that if you increase your views by thousand in a day, it will look unnatural and definitely it will bring YouTube attention towards your channel. In order to remain hidden and to be natural, it is best to buy views in hundreds and with intervals of weeks or months. In this way, nobody will catch you as it will look more natural and more organic.

Have you been accused of copyright violation?

A lot of YouTube videos were removed last year just because of DCMA; that means digital millennium copyright act of 1998. This Act describes that YouTube is not responsible for any violation of material on their social media website. No company can sue them or ask them for any clarification regarding anything. So to make sure that such incidents done happen, YouTube simply bans the videos that violate this copyright law.

If any YouTube user uploads a video that contains any copyrighted material from any official song or movie, YouTube will take a minute to take it down. YouTube often flags the account for users who violate the law so that others would know that too. This is bad for your reputation on YouTube. So before you upload any video to YouTube, make sure it does not contain anything that is licensed by some company.

Does your video contain unethical material?

Sharing nudity and violence is extremely forbidden on YouTube. This social media website presents itself as a family channel where you can watch family videos, and your children can watch anything they want to. If you have uploaded a video that has even a slightest of violence or nudity, YouTube will not hesitate before removing it. If you think you cannot do that and uploading video is important, you can cut those specific segments from your videos that don’t violate the ethics of YouTube audience.

So these were the most common reasons for your YouTube video removal. To avoid such cases, it is best to analyze your videos before you upload them to your YouTube channel. It might have violated the copyright law, have nudity, violence or a content ID match or it gained views so quickly, and that can be the reasons, your video got banned!

After your video being removed from your channel, you can appeal to YouTube for getting it back. YouTube offers its users to contact using email or notices. Sometimes YouTube offers its channel owners a second chance to remove or edit the video by flagging it so that the owner can analyze the problems with his video, and he can fix them. Anyhow, whatever the reasons are; getting your YouTube video removed from YouTube is an embarrassing thing. You can think the about above reasons and prevent such incidents.