Many internet marketers say that using Instagram is difficult as compared to Facebook or Pinterest. The main reason behind this fact is that you need to be expert if you want to play with Instagram images and visuals that can affect your Instagram channel. No doubt this web site is among those social media sites that have developed and grown into largest sharing platforms in the marketing world. Its user engagement rate is 120 times higher than that of Facebook. This means that if you post the same thing regarding any topic or news, it will get more likes on Instagram and 120% fewer likes and comments from Facebook users when posted on Facebook.

However, you might be wondering about how you can be an Instagram expert and how you can make best use of this social media networking site for promotion of your business! You should focus on the images quality and the relevancy to your online business. If your brand is related to shoes and sandals, but you are posting pictures of your puppy just to seek more and more attention from your Instagram channel followers, sorry to say that you will fail drastically. So create images that are compelling for the users, and they can view them easily on their mobile phones as Instagram is a mobile fine targeted social media app.

If you think that a lot of time is wasted during the images upload to your Instagram account and the hardest part is scheduling them, then you must invest in applications that can help you record these images automatically. Your audience needs your attention and quality images using their phones. You can be sure about this that most of your Instagram followers must be using their phones and high-quality cameras for creating top images with best features. So, more than 99 % of your Instagram audience is immature photographers. Well, some % of these may be professional ones but most of them are not professional, and they use Instagram for personal purposes like interacting with their friends and family members by posting personal photos.

But if you are an online businessman who has a website and want to use Instagram for promotion of business as an effective social media marketing strategy, you must consider taking help of few tools and apps that can schedule your posts. Here is a list of some of the top applications that can help you plan your posts on Instagram channel. You can read their descriptions and compare them carefully so that you can choose the best one for your Instagram channel.

Latergramme app

This is an Instagram post scheduling tool that focuses just on Instagram. You cannot use it for scheduling the posts for other social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. Well, this tool is beneficial from a point of view that it does not post anything anonymously; instead it will ask you for logging in your Instagram channel, and then it will post anything. It will not post automatically unless you tell it to!

The central process of posts scheduling using Latergramme includes scheduling of your time when you want to post any specific image to your Instagram profile. When the scheduled time comes, it will push the picture to your Instagram channel but it will ask for confirmation first. You need to manual upload the image. All it can do is to save your time while uploading the image as you could post the information you want to post with the picture with all the editing and cutting of the image when you had time. So, all information was already scheduled in the app, and you just need to upload it all on the scheduled time. This app is free to use and can benefit you in scheduling your Instagram posts quickly.

Posts app

You can use this scheduling app for Instagram to access more than one channel at a time. You can link your Instagram channel to your Twitter, Facebook and other social media profiles for posting scheduled posts. Unfortunately, it is not free to use after 14 days, and you need to pay a little monthly fee for using the whole features of this app. If you want to promote your online business and want to schedule your posts for more than just Instagram channel, you must invest in getting Posts as it can help you for your online marketing. Well, you must keep in mind that if you schedule your posts using this app, your Instagram hashtags will not work so you will need to manually write them for every scheduled post. However, it is a good app, and it can be a good option for scheduling your Instagram posts, as well as posts of other social media networks.

ScheduGram app

ScheduGram is no doubt the best scheduling app for Instagram. You can upload images, crop them, add your text and edit other basics of your images using this beautiful app. One of the biggest benefits that come with this app is that you can schedule posts to more than one account for seven days of free service. Well, the monthly charges are also not too high, and you can start your plan at just 13$ monthly. It is a great app for Instagram business networks who want to promote their products and services using scheduled posts for their Instagram followers.

HootSuite app

There is another popular app for scheduling your Instagram posts on your Instagram channel; which is known as HootSuite. It can save you much time by adding your Instagram profile to their app directory in a quick few second’s process. You can use all the features of this app for scheduling your posts and editing them quickly. It is one of the most used apps by a lot of online businesses and marketers who use Instagram for their social media marketing strategies and promotion of their company.

So these were few of the top class apps for scheduling your Instagram posts. The idea of scheduled posts is becoming more and more popular as posting at right times for targeting your audience has many significant advantages for online businesses and brands. You can get many benefits by investing in any of this app and can save your time by posting and uploading images on time to target your customers on the largest platform of Instagram.