Schedule Posts on Facebook: Save Time and Increase Efficiency

One day when you wake up you would get a brilliant idea about your Facebook page regarding any of your business. You may unfortunately get late for office because of traffic but still you would update your post as soon as possible to implement that idea.

As a result you would search for something effective and efficient to apply your idea. You may hardly find any idea before lunch but once you post when you wanted to make, you feel happy. At the end of the day your post is where you wanted it to be and your previous worries fades away. No one really bothers what you felt previously.

Now is the time when you pay attention to more technical tasks but again you won’t be able to focus on correlations among your posts and activities. Some posts you figured were smooth that hardly got a drop of engagement. Sometimes those whom you ignored do better performance than this posts which you posted before.

One of the loopholes is that you are not paying the amount of attention that is needed at this point. Think about your users who are active on Facebook. Note that when they logged on in the morning? Do they use Facebook during lunch break or do they stay away until working hours? Moreover, are they so much addicted to Facebook that they stay awake whole night or not?


Facebook posts its newsfeed in a sequel. EdgeRank is a new Facebook algorithm used to display newsfeed. It takes many things into account before posting things to newsfeed. One among those factors includes connection to the poster, which grows through engagement. Another is age of the post. The longer your post lives the lower it would be shown.

It means when you add a post at any time in the middle of the night, by the time you’re your use would logged on in the morning, the post is old and fusty. They won’t look it. On the other hand, the post you upload in the lunch break catches the attention of large crowd and ultimately you gain a higher engagement level.

How to plan post on Facebook?

Planning a post on Facebook is not a difficult task, thankfully.

Write the text for your post. If you’re linking to a website, consider pasting in the link, waiting for the preview to generate, then removing the link. This makes the post look a little cleaner.

Select an icon or a picture. Here you have three options; you can pick from the images in the post chosen by Facebook, using the directional arrows. You can click to upload a specific image.  Alternatively, you can use the Facebook open graph attributes on the site itself – if it’s your site – to specify an image to appear. You may use this last option whenever it seems possible so when others share your posts, it appears accurately.

Modify the sample title and narration by clicking and typing in each part. These are also restricted by the open graph trait, subsequently when you publish the post you can set them.

Lastly, select a date and time to issue the post. The clock in the lower left corner of the update box needs to click for selection.

You may get the option to choose specific targets for the posts. The target icon, next to the clock icon, controls this. Press schedule freely when your post is ready.

 Select a Specific Time

You need to schedule your post but the question is how? Time would be given to you that would be changeable according to the number of audience. But before that you need to do certain task including tests and measurements to find out the best possible time either in a day or week.

You should firstly look at your audience; make an estimate of their demographics. Their ages, gender and likes. You need to give time to properly consider their works all day long, and especially what they are doing when log on to Facebook. Keep in mind if you have users all over the world than take time difference into account. While if they are physically situated nearby, you have to check things for instance, career, free time, family status and browsing habits.

Posting on a certain time really helps in increasing the response rate. It will help your audience in viewing your posts more frequently. Be careful not to post too often as the audience might click “Hide Post” and they might not be able to see your posts every again, thanks to Facebook’s algorithm (Pun Intended).

An insight into this can provides more details. You can find details of your audience’s daily activities.  So arrange your timetable at the peak time so when your users logged on they would see your recent updates without any delay or interruption.

Moreover, you need to pay strong attention to the times either working hours or lunch breaks   when your audience is logged on, as the time is the variable that only needs to record.

Cross-Platform Preparation

There are so many tools that you can use for the purpose of proper scheduling. With proper scheduling of your post you can get a lot of mileage and with more steps further by using a unified platform you can get more beyond Facebook.

Whatever app you choose it’s totally up to you. Most of them are having same feature with just minor differences. For instance, you can hardly run any seismic work without the use of proper arrangement. Google chrome has scheduling options for Google plus, that helps in scheduling posts appropriately and successfully, but this attribute doesn’t work well on other platforms.

Choose one between different tools and test them separately to find the best one. Pick the best platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, to find out when people are most active on each of them.  Your audience on each platform would differ depending on their browsing habits so make the scheduling according to them.