Scrutinize Your Facebook Page Fans in these 7 Easy Steps


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Facebook is one of the most used social media network all around the world. It is preferred by most people including business persons, marketers etc. There are a number of positive aspects of Facebook due to which it is preferred by most users.

One of the major aspects of its preference is that you can manage vast set of information in it. On the other hand, you can consider your data and information to be safe without being disclosed to others.

There are numerous features of Facebook that you can examine. Some of the main features that you can use in order to analyze the number of Facebook fans are mentioned below

1: Reach: Measure it

All those people who see your posts, their actual number can be measured.  This measurement of the total number of audience is defined as “Reach”. For example, if you have a total number 1000 Facebook followers. Among those followers there are some users who view your posts and the total number of those followers who actually viewed your post is up to 5%. This is the organic reach.

From this calculation, we can get the idea that about 50 followers out of a total of 1000 viewed your posts. These users can use any medium to view your posts. This can include their browsers or their mobile phones through Facebook page.

On the other hand, if we notice this fact we can say that this particular calculation is not accurate. Most of the people think that Reach is just used for counting the total number of people who view your posts.

It does not matter whether the viewer of your post is a follower of your Facebook page or not. All the viewers of the post are calculated. In this way an estimated of calculation of reach can be made. For example, if you post some information on your Facebook profile page and from that point a total of 2000 viewers view your post. In this total number of viewers, only 1000 people are the followers of your Facebook page.

In this way the total measured reach can go up to 200%. Every time a user views your post, a reach is counted. Similarly, the number of reach increases time by time when more and more users view your post. An important point to be considered here is that the reach is calculated when a new or unique viewer sees your post on Facebook. On the other hand, if a particular viewer sees your post thrice, then in this case the number of reach will be +1. It will not be +3. So, as the number of viewers of a post increases the reach also increases.

If we take a look at Reach it can be further categorized into three more categories that are Organic reach, viral reach and the paid reach. The three categories of reach are mentioned below:

  • Organic Reach: When you post something on Facebook, the total numbers of viewers who view the particular post are considered as the organic reach. The viewers see the post when it is posted on the Facebook timeline which is notified on timely basis in their news feed.
  • Viral Reach: It is the type of reach which is totally based on the interaction of the users when they view a particular post. For example, when any of the users view the post that you have made, they interact with that particular post in different ways. This can include commenting on a particular post, liking a particular post or by sharing a particular post. In this way all those users who view the shared post are counted as the viral reach.
  • Paid Reach: The paid reach is the ones that is paid. All those people, who view the boosted posts or the news feed ads for which you have paid, are considered as the paid reach. Every time a post is viewed for which you have paid for appears on your Facebook pages are noted as the paid reach.



2: Demographics: Study it

In order to effectively reach your audience, you must make sure that you choose the right options to reach them. It can be through the organic reach, viral reach or the paid reach. If you consider the organic reach you may find it difficult to use.

It is because through organic reach it is important that you must be able to attract a large number of audiences who must view the posts that you make. If in any case the audience does not find your post as interesting, then as a result the visibility of your posts decreases.

In this way it becomes more difficult to attract the audience and make them to view the posts. As a result of this, the reach of your post will decrease in no time when the audience will not view your posts.

There are many reasons due to which you are not able to bring out a large number of reach. In this case you must consider the possible reasons by which you are able to attract the audience which will help in increasing the number of reach. Some of the main options to consider are discussed below


Measure the percentage of active audience

It is important that you must keep notice of the active users that are present on Facebook. You can do this on a weekly or monthly basis. In this way you will get to know about the actual number of the active users on Facebook. On the other hand if you find out that many of the users who are the followers of your Facebook page but have remained inactive from a long time, then in this case it might be possible that those accounts are bogus or they must have closed their past accounts. This simple step will be helpful for you and in this way you will be able to notice the reasons behind the poor reach metrics of different marketing campaigns.


Know the age group that’s most common

Targeting the specific age group is an important factor that you must consider. It is important that you make your posts according to the target age group in order to increase the reach because the age factor plays an important part. Marketing an audience of ages from 10-20 is different than the marketing to the audience of ages 50-60. In this way you have to post the target specific audience according to their ages.


Know the education level of your audience

The education factor of the audience also plays an important role. You must focus on targeting the appropriate audience. The educated audience cannot be the same to the uneducated ones. There is a difference in their thoughts, their views, their lifestyle etc. For example, you cannot advertise the frames of the diploma to the uneducated people. These are meant for the educated ones. Here you may also find the difference in potentials and ambitions of your audience.


What other pages your audience has liked

You can find out regarding the choices or the preference of your audience. In this way you will be able to find out what kind of pages the audience prefer to like and on which type of pages they tend to show their interest. In this way you can find out the specific ideas in order to attract the audience effectively. This will also be helpful in getting ahead of the competitors.


What device they are using to access Facebook

Nowadays, many people access Facebook on their mobile phones rather than the desktop. It will become helpful for you to manage your pages according to the mobile versions so that it becomes easier for the users to view the latest posts rather than creating the CTA for desktops only. These desktop CTA are mostly not supported in the mobile version and for this purpose and you will find it hard to make it visible for the mobile users. As a result you will be required to create its mobile supportive version too.


3: Engagement Level: Measure it

One of the important ways to find out the user interaction is through keeping a close eye on the number of viewer’s engagement towards your page or a particular post. This can be done through measuring the number of likes, shares or comments that the users leave. The higher the number of engagement will result in increasing the number of reach as well as the number of followers.

You should try to make your post interesting so that a large number of audiences can get attracted to it. Once the audience gets attracted to a specific post they view the particular post as many times as they like. In this way it will further make them to get engaged towards the post.

Some of the users would give their feedbacks through likes, some will give their comments and it is also possible that they share that particular post when they want other people to view it. In this way you can also figure out the number of audience that reaches to your post. Here you might think about the number of audience you reach engages.

It can be figured out by following some simple procedure. For example, if you have a total of 1000 followers on Facebook and out of that only 50 users like your post. In this way the reach will be measured as a low one. Similarly, if 70 people out of 1000 followers like your Facebook post then the percentage of reach will increased and can be measured up to 7%. Here the total engagement rate would be approximately 75%. This figure can be considered as a good one.

A high number of engagement rates are considered as vital if you are running a business on Facebook. In this way you must think of the possible ways in order to reach out a large number of audiences.

There are also some possibilities that your post has a good engagement rate but it lacks in getting a high number of reach and vice versa. It is a common faced issue which can be easily overcome if you research for some good marketing tactics.


4: Social Media Timing: Study it

If you want your business to get noticed on Facebook, one of the important point that your must follow is the timing. Constant and timely posting can lead you to attract and engage a large number of audiences. You must post on a daily basis if you want to post any update, information, any image etc. on Facebook. You must figure out the timings for you posts which can comprise on hourly basis, daily basis or weekly basis.

5: Your Performance: Benchmark it

You can scale up your Facebook page performance by comparing your page with your competitors. In this way you will be able to know the different tactics that the other companies use in order to promote their pages, to market their brands and the tactics they use to attract the audiences. One of the available tools that you can use for comparing your page with the other is the Fun Karma. In this way the comparison between your page and the other pages can be figured out easily.


6:  Audience Overlap: Find Common Grounds 

In order to compare your audience with the audience of other existing business you can sue the Audience Overlap feature. In this way it will become easier for you to find out the common grounds of your audience. For example, you have a total number of Facebook fans, the subscribers of mailing list audience, the converted customer’s audience and many other types that you want. In this way you can make a comparison for each set of audience. You can do it in the following ways:

  • By making a comparison of email subscribers to the number of website visitors.
  • By making a comparison of the total number of Facebook fans with the website visitors.
  • By making a comparison of lookalike audiences with the list of followers.
  • By making a comparison of two different audience categories that you use for Facebook ads.


7: Top Categories: Study Them

One of the ways to find out regarding the interest of your audience is to figuring out the top pages that they have liked. In this way you will be able to know regarding their interests and also what kind of pages they like the most. For example, this can include the most preferred brand of your audience, their favorite sports, their favorite celebrity and many other things.