The Secret Behind Optimized Facebook Fan Pages

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SEO has been in the news for so many years, but very few of the people understand what it means. People have misconnected this term a lot and confused it with stuffing your page with keywords. Well, that is not always right to do as search engine policies have changed, and you cannot improve your ranking just on the basis of stuffing keywords. Experts say that if you cannot do SEO in right ways, you cannot be one of the giant brands on the internet. This little theory holds many strategies and tricks that must be invested for a successful optimization.

Facebook is all about latest trends, and it has been used widely for many purposes; from dealing with your potential customers to sharing photos of your birthday. It is a great choice for all businessmen who have online businesses and websites as Facebook helps in targeting the right audience. With right strategies, you can optimize your Facebook page. If you are still not making advantage of Facebook new policies and power of SEO, you must start considering it. Before going any further, have a look at some of the right ways to optimize your Facebook page in right means;

Power of Keywords

If you think you can stuff your website with popular keywords and you will get your page optimized, you are 100% wrong as this is not possible now. In your product listings, in your page descriptions and in everything that you are planning to put on the internet, stamp your brand name with exact spelling and description. Whether it is your Facebook page or Twitter account, always write exact details.

A perfect URL

Without having a customized URL for your online brand, you cannot start your journey of success. Your URL is your logo, and it is more important that you think it is! Anything that can represent your brand name like an icon should be taken into consideration. So never forget to get a great URL for perfect optimization of your Facebook page and website.

Attract your online customers

Facebook gives its users the opportunity to attract more and more customers using big banners. The Facebook cover photos are a great way to publish anything that you want. Make use of it!

Network, network, and network!

For getting best out of your SEO, you need to link all of your social media channels with one another. For a perfect Facebook page, you need to network it with your other profiles. The importance of networking should never be avoided. Your one network can boost your other profiles and make them more visible on the internet; isn’t it what you wanted!

Add tabs and apps

Nowadays much tab apps are available on the internet which can help you optimize your Facebook page in right ways. You can use them for redesigning your page. Make them match your website theme and colors.

Well, using these guidelines, you can use Facebook for help you in SEO of your other pages and website. Many people are using this in right ways, and you can check that by having a look at following examples of perfectly optimized Facebook pages.


You might have heard about Skullcandy on Facebook and other social media channels. It is an accessory brand that is currently targeting youth, and people are following its trends now. They are no doubt a high-quality brand with a huge youth following, but there are some more secrets of their Facebook success. Check out these secrets here;

Perfect URL

Not to mention, their URL is their strength.

Use of links

Skullcandy has rightly used their external links with their Instagram tab at the top of their Facebook page. You can easily open their Instagram profile using this quick tab.

Facebook page description

Their description is not extra-long, but it has everything that is needed for making a perfect and nicely written description of their brand using demographic details.

Perfect tabs

Nowadays, a lot of online brands are using Facebook tabs to feature their content and other social media channels on their Facebook page. Their designers are using the latest technology in effective ways to create new templates and tabs for better promotion.

Use of images

This brand did not forget to use high-quality images for its Facebook marketing. They have HD pictures of their brand accessories that are displayed and featured on their Facebook page. If you still think that visual content cannot help you in optimization of your Facebook page, you must check their images, and you will change your mind.

So now you could visualize how Skullcandy is using right optimization techniques to make its Facebook page a perfect example for internet marketers. Their URL is their representation on internet and people know them for their brand logo and descriptions of their products in right words. You can get inspiration if you intend to use Facebook for your business online advertising.


Among top Facebook pages, Threadless is a page that deals with apparel manufacturing. It is all about adding colors and graphics to their page. Their designers work best for adding new features and color combinations for their brand. Like Skullcandy, this brand is also trying to optimize using right strategies. From having a perfect URL to a great combination of Facebook tabs. Here is a checklist of their secrets;

Their URL

Perfectly chosen custom URL just like Skullcandy is winning hearts of their online customers.

HD Images

100% High-quality images that are featured and have backlinks.

Use of right keywords

Proper description of their website and business on their Facebook page with right demographic keywords is the strategy that they used to optimize their page in right terms.

Instagram tab and right use of technology

Right use of Instagram on their Facebook tabs and templates is their strength that is encouraging for more internet users.

Well, these were examples of 2 pages that are working best on Facebook. If you want your Facebook page to become popular using right optimization tricks, you must be using the above-given guidelines for perfectly optimized page of yours. Search engine optimization can make your page more visible and more effective for your online marketing strategies. You can develop your brand and progress your reputation because right efforts on the right track are what you need to be prominent on social media.