How to Sell on Social Media and Ace at it

Social media since its inception has created a great buzz in the field of marketing. It has really given a new meaning to the field of marketing, the product promotions and most importantly the concept of social selling.

Despite this fact you can use it for many different purpose other than marketing too.

In this article I am mainly focusing on a very important term and that is “social selling”.

So What Is Social Selling?

Social selling as the name suggests is basically the sales process that is done through social media. The social selling is not related to any one particular social networking channel like Facebook or Twitter only. Rather it is connected with all the social channels that are available today. These can include Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, LinkedIn and every other social network. For social selling the first and the most important thing which you need to do is to create your social media profile page. You can use any social networking site and create your own profile page on that. The next step is connecting with different users who are already available on different social networks.

You need to find all the new customers too so that you can connect with them and make your social profile worthy. In addition to this you also need to focus on your customers’ needs and requirements so that you can prosper using your social media profile. The next step which you need to do is to advertise your product or brand on your profile page which you want to sell. You can easily do this by posting attractive images or pictures of your products or brands. You can also write informational stuff about your products which you want to sale and then post it on your social media profile pages.

Try to attract more and more people towards your social page. All those users who are using their social profiles will be able to view your posts on their news feeds. As a result of this many people would like to buy your products online which you have displayed for selling. This is the simple process of social selling. You can easily use this to sell your products among the people who are present on the social media world.

Despite of the above aspects the social selling is also a great way of presenting your products or brands to stay in the forefront. This is useful way of selling because whenever any user need any product they will remember about your advertisements at once. This will make them to buy your products whenever they need.

How Does Social Selling Work?

If you are planning to do some social selling. Then you have to remember some of the important points in order to make your social selling work effectively.

For this purpose, first you need to understand the point of how actually the Social Selling works?

Well the concept of social selling is directly linked with social media and its proper use. You need to have an active social media account for this purpose. If you do not have one, then you can create it now. Your social media account is actually the first and the basic step if you want to interact with your audiences and sell your products to other people. In view of some social media experts the “Social selling” is somewhat more codified and intentional process as compared to any other social media usage.

I feel that Social selling is all about building up a direct relationship with your customers. Rather than just focusing on creating a mailing list of different users.

You have to present your brand or product as one of the best ones as compared to others. It is important that you inform about each and every aspect of your products to your customers. Try to present your brands or products as a leading one. Only then you can build up their interest.

Apart from this it is also important for you to reach out to your customers and find out their needs. This can be done in a better way if you know about your customer’s preferences and their likes and dislikes.

Why Should You Sell Your Product on Social Media?

You brand needs some social selling too. I believe it has become one of the major requirements these days. You need to build up your brand credibility in view of your customers first. You can effectively do this by using your social media accounts. If your customers are not aware or the presence of your brand in the market it is most likely that they will not buy it because they do not know about it. So the important thing which you need to so is to advertise your brand as much as possible so that your customers get to know about it.

How to Accurately Sell Socially

I have mentioned some of the effective ways of social selling which you can find useful. These are mentioned below

Remain Active on Social Media

#1: Try to become actively involved in the social media world. Whether you are using any social networking site like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. You just need to make people feel your presence. Today there are billions users who are using different social media channels. They use it for various purposes. Some people use it for the purpose of marketing, some use it for their business promotions and there are some users who use it as a great mean of communication and interaction with other people. It does not really matter for what purpose you are using your social media channel. The important thing is to become actively involved among your audiences.

There are many ways by which you can do it. First of all, you need to post your content on a regular basis on your social media profile page. In the start you will need to do that every day. Posting 2-3 posts on a daily basis is good enough to gain the attraction of your audiences.

There are billions of active users who post different content on their social profiles in order to gain the attention of their audiences. You can do that too. I believe that this is the most vital source by which you can make your users feel your presence. When you post different contents there are different people who will respond to your contents which you have posted. This can be through replying with a comment or by giving their feed backs, by liking your posts and also by sharing your posts with other people.

Try to attract more and more people as you can. As you start off just remember one thing and that is to be patient. I am saying this because catching the attention of your audiences is not an easy thing. Rather it is a time taking process. So do not lose hope if you are not able to attract a maximum number of audiences towards your social page. It will take time.

Sustaining a Social Presence

#2: Your presence means everything on the social media. I believe that this is one of the most important aspects by which your customers get to know you. If you are not actively present on the social network no one will really know you. Nowadays there are over billions of active social media profiles that are available on different social media channels. You there is certainly no doubt in guessing that the competition among the users as well as the social networks has greatly increased. I know some users who started their social media pages just some while ago. And today due to their hard work and commitment they are running successful social media profiles having thousands of followers.

“Look at your profile pages from the eyes of your customers”.

Trust me this is the real trick behind most of the successful social media profiles.

If you are still struggling to build up a successful social profile page of your own. Then I believe that this is the right time that you must focus on the things which are stopping you. Try to focus on the requirements and desires of your customers. Try to know what they actually want from you. This can really give you an insight regarding various factors which are lacking from your end. You can try to overcome many different factors in this regard.

Let’s say for example if you assume that people are losing interest in your social profile page. Then you must figure out the reasons and try to solve them.

I addition to this I suggest you to always take the feedbacks of your customers in a positive manner. Feedbacks are an essential part of a user and customer relationship. Despite of the fact that they are positive or negative. I feel that by giving feedbacks and comments your customers want you to look more credible than others. They also want to gain some insights from you too. That is why they give you suggestions in the form of feedbacks so that you can improve the things which are necessary.

Customers Come First

#3: Always facilitate your customer’s needs. You can’t just ignore the needs of your potential customers and followers in any case. You customers are your backbone. If you keep them happy and fulfill their needs. Then I feel that no one can stop you from being successful. I know many big companies like Coca Cola, McDonalds etc. value their customers the most. They really know the true value of their customers, their likes and dislikes, their requirements and so on. You may see them making changes almost after some days just to fulfill their customers’ requirements. Believe me this simple step helps in boosting up their businesses more than you can imagine.

You just need to focus on those things which your audiences or customers want from you. You can do this by reading their feedbacks, their comments and their review which many of them leave as their responses. In addition to this there are many people who also leave their recommendations on your profile pages too. Take a look at all their suggestions, their recommendations, their reviews, their feedbacks and most importantly their complaints. I am sure that you can come to a result and make changes as they want.

In addition to this you must also keep a close eye on those users who are asking for your recommendations about a similar product or service which you are offering to others. They might also ask you about different problems which can only be solved by the product which you are offering. Try to make your own checklist for such type of users to be aware.

Post interesting Content

#4: Always posts valuable stuff. Try to posts some unique as well as some interesting contents on your social media pages. Whether you are using your Facebook account, your Instagram account, your Twitter account or any other profile page. You need to focus on posting some credible stuff. For this purpose, you can search for various useful contents and information from the internet and then post them. You must remember to avoid posting all those contents which are already posted or used by other users. This is a great advice because I do not want you to get into any trouble.

This is usually because there are some copyrights issues while you copy any other user’s contents. And most importantly you can also face other issues like plagiarism when you copy others people contents and post them. Try to be an influencer yourself. And to become an influencer in the social media world you really need to be as unique as possible. Despite of copying the contents of other users you can write your own contents and post them. Believe me this will greatly help you in attracting a maximum number of users. Moreover, you can post different contents like tutorials, informational stuff and most importantly various images too.