Send a Message to Facebook Followers and Increase Your Fan Following


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks where you can find over millions of followers. This number is increasing day by day. Getting connected with the users on Facebook can be useful in increasing the number of users in your friends list as well as increasing the number of followers on your Facebook page. A simple friendship message can help you in building up your followers.

Well, sending a friendship message to a large number of audiences is not an easy task. You cannot send a friendship message or request to every individual at a time. To make the job easy Facebook has designed something for you. For this purpose, they have set up the automatic messaging system so that you can easily get benefit out of it and are able to send several messages to the users on the other end and get connected with them.

I have discussed some of the ways in which you can send your messages automatically to your audience on Facebook as follows:


What Facebook has to Say about it?

As I start off telling you the ways of automated messages, you should know that Facebook has the feature of “messenger greetings”. This is not the typical greeting message as you may think but rather it is a message set by default that will appear on your screens if you are new to the Facebook messenger. There is a trick behind setting this default message by Facebook. The most important one is that in this way you can keep yourself away from receiving the spontaneous messages from different users. Further you can reach your followers by posting directly on your Facebook wall and getting responses on it by the audiences.


Always add a Polite Greeting Message

A humble greeting message can just make your day. It can change your mood in an instance. So why not try greeting other people also. If we talk about Facebook it has its own way greeting. This includes the sending of a default greeting message to different users. This surely will help you out in increasing the number of reach through your Facebook profile. Nowadays the users mostly get to see the filtered contents on their newsfeed. This means that from a total of hundreds and thousands of posts you are only able to see few of them because the other has possibly got filtered out. This can be due to many reasons like those posts may not be up to the standards of Facebook or they might have anything that is against the Facebook guidelines. There are various reasons behind it but the most important thing that you may face is the decrease in the amount of reach. I have seen many large companies and brands which have just around 7% to 8% of reach in total. This means that only a total of minimum 6 and a maximum 9 of the users out of a total of hundred are able to see the contents that you post.

So if you want to increase the number of audiences, the Facebook messenger greeting can do the trick.

Here, if I talk about the messenger greeting it is not similar to a typical message that you regularly see. At the time when any user who is new opens the messenger window on their Facebook page a default message box appears on their screen. It is just like a notification for the new users.

In order to send the default Facebook greeting messages, the very first thing that you need to enable is the messaging. In this way the users can easily get connected with you via Facebook messenger. Otherwise the users will not be able to contact you if you have disabled the option of messaging.

If you have not yet enable the messaging option, then you can do it now. First of all, just click on the settings button which you can see on the top of your Facebook profile page. Now after clicking the settings option select the general section and then click on “messages”. Here you can see the option which says “allow people to contact my page privately by showing the message button.” Check it. Now when you are done with the whole process you can save the changes.

Now you can easily contact and get connected to anyone through Facebook messages. You can even get replies or responses from people. If you want to answer the posts that are made by the audiences, you can easily do it by using the private messages. For the very first time you might be needing a post or a message in order to reply to the other user. You cannot send automated messages through your Facebook page to another one.

Finally, you have come to the point where you can create a messenger greeting. It can be done in a simple way. Firstly, go to the settings menu which is at the top of your Facebook page. Now click on the option of “show a messenger greeting” that is under the option of messaging. Turn it to Yes. You can edit your message or make changes in it anytime you want. You can do this by just clicking on the option of “change”.


Greeting On Facebook Messenger

Tips Facebook Has on this Topic

Be prepared to answer the messages of your audiences. When it comes to Facebook messaging, try to be consistent in responding the audience on a timely basis. I would suggest you that first think over and get prepared in order to respond the messages of your followers on Facebook. Once you are fully prepared then turn to enable the messaging option. For this purpose, Facebook has set up its metric that regulates the responses that are given within a specific time. To show your interests try responding as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will face some negative responses from your audience and it will lead them to draw away their interest from your Facebook account. Most of them might also start to unfriend you.

If Facebook sees that you are actively responsive to the messages which you get from your audiences, then you will shortly be rewarded by the badge which says “very responsive to messages”. This can result as beneficial for you.

This shows how keen are you in responding the queries or feedbacks of your audiences.

I recommend that it is better that you try to respond like a real person. Do not over exaggerate the responses. Also try to keep the conversation as casual as possible so that the other person might get a good impression. Remember that you are not a robot or a machine which only gives responses which people feed in them. So act and respond like a normal human being. Use gratitude like “Thank you” if some user likes your efforts or “sorry” if you have posted something up to their expectations.

Always try to keep your responses as brief and to the point as possible. If you can easily convey your point in limited words, then you should do so. Do not use lengthy descriptions to answer any query.

Keep calm while responding to your audiences. Try to be as friendly as possible. You may not want to lose any of your followers by using some harsh words. Even if you do not like any of the questions I recommend that you must answer it in the best possible way.


Messenger Ads

The Facebook ads are a great way to coordinate with your audiences. There are typically two types of ads. One is the local awareness ads and the second one is the specific messenger ad.

The Local awareness ads are limited which are based on the users geographical locality and targets them. You can easily promote your business or brands to the local audiences rather than the global ones. You can even mention your credentials so that people can easily get in touch with you that can be through a phone call, a message or email etc.

On the other hand, the Messenger ads are useful for marketers who like to connect and coordinate with a specific target group and promote their products.In both ways you can use any of the above type of ads to get some great results.


Third Party Programs that you can also use

Click on the option of “user must initiate contact”. It is one of the ways of using the third party apps or programs effectively and without any changes while using Facebook.

Most users including me do not know much about these third party programs like the bots. You must first of all check that either bots perform its work according to the Facebooks set guidelines or not. If at any point Facebook finds it violating its terms and policies, then the authority can restrict it and it will not be workable any more. A positive aspect of these third party program is that this particular service is usable for many of the users and it is effectively initiated and is being used all over the world from the last year.

Try to be moderate while messaging. This is the second most important suggestion that I want to give you. It is true that messages are an effective way of communication but too many messages will destroy your image on Facebook and you may not be able to get the required results. If you post limitlessly, many users will take your posts as spam. It is also likely that people will get annoyed by seeing too many posts from your end. As a result of this there are many chances that the users might even block you or start to unfollow your posts. Most of the users might also report your account to Facebook which can result in getting a lifetime ban by the Facebook authority.

The third suggestion that I would give is that try not to use the third party programs for offering any type of offers to the users, deals or discount vouchers etc. On the other hand, you can post some important information, tutorials, research based surveys etc. rather than promoting the useless stuff.

You can take full control over the information you want to convey through your messages or the stuff you are promoting. I recommend that you try doing it the other way round. Go for the available messaging apps or create one of your own. In this way you will be able to perform a variety of actions. For example, with the help of a messaging app you can send notifications to different mobile devices or you can focus on marketing to the desired target group. Nonetheless these messaging apps can be useful in many ways.



Manychat is an essential part of the Facebook messenger. It is the bot builder for the Facebook messenger. It is useful in broadcasting, analytics, posting on a schedule and in many other ways.

It is an expert WYSIWYG bot creation engine by which you can schedule your tasks on the Facebook while you are away. You can find it just similar to the automatic customer service voice line. It has many great features which you will come to know once you use it. You can generate automated responses to the audiences, greet any new subscriber who subscribe on your page and you can even use it to send a maximum number of messages to all the users who are in your friends or followers list.

You can also use the Chatfuel. It is another bot option that you might find useful which is just similar to the Manychat and works in the same way by using the visual programming engine as Manychat does. I have used it myself and found it a better and powerful option than the Manychat.

You can avail the services of ManyChat by paying some set amount that is according to the number of users. Starting from $15 a month for a total of 1000 subscribers. It gets higher as the number of subscribers increases. This is $45 per month for about 5000 subscribers.

On the other hand, you can avail the service of Chatfuel for free for up to 510,000 subscribers.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.