How to SEO your YouTube Video Description?


Currently, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine so avoiding it is no doubt the biggest mistake you can ever make in the internet world. Social media websites are capturing the attention of business owners, and many brands are using these websites to promote their products and to effectively communicate with their audiences. While flowing in this wave, the businesses, and online marketers often overlook the importance of YouTube or other sites where you can share your videos. The videos are a great way to advertize your products using few seconds. You can take an example of a video sharing website Vine where teenagers post viral videos and instantly they are followed by millions of users.

YouTube provides a great opportunity to the business owners for using video promotions to improve their online visibility. After Google, people use YouTube for searching videos on the internet. So if you have a brand presence on YouTube, you can expect more people to recognize your brand and products. There are many benefits associated with using videos as now people are impatient to read long reviews, and they prefer watching small videos. You can engage your audience by making high-quality videos relevant to your online brand. However, you need to consider many factors before making sure that your customers can find you easily on YouTube. Your video title, description, channel name, thumbnail and your tags must be optimized so that your videos can be found easily.

Choosing right keywords is most important thing for optimization of your videos description on YouTube. This does not mean that you should stuff your description with keywords, but it is important to keep in mind that you must use relevant keywords that represent your online brand. Have a look at the following ways to ensure that your description is fully optimized and ready to be found by your customers on YouTube or any other search engine.

Optimize your title and tags

The title of your YouTube video holds much significances. It is easy to edit and optimize using the keywords that represent your brand on online social media networks. Don’t forget to keep it short and simple and add your brand name so that people can find you easily. Other than that, you must optimize your tags while you upload your videos on YouTube. There are no limits of adding tags so add as many relevant tags as possible.

Optimize your playlists

For a better user engagement, a series of videos or creating a playlist of your popular videos is a very crucial step. You can create a playlist that contains similar videos having similar or related keywords. This will not only serve the optimization purpose; but also engage users in watching videos one after another.

Optimize your YouTube channel using right keywords

Your channel on YouTube acts just like your profiles on Facebook or Twitter. So it is like a YouTube home for your official page or your blog. It must represent your brand so add keywords that are relevant to your online social media profiles and keep the themes similar to other channels that you are running.

Optimizing your YouTube video Endcap

There are many ways to create awesome videos, and you must use your creativity for providing the best content to your customers. The purpose of Endcap is to link your viewers to your other social media channels using call to action options. You can add your voice for encouraging people to visit your other channels and your official website or add previews of your blogs and posts. It must match the theme of your other channels and represent your brand in a few seconds.

Optimize the file name of your videos

Before you upload your videos to YouTube, don’t forget to optimize the name of your file according to your keywords that have been used for optimizing the titles and the tags. A video with a title of project-567 is not a good idea, but a video file with a compelling name of best_video_for_curling_your_hair can attract more customers. This name will appear if your viewers can download the video using the same video file name.

Optimize the thumbnail

You must create a customize thumbnail for your video that can be shown to the YouTube viewers when they will be searching through the videos. Your thumbnail must represent your brand, and it should show people about the video that what is there for your viewers.

Optimizing your description

So the final step is here; that is to optimize the description of your videos and channel. You must start with a link to your blog or your website and add relevant text that must be followed by a call to action button. You can add links to your other social media channels so that people can search you on the channel that they use. For example, if any Facebook use is watching your video and he watches a link to a Facebook channel of yours, he will definitely open it easily and will visit your page. This traffic is perfectly organic, and you can expect that such followers can be converted into potential customers as they visit your channels with an intention to check out what’s in your box.

While writing your description, don’t stuff it with keywords and tags. Think about optimizing your blog posts as you do not stuff the posts with extra keywords and keep the relevant ones only. Similarly, you must keep your description to the point and focus on adding the keywords that are relevant. Don’t add too much information to your description as people will not read it. Just keep it simple and within one to two paragraphs. Add links to your description so that if there is any viewer who wishes to see your blog or website can open it and visit your page easily.

Always end your description with a call to action button. The link to your blog can be your call to action option. You can edit it later too!

Well, these were the best ways to optimize your YouTube video description, and you can even make it better by adding your ideas and creativity. Just remember that excess of everything is bad and keeping everything in balance is the key to attracting customers. They should not feel like you are forcing them to buy things from your or to listen to you. Give them a reason to watch your videos, and they will come back to you.